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Sat 23rd Oct 2010

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BTTFDeacon commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

For me its between Luigi Mansion Dark Moon and Fire Emblem Awakening. Since I'm playing Fire Emblem Awakening right now again I guess thats what I'm voting for. (I'm surprised Resident Evil Revelations isn't on the list.)



BTTFDeacon commented on Wii U Sales Double in Japanese Charts Followin...:

Yeah better sales all around.Nintendo Just needs to do what they are doing with the 3ds. Release 1 good game a month at least and it will be fine. It doesn't need a Price cut that's just a permanent patch for a temporary solution.



BTTFDeacon commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

I actually like the look of the circle pad pro. It looks like it will fit my hands better than the xbox 360 controller, i hate the feel of it for several reason but it is mostly because my hands are different then everyone elses in some weird ways. Like my fingers are actually bigger than they are suppose to be for my palm size. But ill just have to use it to find out.