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GreenGaming commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

for the record, petitions are usually used for democracy. for citizens to have a voice against a government decision, and if enough people sign them, the government is obliged to act.

the same cannot be said for companies. they are a business and they are selling products. petitions for these people are most certainly not mandatory. it doesn't matter how many people sign the petition, it will remain the decision of the company involved as to whether or not they act on it. Nintendo will not act on this however because of obvious reasons.



GreenGaming commented on Alph Confirmed as a New Challenger in Super Sm...:

don't get me wrong, I love Alph, but I'm not a fan of clones. it would have been better if he had Brittany and Charlie with him instead of Pikmin and they work together in that sense but if not this should have just been a skin. the only difference is that he can't use rock Pikmin so in that case, as it is, Alph is looking to be the Pichu of this game.



GreenGaming commented on Nintendo Is Here To Stay And Will Do Very Well...:

Could this have something to do with the fact that Amazon and other online retailers are the only ones properly stocking the Wii U, making them the only place people can buy the console. My highstreet GAME is nothing but wall to wall Xbox and Playstation, and my local supermarkets have the Wii U sections merged with the Wii. It really frustrates me when people complain that the Wii U "isn't selling" because places won't stock it.



GreenGaming commented on Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably...:

This is hilarious to me. His explanations here don't add up against his previous rant. He says he doesn't hate the DS or the 3DS and states that he was merely "pointing out a few aspects I dislike" but his "points" - as he calls them - were too aggressive in my eyes. According to him the circle pad pro was an "atrocity", the two screens were gimmicks that nobody wants, and he's never played a DS and said 'this is fine as it is'. No mention of the good points then, just a broken console in Fish's eyes, but the Vita, well that's just "PERFECT". You're right, Fish, people are jumping to conclusions, you love Nintendo really, you're just terrible at it.



GreenGaming commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

This guy clearly thinks the world of himself, but his argument doesn't hold water. What's so bad about the "clamshell" design of the DS? What's wrong with having two screens, you're never really asked to look at both at the same time, so what's the big deal? His love of the vita gets in the way of being fair, but realistically having one screen or two control sticks doesn't make your console better - or worse for that matter - it just makes it different. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but his is so one sided that it can hardly be taken seriously. Sony fan-boy in other words