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Wed 8th February, 2012

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KoiTenchi commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

"They're not going to sell a lot of consoles if they don't have games like FIFA and Battlefield and Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto."

Uhhhh... the Wii didn't have any of those (except Fifa, I think?) and yet it was the best selling console last gen...

Apparently those games are not as important as he thinks they are.



KoiTenchi commented on Freshly-Sliced Version Of Cut The Rope Coming ...:

I have this on iPhone and, granted I'm not big on iPhone games, but this is one of my favorite games on the device.

That being said, I'm not that interested in this... The second screen and 3D pretty much add literally nothing to the gameplay and the levels seem to be exactly the same from what I recognize.

If this game had new levels, sure, but it looks like it's pretty much a port so ehhh...

All that being said, I would still recommend it for those who don't have access for an I device to play it on.



KoiTenchi commented on Nintendo Download: 11th April 2013 (North Amer...:

Curious about Rolling Western 2 but I'm going to wait for a review for now... I liked but didn't love the original. It was good, not great, IMO.

Any idea when there might be a review for that?

I'm also curious about Soul Hackers but if I buy that it'll be physical, not digital. DSO had been my first experience with a SMT game and I throughly enjoyed it, so I'm definitely willing to try another even though I know this isn't DIRECTLY related.



KoiTenchi commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

I feel like he hasn't even touch a Vita...

He's complaining about the 3DS being "too gimmicky" when it's the Vita that has the rear touchpad...

Honestly, both handhelds have their fair share of gimmicks, so to suggest that only one of them does is ridiculous.



KoiTenchi commented on Wii Mini Doesn't Include an SD Slot:

I was a little baffled by the news of this system initially, but the "no SD slot" news doesn't really phase me much.

I mean, if you can't download any VC or WiiWare from online, then all you really need the memory for is for save files and the Wii iteself should have more than enough room for that, shouldn't it?



KoiTenchi commented on Review: Fallblox (3DS eShop):

Pushmo is still not only easily my favorite eshop game but among my favorite 3DS games in general! I'll definitely be picking this up as soon as it his the US eshop.



KoiTenchi commented on Pikachu 3DS XL Now Available For Pre-Order:

This is the first I'm hearing of the Pikachu 3DS XL but I kind of wish they took opportunities like this to do packaged deals like they did at points with the DSi and DSi XL later in their lifetime.

I mean, I'm not expecting full games, but wouldn't it be awesome if this came with Dream Radar and 3D Pokedex (Pro) at no extra charge? I don't think that would be that unreasonable. : )



KoiTenchi commented on The Harp Twins Are Back With Another Musical V...:

Slightly off topic, but I just noticed: Is the article writer new to Nintendo Life?

I don't read every single article on the site so I could certainly be incorrect, but I don't remember seeing her before.

Either way, it's always nice to see Nintendo Life grow and build up their staff! : )



KoiTenchi commented on E3 2012: Every 3DS Game Announced So Far:

Is this list compiled by Nintendo Life or from some sort of officially E3 release from Nintendo? I didn't see a source and I'm particularly wondering because everything before this pointed at the Adventure Time game being on normal DS.



KoiTenchi commented on Game of the Month: May 2012 - Monster World IV:


I have also only played Risky's Revenge, though I certainly intend to pay the original whenever it comes to the eshop.

That being said, you seemed to basically suggest that Monster World IV is different from Shantae in the style of the levels, which certainly makes sense. In addition to that, however, does the game play similarly to Shantae in other aspects of not really?

For example, are the power-ups (even if they are just attack/defense boosts) permanent things that are in your inventory forever when you get them? Or are they more like Mario or Sonic in that you lose them when you get hit and/or complete a level?

As much as I like the Metroidvania of Shantae, it certainly wouldn't in any way turn me off to hear that this is more straightforward. I'm a big fan of 2D Mario games and those are rather straightforward in their own right. Would you compare this more to a 2D Mario than to Shantae?



KoiTenchi commented on Game of the Month: May 2012 - Monster World IV:

Not to double post, but on an added note, looking through the screenshots just now, the main character, art style and a number of other things all remind me quite a bit of Shantae, and I did enjoy Risky's Revenge quite a bit...

Does anyone know if the two play in any way similarly? Certainly I know they're the same genre essentially, but beyond that?



KoiTenchi commented on Game of the Month: May 2012 - Monster World IV:

Oh wow.

I saw the really positive review for this but didn't look at it too in depth as I really haven't played any downloadable games on my Wii in, well, years. The game looked fun from the screenshots and obviously I caught how positive the review was but I certainly didn't expect this to win game of the month...

Now I'm considering actually changing my habits and looking into downloading this on my Wii...

Perhaps I'll go look back at the review and some gameplay videos first just to make sure this is definitely up my alley.



KoiTenchi commented on Review: Snakenoid Deluxe (DSiWare):


I agree entirely that what Dreadjaws said was harsh and unnecessary. I was pretty shocked to see Cinemaxgames comment on this review in such a neutral way, especially after the review was quite harsh on the game. I'm not going to suggest that the review was unwarranted, as I can't really say since I haven't played it, but the fact is that the review gave the game a bad score and suggested that "there were no improvements over the original Snakenoid". That being said, Cinemaxgames responded by merely coming in, making no comment whatsoever on the poor score or the reception the game received, and neutrally stating "these are the changes we made".

The way I look at it, though Cinemaxgames might possibly not have the best programmers (Again, this is merely going off the review and not a fact that I can personally support) their method of responding to this review was one of the best I've seen in recent gaming history, especially considering the amount of rude backlash I feel I've been seeing from other video game publishers and developers lately. Honestly, though I still have no intention to buy this game and arguably feel that the "deluxe" subtitle was a little misleading, I truly respect the way in which Cinemaxgames' PR people responded to this and feel a lot of other gaming companies can take note. All this considered, I'm going to keep Cinemaxgames company name in my mind to see what they release in the future. Certainly if they release something that seems personally more up my alley, I would gladly make a purchase from them as I would love to support their company.



KoiTenchi commented on Feature: Bargain Bin DS Games:

I wasn't aware Jam with the Band had a UK release...

Around 2 years back I imported it from Japan. It's a fun game, but importing from the UK instead would have kept me from having to struggle around with menus whenever I decide to play it.



KoiTenchi commented on Review: Maru's Mission (3DS Virtual Console / ...:

I almost considered this after having so greatly enjoying the similarly obscure Avenging Spirit! I'm glad I waited for the review.

I think the main thing that turned me off was that floating ability. I was watching a video on Youtube of the gameplay and was stunned when I just saw the main character start to float.