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Sun 25th Oct 2009

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Weavius commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS):

Nice review. The gameplay is wonderful (no CPP here). The 3D is amazing and I didn't realize until after reading this review that the 3D wasn't jacked-up when using gyro controls. Great game so far!



Weavius commented on Rumour: 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November:

November 30? I'm happy that its dated but Nintendo should release it before Thanksgiving in the US. Whats better than free marketing when you have the new feature shown to family and friends on a holiday?



Weavius commented on 3DS Trailers Allow You to Receive SpotPass Not...:

Nintendo needs to realize that the Eastern Time Zone is the most populated area of the US and Canada! Other corporations know this! Its like saying something will hit retail 5 minutes before the store closes.
Get your butt in gear Nintendo!