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Super Metroid - Best. Game. Ever.

Male, 29, United States

Mon 4th February, 2013

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cbkummer commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Thank you! I just got my Wii U today with New Super Mario Bros/Super Luigi U, Nintendo Land and a download code for Super Mario World on the VC. I can't understand why people say there aren't any games for the thing, I already have a long list of what I'm going to get.



cbkummer commented on Nintendo Wins Another Court Battle with R4 Car...:

I will admit to using an R4 - for about 4 months. Then I realized I was STEALING GAMES just as much as if I'd walked into a store and stuck one under my coat. I'm really glad Nintendo is taking steps to combat this, it hurts the entire industry. As a side note, I now own every game I downloaded when I used an R4, since I felt so bad about it.



cbkummer commented on Iwata: Nintendo Not Considering Lay-offs To St...:

Mr. Iwata is a very long-term thinker. He doesn't really focus on right now, which is something of a weakness, but he definitely has a broad vision for the future of Nintendo. I think more people need to be like this.