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Site News: Nintendo Life's eShop Appearance

Posted by Darren Calvert

Check out our faves

Here at Nintendo Life we're committed to reviewing every title released on Nintendo's download platforms. With over 1,200 download reviews covering WiiWare, Virtual Console, DSiWare and the eShop, we're confident that you won't find a more complete collection of download reviews anywhere else.

If you fire up your 3DS today and head into the eShop you will see that Nintendo Life has its very own digital shelf, sharing what we think are some of the must-have games. From DSiWare to Game Boy and 3D Classics, the choices represent what our team believes to be among the very best titles for download on 3DS.

The ‘Nintendo Life Favourites’ eShop shelf will be available for one whole week from today, so please ensure its success by downloading a game or two.

Nintendo Life favourites

This is the North American list, but due to variations in regional availability our European and Australasian choices will be slightly different.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with our choices or have we missed any hidden gems?

Thanks to Nintendo for making this possible.


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User Comments (215)



Oregano said:

YAY! I was super shocked to see this on the EU eShop.

Also I own over 50% of the games listed.



she_gamer said:

Hey, right on guys! Congrats on your eShop appearance! And those are pretty good choices.



Kirk said:

I'm not convinced that list is a genuine representation of Nintendo Life's top 20 eShop games. Some of those choices seem completely strange. I mean 3D classics: Xevious and GO Series: 10 Second Run both scored a 7 and I'm pretty sure there are far more than 20 other games people can download that you guys have most certainly scored above a 7, so why are these games on your list for example.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid and this really is your genuine top 20 but I really hope this isn't a sign of Nintendo Life losing it's integrity since joining up with Eurogamer...



Dazza said:

@Kirk we chose a mixture of DSiWare, eShop and VC - as there aren't many eShop original games to pick from yet we picked the one we liked the most.

This isn't a intended to be a list of all of our 10/10 and 9/10 rated games, think of this more as a mixtape compiled for a friend with a few wildcards thrown in to liven it up.



Chris720 said:

I was so shocked to see this on the eShop, that was so awesome to see that! Wow NL, you really are shooting to the stars aren't you?




timp29 said:

Hats off to you guys. I've watched this website grow up from its infancy and now you guys are running off with Nintendo tear sniffle



antdickens said:

The one day I forget to bring my 3DS to the office... I'm missing out on all the fun.



Burn said:

Kudos to you guys, that's a pretty big feat. Did Nintendo propose this?



Kirk said:


Ok but if you are recommending a top 20 list of games for me to spend my hard earned money on I'd rather you told me the actual top 20 you would ultimately recommend regardless of each specific service before you told me to go out and buy some random lower rated games specifically on 3DSWare for example, just so at least one game from that service makes up part of the list.

I don't feel compelled to buy a game from each and every service just because that service exists, especially if in all fairness a particular service doesn't have enough games to have any/many that would be worth seriously recommending among all the options out there, so if you are calling this a top 20 across the whole 3DS eShop download service, which is how I read the article, then I think that's really what it should be, even if that means other half-decent games on another service don't get on the list.

If for example 3D Classics: Xevious is truly worthy of being in the overall top 20 eShop games list then put it there but don't just stick it there for the sake of having at least one 3D Classics game on the list. Otherwise don't refere to it as a Top 20 eShop list full of the best titles and instead refer to it as "Nintendo Life Favorites", like it is in the eShop, or something like that.

It might be brutal to cut out some less popular and slightly lower scoring games on a newer service but that's the only way to be fair and true to the people who are using your site to make potential purchase decisions I'd think.

That's why top 20s exist and why people read and take them into consideration I would think.

It is however very cool that you have your own eShop section.

Edit: Ok, I hear what you are saying about it being more of a "mixed tape", and reading between the lines that what I assumed you meant, but I just found this a bit misleading "the choices represent what our team believes to be the very best titles for download on 3DS" and certainly think some of the less informed or newer Nintendo Life readers might take it literally and actually end up buying games that in all fairness don't deserve to be recommended before quite a few other games, superior games that are often made by smaller independent developers struggling to get the break but can't because people feel compelled to suggest consumers buy a game that has already made it's developer plenty of money and doesn't really need anymore unjustified free promotion, that didn't make the list.



Riquerico said:

That's simply amazing! I'm so proud to be part of this community! =P
Can't wait to see "Favoritos de Nintendo Life" on the Brazilian eShop!
And I agree with the list. I've already have some of those games and others are in my wishlist!



Kolma said:

I remember this site back when it was WiiWare World with that crazy scientist dude.
Nice to see that you guys have reached it big time and are in the 3DS eshop
Nintendo should start giving you guys early access to games so you can have day 1 reviews, as well as having links to these reviews on all the games in the eshop



skywake said:

This is very cool and, might I add, the games on the Australian list are all pretty damn good. It's good to see some good "shelves" like this on the eShop and I hope we see more of this and less "games that start with R"



Morpheel said:

Congrats guys.

I'll totally download Marios Picross now if it will help you!



Stuffgamer1 said:

PiCTOBiTS and Mario's Picross should be higher on the list, and there are some definitely some titles missing that were replaced with undeserving ones. But hey, part of the reason top 20's exist is so people can state their differences of opinion!

It IS awesome that you guys got an official listing with Nintendo like this, though.

@Morpheel: Dude, you should've done that anyway. Great game.



Raptor78 said:

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Congrats on the inclusion on the eShop. I really hope it becomes a regular thing and mabey even an internet link from the shop for people who have been living under a rock and never heard of Nintendolife.



Squiggle55 said:

good list guys, and very cool to get on the 3DS like that. Congrats. For me I guess I'd say Bejeweled Twist is missing. That game is just so danged replayable.

And are you suggesting Nintendo can see if I download a game straight from your section as opposed to straight from my wishlist? Or is it simply a bump in sales for the games on your list that they would deem a success?



skywake said:

@Kirk I think you're being a bit harsh. I think that it's better to have a variety of good games on the "shelf" rather than simply the highest scoring titles. Xevious is fairly unique on the eShop (until twinbee arrives) and so is GO Series: 10 Second Run and even Super Mario Land. They didn't get brilliant scores on Nintendo Life but they are fairly interesting and unique titles which got really positive reviews.

I think we're better off that this list is a bit flexible with the scores. I mean.... let's not forget that Mario & Yoshi got a 4



warioswoods said:

Pop+ Solo is the worst title I've ever downloaded on a Nintendo system... but evidently someone out there finds it fun.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wow ! This really is an amazing promotion for you guys. Great you've made it to the eShop.
I think the list includes a good mixture of different games. I'd only exchange Super Mario Land for Donkey Kong (Game Boy / VC) and Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. for Game & Watch Gallery.



Dazza said:

@Squiggle55 I understand that the big N will be able to tell how successful the NL shelf is in one way or another compared to other shelves. So get buying and perhaps we'll get the chance to do our retro selection next!



Monsti said:

Really really cool. Good choices. ^^

Didn't anyone check if it's in the German store as well? Cause we dont have cave story far as I know yet.



Dazza said:

@Monsti Ja, es heißt 'Favoriten von Nintendo Life'

There are some regional differences as some of the games aren't available in Europe and Australia

@Chicken_Brutus hahaha!!!



dcoughler said:

I always make sure to reference Nintendo Life when I'm completing Game Surveys. If everyone on the site did that, I'm sure it would help keep the favorite list on for a while longer!



Kirk said:

Well yeah, Nintendo Life is one of the very best Nintendo sites out there so anything that generates extra traffic and interest in all things Nintendo Life is a great thing imo.

Regardless of my suspicions, Good Luck with the list and I hope to see more of them from NL in the future.
You've said enough. You're more than welcome to take any further concerns you may have directly to the directors if you like. Thank you — TBD



bboy2970 said:

That's so cool you guys! Very proud to be a member here since the days of WiiWare World! I can't wait to check out the shelf and perhaps buy something off it (Although I own damn near every game there already!).



bboy2970 said:

Oh wow...Just had a closer look at the list. It looks like the only three games there that I don't own are Plants vs Zombies, Dark Void Zero, and Xevious. DVZ and Xevious are simply not my cup of tea so perhaps its time I grab PvZ....Still not sure about it though. Will have to research it a bit



grovertheblue said:

Agreed this is Uber cool. Nintendo Life has definitely earned this opportunity. I have followed the site since it started out as VC Reviews and I am most impressed with your continued effort to cover all things Nintendo. This site is my resource for gaming/nintendo news. And the attention to retro titles and content is also much appreciated.



ThomasBW84 said:

Great to see this list go up. The fact Cave Story isn't on the UK list reminded me that, for some bizarre reason, this hasn't made it to the EU yet

Exciting stuff!



Dazza said:

@Kirk you have quite the suspicious mind don't you? hehe

I can assure you that this selection was made by jointly by Nintendo Life's core admin team. The choces were completely at our discretion, the only difficulties we had were due to regional availability where we had to make a few substitutions.



csad said:

It's really nice that see Nintendo acknowledge Nintendo Life like this. Congrats!



Late said:

Saw this thread and immediately went to the eShop, I have only three of these games, haven't downloaded much from eShop yet but I've been thinking about getting Shantae, Plants vs. Zombies, Art Style: PiCOPiCT, Aura-Aura Climber, 10 Second Run and Mario vs. DK.
There's just so many 3DS titles coming (+ Skyward Sword, Kirby's Adventure Wii) that I can't spend too much money now if I wanna all the games so I decided to not download anything for a while.



Stine said:

Yeah, I noticed this earlier. I was like "Wait, isn't this NL's logo..? OMG! Nintendo Life Favourites? Awesome!"



ToneDeath said:

I thought I had all the DSiWare I'd need for now, but was so chuffed to see this that I bought 10 Second Run!



daznsaz said:

yea was surprised to see nl on eshop.not sure about the aura aura bit mobile phone basic.i got megaman and a fairy tale didnt have any like that so far.its like all the others.glued to your hands when you start playing



sykotek said:

Already own all those games and it's just my opinion, but there are definitely more deserving titles (like Digger Dan) that belong on that list. I find it hard to believe that, even if relabeled as NintendoLife Staff Picks, the inclusion of some of those titles don't make sense compared to the rest of the eShop library.

Again, my opinion, but it hurts the credibility of the list to have some of those listed titles as absolute favorites, and chosen by a panel!

Maybe consider opening it up to vetted community members if given an opportunity again to revise this list in the future.



ueI said:

Nice going, NL! But what about GO series Picdun? As far as I know, it's the highest scoring GO game. How come you chose 10 second run instead?



Ron_DelVillano said:

Wow! This is really exciting. Hopefully it will draw even more traffic to the site.

We're turning into a real powerhouse over here at NL!



Dazza said:

We've gone live in US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil now - hello world!

@ImDiggerDan sorry dude, there were so many worthy DSiWare games to consider. Not all could make the cut

@ueI 10 Second Run was a last minute wildcard we threw in for fun, it just seemed to fit



Samholy said:

wow, congratulations! I'm impressed Nlife got into the eshop. nintendo approves you so much they gave you a room into the eshop, thats awesome !

one title slipped thru, where is Starship Defense ? its one of the eshop title i played the most! i played tons of defense games, and it ranks quite high into the list.



LordAndrew said:

Is "shelf" the proper official name for these things? That's important to me for some reason.



Tasuki said:

Congratulations guys this is a huge step for Nintendo Life. Going to check it out when I get some time between classes today.



MaikoRULES said:

OMG i was on the shop and i couldnt believe my eyes!!!!
how did this happen!?!?
you guys are just awesome



Cengoku said:

I own 5 games from this top. I bought all the dsiware after reading your reviews and watching some vids on youtube. Though, I don't agree on some reviews but this is just my opinion.
1 week is too short :-/ You need to to this when MK 7 is out.



TwillightPrince said:

I still don't understand why there are games with a lower score than 9/10 and 10/10. Looks a bit like Nintendo told you what to choose...



antdickens said:

@TwillightPrince we can assure you that Nintendo had nothing to do with our choices, in-fact a bunch of our reviewers voted between themselves to decide which games would be included in the list. There was no single one person making any choices. It's also not a ranking list!



Raylax said:

Hah, that was a nice find when I booted up my 3DS when I got home. Awesome stuff guys :3



Corbs said:

We fought this list out amongst ourselves, trust me. It wasn't pretty.



Dazza said:

@Corbs yeah, someone wanted the top 3 games to be from WayForward - not naming any names!



Kit said:

I'm really liking Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Junior and Balloon Fight right now



Squiggle55 said:

for some reason the label/icon in NA is just a yellow star and not the Nintendo Life icon. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Mario's Picross and it is definitely a really good game. Hopefully you guys get to do it again and include all of the games you had to leave out this time.



Collinhall said:

Wow, I have been with nlife for a while, and I didn't know we were actually noticed by Nintendo



theblackdragon said:

@Squiggle55: we were aware of that goofup, and supposedly it's been fixed already. thanks though :3

@md1500: did Boxlife make the UK list? i haven't had the chance to check the NA one out for myself yet, but i love Boxlife. hope you enjoy it too :3



X-145 said:

This is amazing! NL is really expanding their horizons, lately. First with Eurogamer and now this! I am glad to be a user in this site! Congrats to all of you running the show!



bboy2970 said:

Just downloaded Plants vs Zombies straight off the NL shelf! Pretty fun game so far even though I'm not that big a fan of tower defense. The NL shelf is so awesome!!



RyuZebian said:

Nice! But could you guys please make a "Top" list on this site as well? Your reviews are nice, but they are also very plentiful... That's a problem when you just want to find out which the very best games are!



komicturtle said:

How did you guys do it? Did Nintendo approach NL or vice versa?

Anyhow, congrats on the eShop appearance. Hope a Nintendo rep is actually reading feedbacks and comments on this site to get a feel on how most of their fans are feeling



Stine said:

I bought Aura-Aura Climber just for you guys. Not at all for my own sake, oh no. It's not like I haven't been planning on getting it for months now. A few of the others also happen to be on my Watch List, so I might get one or two more tomorrow.



theblackdragon said:

@RyuZebian: If you want to see the top-reviewed games at Nintendo Life, all you have to do is check the 'Out Now' list (under the 'Games' dropdown at the top of the page). Click the link for 'Rating' above the ratings column, and it'll sort everything in order by rating for you.

if you'd like to only see games by platform (i.e. 3DS games, Wii games, DSiWare games, etc.) make sure you're on that site tab before checking the 'Out Now' list. :3



TKOWL said:

Wow, this is awesome! We've finally gone mainstream, so that this website can get even bigger



Philip_J_Reed said:

Re-bought PictoBits through the NL shelf, just to let them see that it's working in case they choose to track sales made through it.

#11 better have been Avenging Spirit!



Ristar42 said:

Nice one, good to see a site as well put together as Nintendo Life get some exposure on the e-shop too.



Hardy83 said:

They should do this more often.

Better yet, they should help sites like yours make ad supported apps for the actual system and put it on the e-shop for free.



accc said:

When I saw this on the eShop I did a double-take while sitting on my toilet, lol.



Sinister said:

Funny! Out of the 4 VC titles you suggested i do own 2 on my original GameBoy and got the other two on my 3DS a few days ago ^^

Grats on your appearance!



DarkEdi said:

Very very congratularions NL. I´m very proud. A few minutes ago i saw the announce in the eshop and then came back to the site to give my congratulations.
Now tell Nintendo to revive the wii eshop.
If we download some games in 3ds eshop is there a possibility you can back each week?
Once again Congratulations!



Aqueous said:

If I can find an eshop card I see a few I want on your shelf that I don't have yet and congratulations on getting this much notice from nintendo.



Dizzard said:

How do you get to set up a shelf on the eShop anyway? How much does it cost? Or is it that you have to be from a respected establishment?



cheapogamer4life said:

I've been wait for the right time to buy a few a my fav. DSiware games again for my 3DS. This will be the perfect time via NL shelf!



Grackler said:

Hmm, I got so many of these before, it's difficult to find one to buy to support this! It's great news mind, it's nice to have a critic/journalist view of what to get promoted to the front of the eShop over commercial lists. Hopefully more to come!



Thwiidscube said:

Wow! Awesome Nintendo Life! How did Nintendo find out about you and put you on the eShop? I want to know!



Birdman said:

Let's just hope we don't get swamped by newbies within this week ...

Also, I wouldn't call Pop+ Solo a must-have, but, besides that, that's easily 80% of the good eShop games there. Great list!



C-195 said:

Fantastic! I really hope it'll be a long term thing for you guys, you really put in the effort after all!



sonic_brawler95 said:

When I saw this feature in the E-Shop, I was like, "Whoa, that's awesome!"
Hee hee, I have pretty much all the titles in your list. C:<



tanookisuit said:

Color me impressed, NL hit the big time with corporate recognition. It's one thing to get review copies and PR buddies, but to get a spot like that, and first is something to tout.



ToxieDogg said:

Very cool, and I hope it encourages people to download some of those games many people complain about the lack of decent games but have probably never played or even looked at a lot of the titles on that list. I've already got most of them myself, but there's still a few more I need to check out....keep meaning to get Art Style: Pictobits because I'm a massive Picross fan

@ImDiggerDan Don't worry mate, your game is still great, I downloaded it the first week it was out Surprised not to see it listed myself...hopefully if this becomes a permanent fixture of the eShop at some point then Nintendo Life will see the light....



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

good for you guys and good advertising for the site.

It is a shame though that you didn't have some mention of what the site is, or have something like "Visit us at" to show it is a website for people not in the know.



Henmii said:

"Thanks to Nintendo for making this possible"

I didn't know it was even possible. I mean, independent sites having a shelf on the e-shop!

Anyway, good for you guys! And I agree there are some interesting titles on the list. Titles that I also want to download when I have a 3DS!



Ren said:

nice going guys. I'z also been here since the old WiiWareWorld days and what a way you've come. Very cool! keep it up!



ToadFan said:

Wow this is amazing, it's amazing for both you and Nintendo! It's great that Nintendo let you do this, and you guys doing this before anyone else. It's an amazing list, and I'm glad that you did this! Great Job.



Xkhaoz said:

Damn, I never expected NL to be officially recognized by Nintendo. Must feel pretty awesome am I right?



Dave82481 said:

congrats, that was so cool to see NL on the eshop. good games i have most of them might check out the ones i dont have.



bboy2970 said:

^ Which is why we all must try to buy at least one game off their shelf that we've been wanting but putting off for a while. If Nintendo tracks the sales from specific shelves, it could help NL be a regular shelf in the eShop! I've done my part



Natie31 said:

Now it's that time to get Dark Void Zero to help NL become regular in the eshop. Just doin my part!



gamecubefan said:

Sweet. I would take that as a sort of acknowledgement by Nintendo that this is their pick for best unofficial nintendo website



Slapshot said:

@Kid_A You'll love it, and I'm off to bed to purchase Mighty Milky Way and play for a few minute before calling it a night.

I just showed this to my wife, who's eye got all wide and started grinning wildly as she stated "Oh my God, that is so cool!"



Zach said:

@Slapshot My wife as well, it's good to have wives that support us Maybe all the NL spouses should start a website of their own about what it's like to be married to a video game journalist?




DarkEdi said:

Did you send a request to participate in the eshop o how it was possible? did they phone you?



shinobi88 said:

ATTENTION Nintendo Life Staff, seeing as how you've officially been placed in Nintendo's eShop, I can safely assume that either, A.) Nintendo owns you, or B.) You have some kind of power over Nintendo. Either way, could you use this influence to see that the Game Boy game titled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan" gets released over the 3ds Virtual Console? Unless you just gave it that glowing review in your "retro" section to mercilessly tease us...



Spoony_Tech said:

This was a cool read! I had a grin on my face the whole time. Congrats nl and keep up the good work. It was mentioned above about whenever we fill out surveys from club Nintendo to mention nl. I always do since it the only source I use to follow Nintendo games and systems! Keep doing what you do best and give yourselves a pay raise! Well the ones that get paid anyways!



Homer_Simpson said:

Great work guys! Fantastic to see nlife getting the recognition it deserves, I've been following you guys since before the vc-reviews days (You were called vc-archives, right?). I'll buy Gargoyle's Quest now because of this. Keep up the great work!



Ducutzu said:

I hope that this helps other 3DS users discover Nintendo Life, which is one of the best independent review web sites. For me, this site is a much more credible source than other bigger web sites.



Victoria said:

Well done NintendoLife!! I was quite chuffed when I saw it last night. I felt like something came up there that I am a part of. It almost felt like a personal message to me.



nix said:

Great surprise to see you on the e-shop last night, good selection. It feels that the shop is now starting to shape up and has a positive vibe about it, independent recommendations, good category’s and upcoming and current video content across the Nintendo platforms.
While you got Nintendo's ear, please can we have Cave Story and Inchworm Animation for the EU.



Slapshot said:

@Zach I agree with Corbs, it's not always such a pretty sight. Haha

@TBD Agreed! I'm purchasing it and Shantae again for my 3DS too.

WayForward should always own the top spots, they're the best!



ejamer said:

Congrats guys!

Thought it was cool to see this in the eShop last night. It must help that I keep mentioning the NL website in Club Nintendo surveys as one of the key influencing factors for each download - surely many others do the same thing!

But how did it happen? Did Nintendo approach you and ask for picks? Did you have full control over what games were listed?



Dazza said:

@ejgamer (and others) - Nintendo asked us if we'd like to do this promotion and we happily accepted. All of the choices are completely the choice of the Nintendo Life team and no one else.



ejamer said:

Really cool for the site, and a great nod to the fanbase by Nintendo.
I'll buy something from the list this week to show support.



bboy2970 said:

Just wanted to say that I'm really really enjoying Plants vs Zombies! Thanks to NL's appearance in the eShop, I finally got it after putting it off for a long time and I don't regret the decision at all. Thanks for finally pushing me over the edge Nintendo Life Also, it looks like I'm not the only one buying off this list to show support. Hopefully if sales for a lot of these games spike, NL can become a regular shelf in the eShop!



Rensch said:

That's cool! Testimony to the popularity of the site among Nintendo fans!



AUnkownFuture said:

Took a look at the eshop and im impressed with the appeareance of NintendoLife favorites. I was happy seen Gargoyles Quest on the favorites list.



Punny said:

When I saw this on the eShop yesterday, I freaked out. A little-known unnofficial Nintendo site mentioned in a big-time official Nintendo online service. Way to go, Nintendo Life for this eShop appearance!



chronicler said:

My 3DS is being repaired and of course NL gets an eShop icon. I own few of those games and I may actually give a few more a try, like Pictobits or Xevious.



wanderlustwarrior said:

You guys are getting bigger and bigger!

I remember the old days, back at WiiWareWorld.I'd seen the beggininf of this site around the official April Fools' launch. I'm glad it lasted, and wasn't a joke.



shinobi88 said:

Its pretty sweet how we're getting great 3rd party action games from the original Game Boy on the 3DS VC, like Gargoyle's Quest and Avenging Spirit. Gives me hope that we'll later on see great 3rd party action games from the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Like....

GBC: Bionic Commando: Elite Forces, Shantae, Metal Gear Solid
GBA: Astro Boy, Ninja 5-0, Double Dragon Advance, River City Ransom Ex, and Final Fight One, and Gunstar Super Heroes.

Lest I forget the Game Gear, which has yet to appear on the eShop, unfortunately. The GG excelled at action games, with the likes of Streets of Rage, Ninja Gaiden, Dynamite Headdy, Gunstar Heroes, and the already announced Shinobi.

Every Shinobi enjoys delivering a thorough beat down.



grumblegrumble said:

@Dazza I think you guys did a great job. I know you couldn't include all your favorites and please everyone, I know thats a hard thing to do so I give you major kudos for Nintendo allowing you to put this up Thanks so much and please please please beg Nintendo to keep this up for us hehe Thanks PS I own 100% of these games and totally agree.



Mowzle2 said:

This is wonderful!
It has to mean our comments carry some weight.
goes off to beg Nintendo to add RPG London Life to Layton's Spectre's Call



pntjr said:

I saw this on the eShop, and i restarted my 3DS to see if it glitched. I saw it again, and i was like: "aw s***."



Sean_Aaron said:

Very well done and well-deserved. I expect you'll get pride of place when the Wii/Wii-U shop is relaunched as the e-Shop as well.



Jcarlospc said:

Congrats for the archievement guys! I hope to see more Nintendo life's shelfs in next weeks. Up Nintendo! Up Nintendo Life!



moosa said:

I have to say, you guys are really lucky that no other website showed up to review all those VC/WiiWare games.




I already had 15 titles doiwnloaded from that list. Just downloaded my 16th, Go series 10 second run using your "shelf list"...



MeloMan said:

If you guys aren't the most popular Nintendo site you guys NEED to be. Keep up the good work, it shall continue to be recognized.



Twilight_Crow said:

After finding that "Nintendo Life Favourites" on the eshop, I totally had to come here and congratulate you guys, you are awesome!!



Capt_N said:

Congrats, All NL staff! I trust the reviews, & news on this site very much. Keep being trustworthy, guys/girls!



Retro_on_theGo said:

Congrats guys, this is so awesome! I'm so happy to see Nintendolife make it this far. I love this site a lot.
There's a lot of games on there I've been putting off buying so I think I'll get at least one from the shelf to show my support.



LittleKing said:

NL is def my favourite gaming site. I've lurked here for as long as I can remember. This is pretty amazing. Nintendo Life FTW!

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