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Tue 5th Aug 2008

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Olaf-symbiote commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

I was never too excited for this title, and after hearing about no two-player mode and regional servers only, I lost all interest in this. Something about this game always seemed so blah in comparison to the magic of Four Swords. If they had just bothered to have a darn two-player mode, though, I would have still have endured this game, but whatever; their loss.

Somehow I knew this was going to get a low score. Oh well, looks like my hard-earned rupees are better spent on something more worthwhile.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

Gonna download this one on the launch day. The first Trozei was pretty good, and this one looks even better.

The only thing that's bugging me is the ultra-lame European name. I wish there was an in-game option to change "link" to "trozei." Does anyone know the reason behind these name changes? The only thing I can think of is that "trozei" might sound similar to some German words, but so what?



Olaf-symbiote commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

@GOM1 Of course, in your opinion Nintendo can do no wrong, and it's always everyone else who's to blame. There's a difference between being a fan and a plain Nintendo-worshipping apologist.

This is another sad example of Nintendo's restrictive thinking. Publishing a book won't hurt anyone, so they should just give it their OK. Wonder how the Nintendo execs react at the gazillion pieces of fan-art and fanfiction all around the Internet (particularly Pokémon)?



Olaf-symbiote commented on New Ace Attorney Title Confirmed to be in Deve...:

@KnightRider666 If you decide to skip download-only Ace Attorney games, be my guest, as it is your choice. However, I doubt the majority of Ace Attorney fans follows your example. If the sales of DD have been good (as I think they have been), Capcom will most likely keep releasing them in this format, and no amount of complaining from a minority that prefers physical releases will make them change their mind.

I don't think there's that much difference between physical and digital, to be honest. Sometimes when I'm playing the game, I even forget that it's the digital version. And if your 3DS breaks down, Nintendo will fix it, and most likely return your games. I see you're very idealistic about physical cartridges, though, so I doubt you'll change your mind, but remember that you're missing out on one of the best Ace Attorney titles.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Nintendo Network 3DS Promotion to Offer Free S...:

This is THE definitive version of SMB for me, and it completely pwns the other versions. I don't mind about the more limited screen size, which is really the only flaw here, because everything else is simply perfect. It's been hard for me to go back to the original NES version, as it lacks all the cool extras and is quite boring in comparison.

I only wish Nintendo'd add wireless multiplayer to the vs. mode, as I never got to experience it as a kid. Too bad that's only a PIPE dream (harhar).



Olaf-symbiote commented on Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiv...:

@Einherjar I've been reading your posts in many articles for a good while now and it seems to me that you're ALWAYS defending Nintendo, regardless of what they do. Tell me, do you really believe in what you say in your comments, or are you defending Nintendo simply because you're a fan? I don't want to be rude, but seeing so many posts where you're always like "Nintendo can do no wrong, you people just don't understand this company! " is getting old fast.

Surely, even you must admit that Nintendo has not always made perfect choices and not everything about the Big N is positive.

Please watch the insults — TBD



Olaf-symbiote commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

Sigh, I bet in 2050 when everyone else has hi-tech online for EVERYTHING, Nintendo will still have local multiplayer/regionally segregated online.

They're taking the policy of "being different" too far; it doesn't matter if they're different in a bad way, as long as they do everything differently from their competitors.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

Because Nintendo's "family friendly" image totally helped them sell the Gamecube... Oh wait, people didn't buy it because they thought it was ONLY for kids. I haven't seen their family friendly policies sell the Wii U, either. In fact, the opposite is true: if Nintendo can provide older players with more ways to communicate with each other, they will be more likely to buy their consoles.

There's no point in handicapping their online features for the sake of some family friendly image that is no longer relevant in the 21st century.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

@Einherjar Wow, you're a true Nintendo apologist. Stop defending Nintendo's ridiculous "family friendly" policies that push consumers away from their consoles to Sony/Microsoft.

It's not Nintendo's job to be your kids' nanny; Microsoft/Sony don't think they have to protect kids to the detriment of their older fans. Stuff like this is why the media/analysts frown on Nintendo. And see how well their vision of "OMG, online is evil, local multiplayer rulez!" has helped to sell the Wii U.

I can see what you'd be saying if the Wii U failed completely: "Don't blame Nintendo's policies, blame all the consumers who didn't buy Wii U!" Seriously, I'm a big Nintendo fan and have defended them on many occasions, but even I can't defend this dumb move. Please, Einherjar, try to be more objective.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Capcom: If You Want Games Like E.X. Troopers, ...:

So if nobody spoke up about which games they wanted, would Capcom only release Street Fighter in the West? Then I guess Capcom's going under in a few years...

And no, Capcom, I'm not going to make your games for you or decide which games you should release. You're a huge corporation, so YOU should make those decisions, and not blame/impose on your customers.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Classic Game Boy Mega Man Titles Coming To 3DS...:

YES, YES, I've been anxious to get these, and the news of them coming in the future just made my day (along the release of Earthbound). I'm also super happy about the GBC Xtreme titles coming out, never thought those would be re-released.

I'm a big Mega Man fan who was introduced to the series thanks to Nintendo's Virtual Console. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to play all of these titles due to Nintendo and Capcom's sluggish release rate. Now, if they only had Mega Man 6 for Wii U VC, I wanna experience it on the BIG screen and not the 3DS!



Olaf-symbiote commented on Wii U Version Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 Looking ...:

Well, if you don't wanna release games for the Wii U, that's alright, 3rd parties: I'm not going to get Sony PS4/Microsoft Xbox1, so I won't be giving you any of my money, then.

Random IGN guy: -You're an...!!! When 3rd parties don't support Nintendo, you're OBLIGED to buy a non-Nintendo console so you can support 3rd parties. By sticking with Nintendo, you're an inhuman monster!

Me: -I couldn't care less about these 3rd party games. Give me Nintendo or give me death.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Boxed Copies of Mutant Mudds May Be Possible:

When will they have Swapnote as a cartridge? I can't enjoy it because I'm afraid teh evil Nintendo will take all mah downloads away for no reasonz. Trololo!

Joking aside, I've yet to get Mutant Mudds, but when I will, it'll be through the eShop, not an overpriced boxed copy. Good for those who need their physical thrills, but my room's too cluttered with game cases ss it is, so I download whenever possible.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

I play on Nintendo consoles exclusively. I was perfectly happy to own a Wii & DS last gen, and also happy to just have a Wii U & 3DS. I've never had droughts with Nintendo consoles as I replay many games all the time.

So there, tell me I need PS4/Xbore now, because I don't. The last non-Nintendo console I had was the oh-so-critically acclaimed PS2, which bore me to death with its library; in fact, I think I had only about five games for it, mostly using it as a DVD player. So there is absolutely no reason for me to get a different company's console.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Senior EA Employee Caught Out Criticising Wii ...:

@HeatBombastic Ubi does have some good games, but the fact they had all those crappy games like Babyz, Horsez, etc., along with horrible licensed games like Avatar and also the millions of Raving Rabbids games, just ruined their image for me, although I agree Rayman's good. They also rehash Assasin's GREED far too much. I know many people disagree w/me, but Ubi has been pretty mediocre to me recently.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Senior EA Employee Caught Out Criticising Wii ...:

"Nintendo are" just annoys me. Sorry, I know it's common UK English, but I see no way how a single company can be a plural even if it consisted of millions of people. You might just as well say "The world are," etc. Just my poisonal preference, though, so don't y'all get upset, now.

Anyway, EA sucks rectum, big time. They occasionally have a few gems among the turds, but usually their quality is even worse than Ubisoft's (a miracle, I know, considering how terrible Ubi is). I hope their revenue drops big time because of this "exclusion crisis." Maybe then they'll see how childishly biased they are. Personally, I don't need EA's (a.k.a Evil Airplaneholes') "games" AT ALL, so good riddance.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Review: Mega Man (Wii U eShop / NES):

For me, the only flaws of this game are the short length and the awkward placement of the magnet beam (which means you can never play the stages in a completely random order unless you replay Elec man's stage). Also, Ice man is unfairly hard without Elec man's weapon.

I think a 7/10 is an appropriate score. It doesn't mean the game's bad; it's just a bit more unpolished than the others. Still, it's a very enjoyable experience in overall.



Olaf-symbiote commented on The Story of an Abandoned Mega Man FPS, Maveri...:

No thanks, this doesn't look very appealing to me. I don't think the Mega Man universes are suited for FPS gameplay. Besides, this looks far too realistic and gritty, too different from what Mega Man's supposed to be. Just look at X in the videos: he's not supposed to look like a generic space marine.

Mega Man in general is more about platforming, not solely shooting stuff. And anyway, we have FAR too many FPSs already, no need to turn Mega Man into one.

Thank God this ain't MercurySteam, though. That would equal instant reboot + GOW gameplay+ no classic Mega Man music EVER + spitting in the faces of the original creators.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I've pretty much gone exclusively digital. I don't mind about the price and am not so interested in having the game cases, plus I love the convenience of always having the game on my system.

I still respect the people who prefer physical media, though, as long as their reason isn't "The big evil Nintendo wants to take mah games away eventually!"

If they had something like Uprising, where you got tons of extra stuff with the game, I might still get a physical copy. Otherwise, it's "viva eShop!" for me!



Olaf-symbiote commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

This Fish can go back and to swim in the sea of Philt where he came from. Next, he's probably like "I don't want to play Mario on a Nintendo console! Bring it to the almighty Vita!"

Seriously, when did having a second screen become a negative thing? It makes games that have maps (DS Castlevanias) much more enjoyable, and there's the occasional title that cleverly uses it. Even when the second screen doesn't serve an "OMG-groundbreaking!" purpose, it's not like it somehow hurts you with its presence. And the clamshell design pwns: no more scratches (well, less scratches than GB/GBC/GBA/PSP/Vita + pocket/bag/air, anyway).

So you can take your Fez and stuff it up your gills, Phil. Meanwhile, I've got bigger Fish to fry and better games to play.



Olaf-symbiote commented on MercurySteam Still Interested In Developing A ...:

MercurySteam seems to have little respect for these franchises, always talking about rebooting them instead of, I dunno, actually making a real SEQUEL, for God's sake! Unrestricted, infinite creative freedom and removing themselves from an already established canon seem to be MercurySteam's two most important principles.

I shudder to think how it would sound like if Dave Cox was a big fan of Zelda or Pokémon: "There's so much we could do with Zelda or Pokémon! I can't wait to get my hands on these series, scrapping the established timeline and all the existing Pokémon, and making a game that is awesome because it spits on the legacy of the series! Those previous entries were so bland! Here comes our innovative GOW clone that also disregards all the classic themes because they don't fit with our vision of what is REAL music"

Maybe I went a bit overboard with the last bit, but my point still stands: MercurySteam has a rebooting fetish.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

Oh geez, just change the title to something like "Games in long-running series that have divided gamers." Only ONE game in this article (Castlevania) is a reboot. A reboot is when the story, events, etc. are reset and you're told that none of the stuff you experienced earlier happened in this installment.

I understand that you're applying the term "reboot" VERY liberally, but I'm afraid Nintendolife doesn't get to "reboot" the English language and redefine already existing words, at least not yet.

I think the article itself is well-written and top-notch, but I stand by my criticism of the title. Moreover, inaccurate titles can be considered bad journalism, as they mislead the reader. Don't let it happen again, Nintendolife.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

So, if your Wii U breaks, will Nintendo transfer your account into a new device, or will they be like "Sorry, tough luck!" I'm assuming they will, in which case there isn't any problem with the "account tied to your console" thing, but if there are any instances where Nintendo can refuse returning your account, the whole account system becomes really worthless.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario and Luigi Don't Have L...:

@ Bass_X0

Finally someone who thinks the same way as I do! While everyone has gotten used to the name "Mario Bros." over the years, the fact still stands that IRL, this kind of a naming convention would be ridiculous. I certainly think my sis would punch me in the face if I ever suggested that we should collectively refer to ourselves as the "Sammy Siblings" .

This information confirms that either Mario's some kinda egotist or Luigi has some serious self-esteem issues and wants to hide behind his brother's name. Seriously though, speaking of Miyamoto vs. proper grammar made me think: could it be possible that when the Japanese creators came up with the title "Mario Bros." they thought it sounded catchy, and didn't think too hard about the grammatical use of "brothers" in English? This might also explain why the names "Mario Mario" and "Luigi Mario" only appeared in the American media: the writers of the TV shows and the movie naturally thought about the rules of English grammar and tried to put more meaning in the title "Mario Bros."

Remember, Donkey Kong also had a similar naming goof: Miyamoto thought "donkey" was a synonym for "stupid" and that's why he named DK as such. When the arcade game came to America, many confused players actually thought there was a typo and the game's name was supposed to be "Monkey Kong!"



Olaf-symbiote commented on Nintendo Download: 9th August 2012 (North Amer...:

I have a feeling Month of Mario = Month of No New 3DS VC. No wonder they had an 8-bit Summer: it wasn't because of the drought in early 2012, it was because they were planning to have an August devoid of titles, and gave July double the VC instead.

Quick, someone hire me as an analyst. I'd do a much better job than Pachter-man!



Olaf-symbiote commented on The Sword of Hope II Strikes Europe Next Week:

@Bass_X0 Why wouldn't the first one be released? It was released in the Japanese 3DS VC, and since there shouldn't be anything controversial with The Sword of Hope, I'm betting it will be released elsewhere eventually. The only explanation I can figure for why the sequel is released first is that someone Kemco can't count to two.

As for your question, I'm willing to wait patiently for the first game, even if it won't come immediately, since I still have tons of games on my eShop watchlist that I'll likely get before TSOH2. Even if I downloaded the title right now, I wouldn't actually start playing it yet as I still have many unplayed Gameboy games downloaded on my system (Gargoyle's Quest, Bionic Commando, Mario's Picross, etc., etc.). Anyway, while I'm certainly interested in this title, I'm not dying to play it straight away, so waiting "ages" for the first game is absolutely no problem to me.



Olaf-symbiote commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:

@StarDust Let him download it if he wants to. I'll also download it.

I really hope NSMBU will have a more diverse soundtrack. It's really sad if Nintendo really thinks that a Mario game with a new soundtrack that doesn't have those BWAHs in every theme doesn't sell.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Full 3DS Retail Downloads Have Teething Troubles:

I'm definitely gonna download as many titles as possible. In fact, I think I might just download most of my titles from now on. This article makes me hope Nintendo will improve its eShop servers, though, as it'll be annoying if the eShop keeps crashing whenever a major title is released. But I think they can handle it, and the eShop'll work just fine when NSMB2 is released worldwide.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Nintendo Offering Incentives for Retail Downlo...:

Download for me for this game and probably most of the upcoming 3DS (and WiiU games), no matter how lengthy and good arguments the posters here make. First of all, I'm simply running out of room for physical game cases, and already have to cram them in different places, and downloads are gonna save me from that problem. Secondly, no more cartridge swapping needed, which sounds great to me. And also, I just like the idea of getting these games on download.

Definitely a win-win situation for me.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Review: Wario Land II (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I love this game. For me, it's definitely the best GBC game, and one of the best games ever. While the first Wario Land was pretty fun, the sequel is even better and more creative! Even if the aspect of not dying might be a turn-off for some first, I recommend everyone to give it a try, as the immortality system and the more exploration and puzzle-based levels really grow on you after a while, and you start seeing the game for the masterpiece it is.

... Not just ONE of the best games, the best game EVER! 11/10! My childhood is this game (along with SMB DX and Pokémon).



Olaf-symbiote commented on Nintendo Download: 19th July 2012 (Europe):

YES! YEEESSSS!!! I love Wario Land 2! In fact, it's one of my favorite games of all time! I'm so glad I still have that extra €7 on my eshop account: I'll be on to this like a bear eating honey come Thursday! Can't wait to re-experience my childhood without having to manage with a GBC cart with a dead save battery!



Olaf-symbiote commented on Level-5 Trademarks Professor Layton and Miracl...:

I bet Nintendo of Europe will once again over-simplify the already simple title. Probably gonna be something like "Professor Layton and the Magical Mask", or even "Mask of Mysteries.“ Why can't they just keep the sme name?

Oh yeah, I also bet they've removed the 3D in the European version, since releasing an inferior version asap pleases the fans much more than getting the complete game.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

Wohoo! With these folders, I could fit everything on the first page. Talk about convenient. I named all the folders so that none start with the same letter to avoid confusion. Sure, customization of the folders would of been nice, but currently I have no trouble remembering which folder contains what.



Olaf-symbiote commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

I don't mind that they kept the same graphical style (though I admit I wanted them to change it), but I'm growing weary of the title "New Super Mario Bros." which doesn't even make any sense anymore. How is it still NEW when this is the third installment? Plus, if they keep it up any longer, soon there will be more games titled "New Super Mario Bros." than just "Super Mario Bros." which would be just like if they had a Donkey Kong Country Returns 6, i.e. awkward.

I'm also hoping this game will have its own unique identity to make it feel like an actual NEW Super Mario Bros. instead of a "new 2D Mario that is a throwback to SMB1/SMB3/SMW. All the games up to SMW (except Lost Levels) tried to feel distinct from each other by having very different worlds and gameplay mechanics, along with having twists on the story. Then come the New Super Mario Bros. games, which seem to be more about forever reliving Mario's past experiences with some new power-ups, have the same story as the first SMB, along with worlds that are themed similarly to SMB3.

Ideally, this should have been a new numbered entry, or a game with a unique title (just like SMW/SML), and have a different story (Peach can still be kidnapped at some point like in SMB3, but the story should have something else too), with a setting just as different as Dinosaur World or Subcon, and new and wacky worlds that aren't similar (or only remotely similar) to any past worlds. Also throw in some new, never before seen gameplay mechanic (like flight in SMB3 and Yoshi in SMW) and possibly something else than a flagpole at the end of the stage. And finally, change the graphical style to something more unique, experimental, like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword did. A title with these elements would feel much fresher than another retro revival.

I'll still buy and enjoy this game, but I can't help but feel a bit bugged that they aren't trying anything totally new and wacky with the 2D Marios like they used to. Ideally, they should take more inspiration from the Super Mario Land games, which took a more far-out approach to the standard Mario formula. But unfortunately, it seems like we're stuck in an endless time loop of Mario's past adventures for now.