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Thu 9th Dec 2010

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slidecage commented on Target and Best Buy Nintendo Deals Live Now, K...:


if you do it online you can put a cheap game first and then the higher price game and get 50% off.

I got crosswords and the new pokemon game for 30 bucks ship

Crosswords was 9.99 the preorder of the pokemon was 40. It took half off pokemon and gave me my 20% discount on crosswords. Got both for 30.



slidecage commented on Citizens of Earth Release Pushed Back to 20th ...:

Passing big time cause there are major problems with this game. First it was to come out in SEPT-OCT and they made up some excuss to release it in NOV at the same time people was going to be out voting. Then the day before it hits they go O We found some little minor bugs and we are pushing it back but It will be out by the end of month. Now 2 days later they go O now we are pushing it back till JAN 2015. The real vicitms are the people who back this on kickstarter and are out the cash. I say it never sees the light of day until summer 2015 or later



slidecage commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (North America):

one reason i wont download fantasy life.

Best buy in the states. BUY ANY GAME 39.99 Get 2 years of unlocked (20% off all games) for 30 bucks (normal 120) so can get fantasy life and 2 years of membership for 64 bucks. NICE



slidecage commented on Castle Conqueror EX Invades the North American...:

how i understand it there is no reason to buy it if you already own the first one. Its just a rehash of the first one (no new maps no new town ) just better AI reworked AI and level design, a complete makeover of the item and hero abilities

if it was a whole new game yes, but for this price and can almost buy both pokemon games coming to the Eshop next month (heard 9.99)



slidecage commented on Review: European Conqueror 3D (3DS eShop):


this game takes place before WORLD CONQUEROR so is more of a prequel

Also forgot to put . the reviewer should of put somewhere this is a better game to try then WORLD since world is like 6 bucks while this game is only 99 cents dont ask me why. If i had this for 99 cents i would of never got world



slidecage commented on Squids Odyssey:

wants it but dont want to pay 15 guess class of heroes on my tablet will have to hold me over till a sale



slidecage commented on The Denpa Men Are Going Free-To-Play In Japan:

1,, i see no problem in releasing games this fast.
2... Free to play could mean many things.

look at no more puzzles or heroes for the vita Where you are given so many plays free and then you have to wait 8 hours for another play or pay to unlock unlimited. or age of .... for the tablets and vita where you get so much game and then if you want to unlock more it will cost you.

. where there are like 6 or 7 islands (worlds) they willl give you the first world (island for free) and then when you want to move onto the next ones you can either pay 99 cents per island or Or wait like a day or two for the next island to unllock 9.99 to unlock it all at once.

i got all 3 of the games.

Played game one up to the final boss and gave up
Played game two and beat the final boss post game was boring
played game three maybe 10 hours found it boring and just a clone of 1 and 2.

i highly doubt i will buy part 4 unless its dirt cheap again its coming in JUNE in JAPAN meaning if it even has a chance of coming here it would not be until MARCH 2015 almost a year after part 3



slidecage commented on Food-Focused RPG Adventure Bar Story Is Munchi...:

just cause its on IOS does not mean its coming on the 3ds unless you have confirm news. love to see it but i say it wont come over here. If it even stands a chance to come out over here it will be DOWNLOAD ONLY for 29.99 what wont sell



slidecage commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (North America):

Denpa 3 still is not out at 530pm est time ..... COME ON I NEED TO PLAY IT

and its not coming out

We are very sorry to say the demo for Denpa Men 3 will NOT be available today in North America. Due to technical issues, the demo will be released on May 8th, along with the full version of the game in just seven more days. Please bear with us!

Seems game says its 9.99



slidecage commented on Grinsia Heading To The North American 3DS eSho...:

@Unca_Lz thanks for 9.99 price point..

Was about to buy it and found out The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Hits North America and Europe on 8th May HITS SAME DAY... and found out I Already have the game on my Kindle i only paid 99 cents for it......

Game also looks AWFUL as hell

will wait for a half off sale



slidecage commented on The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Hits Nor...:

First one was like what 9.99
Second one was 11.99 or 12.99
So watch this one be 14.99

Come on 12 bucks or less and hopefully GRINISA will be 7.... can get both for 20 and they both hit the same FREAKING DAY

Well its confirmed Grinisa or whatever its called is 9.99 so hopefully this will be 9.99 as well so i can get both for 20



slidecage commented on Review: Governor of Poker (3DS eShop):

person who reviewed this game must of never played the game on the pc before. Its the same game. i give it an 8 out of 10. The only bad thing about the game is the lag (load times) and getting a bad run of cards meaning game over.

played the game around 7 hour so far. One bug in the game is that even if you sell the houses from a earier level you can still move on. Ran out of money on level 2 so went back and sold houses on level 1 but was still able to play level 2 games even though i did not own all level 1 towns



slidecage commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

i say we get this news by summer fall

Nintendo to give up on handheld market and is going into tablets and will put most of its time into the WII U. would suck if that happened but nintendo just dont see to care about its 3ds system

bringing out the 2DS system was a last tempt to save their handheld side



slidecage commented on Dragon Fantasy Set To Bring Retro Goodness To ...:

could of got book 1 and book 2 a week or two ago on the VITA for like i think either 8 or 10 bucks. would not rebuy it on the 3ds. i know book 1 was very lame. None of the chapters carried into one another and short (6 to 7 hours) never played book 2 yet but got it. Nothing to really see on these games.



slidecage commented on Review: World Conqueror 3D (3DS eShop):

dont see why people think the game is hard... its an okay game Just think RISK. its just too bad it could not been better (with medals you could win) also anyone know What does unlocking the other countries do? if you win the first campain you get to unlock other countires to play on the first campaign. I could see if there was medals to unlock (Like beat the campaign using USA or USSR but with nothing like that to unlock why replay the same maps)

I would give it a 5 out of 10. its a middle of the road game (just think RISK) i think i beat the first cam. in 1 1/2 hours and the first normal game in an hour. put around 3 hours into it sadly never went back. I will go back someday though after thanksgiving probally.

but does anyone know what good does unlock the other countires do???