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Fri 30th Dec 2011

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Americasteam commented on Feature: Our Top Ten eShop Games:

I disagree guys. VVVVVV in my opinion should not be 1. I love the game but I think that there is some better games out there.

1. Pushmo/Pullblocks
2. The legend of zelda Link's awaking DX
3. Colors 3d
4. Sakura Samari: art of the sword
5. Mutant Mudds
6. Super Mario Bros. NES
7. Dillon's Rolling Western
8. Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins
9. Mighty Swich Force
10. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

Bonus 11. VVVVVV



Americasteam commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games So Far:

My top ten
1. Zelda oot3d
2. super mario 3d land
3. pushmo(pullblocks)
4. mario kart 7
5. kid icaris uprising
6. resident evil revalations
7.super street fighter 4
8. star fox 64 3d
9. metal gear solid 3d
10. sakura samuri art of the sword



Americasteam commented on Rumour: Japanese Developers Moving from Vita t...:

I own a 3ds myself and think that it is growing in quality and popularity, but that being said, I think the Vita will bounce back. In Japan the 3ds sold over 300,000 copies on the first weekend. Then it went downhill from there. Same with Vita. The fact of the matter is that Vita is aimed at WESTERN GAMERS. The 3ds owns Japan because of Mario, Monster Hunter, and Resident evil revalations. So it might take a while but Vita will bounce back. Also the Vita's launch slate of games has more selection and better games then the 3ds launch did, but the reason why I think the 3ds will ultimately win the sales battle is for (1. The 3ds had 3/4ths of a year headstart, 2 Because the number of awsome 3ds first party games and awsome number of 3rd party gamescoming in will be too much for Sony's great but, semi-popular to not even popular games. 3 because people trust Nintendo because of their soo popular DS 150 mil sales worldwide. Both systems are great but it all comes down to the games.