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Thu 12th May, 2011

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BRAINFOX commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

The left one looks like it's set later in the day with the main difference being the floors, the wall in the distance and the Dolls being gone while the right one looks like it's around noon because of how much brighter it is and less sunlight coming in. The shot of the MC starting up the Doll just looks worse all around with no real reason for it to be that way, console constraints or not since it wasn't like the original shot was all that graphically intensive looking anyways. The only shot that looks genuinely downgraded to me is that last bit with the construction Doll.



BRAINFOX commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

That entire squabble was nothing more than cancerous on both ends of the argument. The Law & Order episode annihilated both sides by showing every person sane enough to keep their distance from it just how ridiculous and embarrassing gamer culture has become to outsiders.



BRAINFOX commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I managed to get Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and some rarer ones ordered as well as the Smash bundle thanks to the guys at my Gamestop being total bros and getting one brought in from out of state. I bet if you check conventions like Wizard World or C2E2, you'll see the rare ones being sold at 4-5x the price in dozens because scumbag resellers bought out the stock to make some easy cash.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Friendly reminder that jimmies are being rustled over how a person who doesn't even exist in our world looks in a video game designed by people who aren't bothered by such a topic when far more unrealistic things exist and happen in it. ZSS is far more realistic in design than a good majority of characters from Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, King of Fighters, Blazblue etc.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

Instead of region locking the system, region lock games that are guaranteed to come out in the west at some point. Better yet, hand the localization of most niche games to XSEED, D3, or NIS if they seem too risky. At this stage, there is absolutely no reason big games from Japan should be kept there unless they're shovelware or will sell less than 1000 copies both digitally and physically.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

I'm fine with making more mature stories and settings as long as that doesn't mean changing the current IPs Nintendo is best known for. They shouldn't have to change their ways just because it's popular to make violent games set in a realistic setting and tie some big epic plot in there. So far, the only franchises that could be more like that that I know of are either Fire Emblem, Metroid, and maybe Legend of Zelda. If Nintendo did move towards making more mature games dedicated towards the hardcore crowd, they should 1. choose the right IP
2. make reasonable adjustments
3. or revive an old IP and reinvent it for the modern gamer.
Remember, just because a game is rated M doesn't mean mature gamers are the ones most interested in them. Just look at Call of Duty.



BRAINFOX commented on Wii U January Sales in U.S. May be Higher Than...:

I really hope 3rd party developers do more with the system. It's annoying to see countless games coming out on every other console except this despite there being a lot of time since dev kits were sent out and most of these games started production



BRAINFOX commented on Activision's Bobby Kotick Is Disappointed With...:

Only thing I was disappointed by at launch was the lack of a game bundle here in the states and all of the annoying "graphical inconsistencies" complaints every reviewer outside of NL used to bash the Wii U versions. They look FINE, people! It's a new console and they're launch ports! This wasn't a surprise!



BRAINFOX commented on Square Enix Laments "Increasingly Difficult" C...:

If SE wants people to make them money, they need to stop being a bunch of ducks and give them a reason to! None of this FF13-3 Chapter 2-Page 4- Paragraph 6-Verse 2 CRAP! All of these games in Japan that are just teasing us are being left there while the garbage is brought in. They know what to do, they just have pull their heads out of their butts and get to it!



BRAINFOX commented on Satoru Iwata: Customers Understanding The Wii ...:

We just need developers to actually work on some actual projects for the system. None of this ports BS. I'm sick and tired of seeing the Wii U getting the cold shoulder from developers and publishers. I know we can't just expect every game to be developed just for us when it's nearly shipping out to stores, but then again, the games that are being co developed for it should get the same treatment. If Aliens and Injustice get DLC and CE's on 360/PS3/PC, then so should we. They can't expect more Wii U owners to buy their games if they don't give potential owners a reason to pick one up, let alone the ones that actually one the freaking thing.



BRAINFOX commented on "All The Bravest" Square Enix Trademark Was fo...:

@FluttershyGuy Seems like all the big companies from the 90's are that way now. Square, Enix, Capcom, and Konami. Square Enix puts money before its own fanbase (killing off any fan Chrono projects doesn't help). Capcom is just unpredictable with its wild cancellations, on disc DLC, awful localization, and unwillingness to listen to its fans. Konami...I don't even know anymore. Most of their franchises are basically dead now or handled by someone else. What happened to that new Contra game that was in the works? Mercury Stream is doing a great job with Lords of Shadow, but I miss the days of Konami developed Castlevania, Contra, Gradius, Metal Gear etc. games. They even own all of Hudson now but aren't doing anything at all with them. I miss the 90's



BRAINFOX commented on Capcom Not Looking To Bring "Late Ports" To Wii U:

Capcom: We're not porting any older games to Wii U and want to work on new games for the system,
Gamers: You did it all the time before, didn't you? Besides, what else do you have planned besides Monster Hunter?
Capcom: ....crap. They're onto us!



BRAINFOX commented on Game Freak: The Pokémon World Will Be Evolvin...:

I think it would be awesome if they teamed up with Capcom and made a crossover with Monster Hunter. When you think about it, a lot of things are actually compatible. Elder Dragons are basically legendaries, Sub-species are shinies(even their descriptions state that they're extremely rare), all of the same types, having a partner or group of Felynes or Pokemon during a hunt or free-roam with a limited set of abilities, mostly the same abilities, but some need HMs to be used, and it would add more depth to the game by adding in weapon and armor crafting for you and your Pokemon which would allow for more customization as I've seen in earlier comments on here. And for those who don't like the idea of killing cute little animals, none of the little enemies, such as the Felynes, die. Instead, they run away/tunnel underground and drop something. Also, gyms from the Pokemon series could be combined with the arenas from Monster Hunter in that each town would have an arena and a Leader. All of the hunting locations would be connected by routes which would lead to towns and villages. Rather than going to the village leader/elder for every mission, you could talk to NPC's to accept missions from them. Capturing would also be expanded upon by adding in the traps from MH and possibly make it easier to catch some of the tougher Pokemon in the games(I'm looking at YOU, Kyurem!). Event missions like in 3 and 3 Ultimate via Global Link and Dream World would allow for special equipment and more possible Pokemon or monsters to hunt and/or catch, too. Also, there are some examples of monsters in the game that "evolve." The Velociprey, Ioprey, Genprey, Jaggi, Baggi, Froggi, Ludroth, Bullfango, Uroktor, Vespoid, Monoblos, Basarios, and Giggi all have a more developed form(s) that could be considered an evolution.