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Skotski commented on Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U):

@ted-k To me, the Pikmin games are an amazing unique series.
The polish and love given to them are undeniably great. And the love the fans have for the series is definitely earned. It's just great. But - if I can't enjoy it completely due to my fear and despair of losing one little Pikmin guy, then it's just a waste of a purchase. I'd just have it in my list of 'unfinished, probably never will finish' games.

If this were a 3rd party game with an amazing and unique concept that needs to be supported: I'd definitely buy it, even at the risk of never finishing it (just to experience these kind of games is well worth it). But this is a Nintendo game, and it's the 3rd one in the series, it'll do well without my purchase - and if it didn't, then it successfully ends as a trilogy and nothing's truly lost (unless it hints at another sequel).

... But as it is, there ARE alternatives to this title.
Little King's Story (Wii) was sort of Pikmin-esque and I feel far less guilt in losing someone in battle (especially when there's a high chance they'll end up revived), because I have a greater capability of preparing them for battle (as opposed to Pikmin, where no matter how much you prepare: your chances of losing a Pikmin are still ridiculously high).
Then of course, there's the upcoming Wonderful 101, which is also almost Pikmin-esque. I'll be looking forward to playing it especially since I loved Clover Studios (now Platinum Games) - as well as enjoyed the Viewtiful Joe series.
Those kind of games are affected greatly by day-1 purchases (Little King's Story didn't do so well, I believe... its sequel went to the Vita). Pikmin 3 will still sell at its full price years down the road, and it'll be purchased every holiday season, that's a safe bet to make.



Skotski commented on Code of Princess Receives Temporary Price Cut ...:

@AeroTech If you enjoy Arcade Beat-Em-Ups, you'll enjoy this game.
If you enjoyed Guardian Heroes, you'll enjoy this game and be glad to know it was by the same makers.
If you enjoy quirky dialogues with humor, you'll enjoy this game.

It's a tad short. Disappointingly so. But the side missions and replayability with all the unlockable characters extends its length greatly. And if you have friends with a copy of this game, VS and co-op can be fun as heck.
There's online multiplayer, but there's rarely anyone on there these days. You didn't miss too much though: The top-ranking players would spam cheap moves over and over again - and many sore losers would quit before their score could be officially recorded. There were a good number of fair fights here and there, and there were ways to counter the cheap players, but for the most part: Nothing really missed.

If there was a Miiverse or Community for this game, I get the feeling the online would definitely bloom again.
But I think this sale will get some people playing it again.

Overall, it's just a good-ol-fashion fun beat-em-up with RPG elements.
Storyline's short, but replayability is high.
Controls are solid. Art is beautiful. There's some slowdown when too much is happening on the screen, but if that doesn't bother you (or you see it as 'dramatic effect') then don't dock off any points.
And yeah. Just fun. Worth this price, most definitely.



Skotski commented on Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U):

I love Pikmin, but my heart breaks for every single Pikmin under my command that dies - and it shatters every time I have to rush out of a stage before my Pikmin can board the ship... watching them be surrounded and devoured by the creatures of the night.

For that reason and that reason alone: I will not purchase Pikmin 3. Not because I don't like it - but I know fully well I won't be able to finish it with glee.
(And for anyone furious at my decision: Don't worry, a single lost sale from me won't kill the overall sales — and there's not that many that are like me that would make the same decision to not purchase the game. No loss. Don't freak out. --- P.S. It's sad that I have to put this disclaimer in the first place)



Skotski commented on TowerFall Creator Has Been Approached By Nintendo:

This game needs to release on all platforms. Because everyone needs to enjoy this awesome game.

No discussions of "Wii U / eShop needs more titles" necessary. Irrelevant. Great game is great game. Should be played by all.



Skotski commented on Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay System Announced:

That, of course, isn't to say this improvement isn't welcome.

I love that it's here.
StreetPass may work easily in Japan, but for everywhere else, for most people, it's near impossible to get a single StreetPass in a day.
I can get 5 StreetPasses a day easily. If I wanted to, I could get 20 in a day by going to the right areas. And if there's an event, it's normal for me to get 100 StreetPasses.
But that's because I live in a major city. I know that definitely isn't the case for most others. Definitely for the better that this is implemented.



Skotski commented on Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay System Announced:

@XCWarrior The magic is knowing someone near you has a 3DS. For instance, yesterday I was on a train and got a StreetPass. That's a common occurrence where I live, but still - it made me look up from where I was sitting, look around, and find a middle-aged woman sitting a few rows ahead of me playing her 3DS. She was playing Animal Crossing. Awesome.

As opposed to just seeing their virtual avatar pass by with a tiny greeting...



Skotski commented on Feature: Animal Crossing StreetPass Event Brin...:

@SmaMan ?? NA has a lot of StreetPass stuff.......... Just not in every State. And if I remember correctly, there was indeed a StreetPass Austin team early on. I don't know if it's still going, however. You might want to look for them on Facebook.

We have StreetPass LA, StreetPass OC, StreetPass Valley, StreetPass Little Tokyo, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and many more StreetPass teams here in California.
Our biggest events is when 2 to 4 of our groups all meet up together. That StreetPass OC event that was advertised about? Yeah, that wasn't just StreetPass OC. A major amount of the members there were from StreetPass LA.
StreetPass LA, as far as I know, has more members than OC - but OC gets more recognition by Nintendo. [I'm part of the LA group]

... one thing that's needed for StreetPass groups is more than one leader. If the leader drops off the map, those groups tend to disband soon after. It's good to have a good number of 'heads' for these events.



Skotski commented on Satoru Iwata - Tech Limitations Held Wii Vital...:

@thesilverbrick Er... They never said they didn't have any applications that it would work well with. They said it didn't work on some applicants that used it. 9 out of 10 people could use it well. The other 1/10, didn't work so well.

I'd assume they already had game demos ready for this product, and possibly even teams ready to jump into make the full versions of said demos - but without it working for 1/10th of the users, they stalled.



Skotski commented on Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Ga...:

For the last poll question I picked "I need to learn and see more of it first".
But honestly, I'd choose a "If they're really that dedicated to it, then sure."

If they based the entire console experience on the 2nd screen concept, making the designed function be optional as an option rather than as just an option - then I'd be interested. If that sounds confusing, I'll describe it like this:

For the PS3, there's very little games that actually REQUIRE the PS Move - and even fewer that feel better with it than without. They show the PS Move as an option. In most cases, it will FEEL like an option rather than an intended or preferred control set. So... in that case, what's the advantage of the PS Move if the games themselves work perfectly fine without it?
However, for games on the Wii, the Wii Remote was the standard controller and the Classic Controller was the option. People can say that the Classic Controller was the better one by preference, but the Wii Remote controls weren't gimped when full focus was placed into it. Many times one could argue that both had their merits, but most people had the experience of playing with both styles of controls.
In these examples, the PS Move was a niche choice in controls for the console. Not everyone owned a set, and many of those who owned it would still mostly use the SixAxis. As opposed to the Wii, where the entire focus was on the Wii Remote and it showed in not only how games were designed (many can argue about shovelware, but for the sake of balance: just remember which games you personally looked forward to buying and actually purchased for the Wii) but also how the players would react to learning controller setups. I believe it seemed far more intuitive to use the Wii Remote for the Wii than it was the PS Move for the PS3.

Taking that example...
If a 2nd screen was an OPTION in the other consoles, I'd worry for the benefits, quality, and focus of the 2nd screen's usage in the games they're compatible with. Does it truly add to the game, or is it like the GBA to the Gamecube?: A nifty idea, but not necessary for enjoying a game to its fullest.

The Wii U Game Pad is focused on for the Wii U. You cannot use the Wii U without the Game Pad whatsoever (you can switch control settings, but you always have to start with the Game Pad, similar to the Wii's setup with the Wii Remote). Hence, developers are forced to focus on what they can use it for. Even if it's for something as simple as Off-TV Play, it's a convenience that's preferred over a strange addition in controls and functions (much like how the Move was used for a good number of PS3 games). If I were to use the Vita for playing PS4 games, I suddenly lose half of the draw of the PS4's embedded features in its controller. If I were to use the SmartGlass for the XBox One, I'm suddenly ignorant of the Kinect 2.0 - which was required for the Xbox One. Where's the draw again?
The Wii U is set up as a Swiss Army Knife, or perhaps a Screwdriver with multiple bits/heads. You have several options of controls, but it's all centered around something you can enjoy with just the Game Pad - which would be the center of the console's idea. Are the SmartGlass and Vita the focus of the Xbox One and the PS4? Or are they just extensions? In game design and design philosophy, will these truly add to the experience in a way that makes it feel truly amazing - or just seem like a 'oh, that's cool' addition? This is less than a Swiss Army Knife Design and more of... something else. What that is, isn't quite clear yet. Is this like adding a GPS to your car? Where you can live without it but you are thankful for its existence. Or is this like adding a fold-out bed to your couch? Where you used it a few times and it was awesome then, but after a few years you realize both the comfort of the couch and the bed are reduced for the sake of this feature?

That's where my concern is...

TL;DR If a 2nd screen isn't the focus in other consoles, then I'm worried it will only detract from the features of the screen and the games that use them.



Skotski commented on Wii U Turned Ubisoft On To Second-Screen Gamin...:

@Royalblues Honestly, I think we only need 4 buttons and better game design. Too many actions given strange button combinations, rather than intuitive actions on an understandable button command at the correct situation and time.

As for the news: Sad to hear, but there's nothing one can really do.
People can complain about EA because... well... EA listens to business first and foremost. Whether they're being immature or not, the jingle of coins will make them change their minds eventually (though I don't respect those standards).
As for Ubisoft... Dunno... They had the chance to make their name and brand known on the Wii U. They could have claimed so many territories that were left open and wanting. Meaning whatever audiences bought into the Wii U could have been loyal fans of theirs. If they marketed and planned well, they could have absorbed a larger audience than they currently have.
This current shift of focus wouldn't really help that. Ubisoft isn't getting any bigger in the other consoles, it's staying relatively the same size in popularity. It definitely boomed in popularity in recent years, but it has ceased to grow since then. I doubt it can get any bigger unless they make a breakthrough in game design... which they might, or they won't, or they might think they are but the audiences don't really 'get' what's so amazing about it outside of advertisement gibberish.

Strange as it sounds, Ubisoft lost on its biggest chance of success by looking away from the Wii U.
And... Well... There's nothing anyone can really do about it.
Speaking with your money won't really do anything at this point. It might have worked for EA if enough money was thrown at their games or decisions. But for Ubisoft, I don't think that's directly what they're after (they're obviously after it in the long run, but not in the short run) - otherwise they would have stuck with Wii U focus.

At this point, all you can really do is wait and see.

My hope for Ubisoft becoming a grand 3rd party developer/publisher for the Wii U is basically in a coma now. Now I'm just watching the other 3rd parties and indies to see what they can offer the console.
In the meantime, I've got a 3DS. And it's doing lovely.

[Also: I love it when the 2nd screen is used properly or intuitively. You can say it's not anything big, but it certainly doesn't detract from the experience.]



Skotski commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:


Doubt it'll stop the cheaters as a whole, but still: Nice to have it enforced.

EDIT: And yes, I've gone against cheaters. Hundreds of times. Even in first gen.
With being able to battle randomly online: I've encountered the most in Black and White and Black 2 and White 2.

It's despicable really... There are other games that allow the same competitive battling while shortcutting the process of raising and battling.
Considering the limitations on pokemon (how their battles work mostly), there really shouldn't be a reason to shortcut that. So: Go play other games, cheaters. Those other games are obviously less grand and terribly awful in their designs in comparison to pokemon, but if that's how you want to play your games, and that's how you want to ruin other people's fun - then that's all you honestly deserve.

So just quit it and have fun.
Let efforts show where effort is made.



Skotski commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

Also, I still don't know why people defend EA.

I suppose you're defending EA's point, while at the same time attacking the Wii U's poor points...
But, honestly, EA's practices shouldn't be supported.
My wife and I may have loved their franchises, but they didn't make the franchises, they just published them... in fact, many of those franchises were ruined by EA's decisions of rushed dates, marketing hype mismanagement, obsessions with DLC management, and making once-exclusive games non-exclusive to certain consoles that ruins the design philosophy behind them in the coming sequels.

EA's a business. But their standards are terrible.
Think twice before you defend them.



Skotski commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

I honestly dislike the bipolar behavior people have with EA and Nintendo.
"Guys, they're just doing business."

Yet, I'm seeing a noticeably few that acknowledges both sides.
Seriously, NOW all the people who are saying "they're just doing business" are speaking out and defending their posts because of this most recent outline.
But when individuals from EA were making several biased comments against the Wii U, as well as EA as a whole making terrible decisions for the Wii U's launch while throwing excuses out there: The "just doing business" crowd was at an all-time quiet.

I understand. EA is a company. I understand they will make decisions according to profit and spending and market and shares.
That's obvious.
I also understand the Wii U isn't that appealing even at its current state.

I agree. EA is just doing business.

But I can't ignore what it had done in the past either.
It seems that the "just doing business" crowd wants to ignore what it had done in the past despite its promises of being unprecedented in its support.
You can say that they made these decisions due to how the Wii U turned out - but you can also say that the Wii U turned out that way because of EA.

You make new audiences.
You make gambles.
You don't put a 3rd entry to a series into a console, give it no access to new DLC, while the trilogy collection is in other consoles and claim that there's no audience for the series in a Nintendo platform (why would new audiences pick up the 3rd gimped entry if they haven't even played the first?).
You don't say that you can't give them any support at the moment when you supported the Wii, the PS3, and the 360 all at once in the previous generation, with the Wii having exclusives (that used its lower power but unique controls effectively) - and most audiences (the ones who just bought Wii for Wii Sports) in the Wii not even aware of the EA support during that time.

You can't just make up these reasons, even as reasonable as they currently are, when your previous reasons and evidences counter your current state of mind.
It's an excuse at this point.

I understand EA is a business, one that me and my wife have respected for a long time (we love their franchises and have bought several of their limited editions)... but I'm not going to pretend that their treatment of the Wii U has been specifically for the reasons they've entailed above, when they've said and done other things that entail something else entirely previously.

It's one thing of being understanding for a renewed response.
It's another thing of accepting to become ignorant just because they did damage control.



Skotski commented on Review: Mass Effect 3 (Wii U):

@SirSmugleaf We know the rumors were a false.
But if a company wants money, a decision to make something like that (with already in-hand development on other consoles) wouldn't be out of the question.
It's a matter of WHEN.

Like CAPCOM. They could just release new characters and things via DLC... instead they'll make an entirely new game.
And they could just release that entirely new game on a new console, instead they release the older version. But they can release the new version on there whenever they want instant cash if they wanted to. And stupid thing is: People will buy it. (I'm talking about SSFIV - in case that wasn't obvious)

EA isn't CAPCOM, but they do love them some money-grubbin' tactics.
It's not completely impossible that they'd release the trilogy if ME3 sells well enough on the Wii U... heck, it won't be surprising if they sold the Trilogy right before ME4 comes out (they're planning to go up to 5, if I recall).



Skotski commented on Review: Mass Effect 3 (Wii U):

Awesome game. Got the special edition of each when they first came out for the 360.

...though I want this game on the Wii U... I'm hesitant.
I don't know if they're going to suddenly shove the Trilogy on there a month after I decide to purchase it.
I already have the other games, but I love the integration of the GamePad and the Miiverse... but I don't want to have to repurchase it if a Trilogy suddenly comes out for the Wii U.

It would've been fine if they just released the Trilogy for the Wii U. We would've been willing to wait for that, EA!



Skotski commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

Sentence: "Something I never knew I needed."

Seriously, I actually wasn't expecting much from it... but now I can barely push myself to play on the other systems because of its convenience as a home console. It's nice that I never lose the GamePad too... because I never know where my remote for the TV went.



Skotski commented on Nvidia Unveils the Daunting Project Shield:

You know what?
I hope it does well. So it'll shut up the naysayers. Because that's what we hoped for the 3DS, and we should hope the same for the competition.
I personally don't want it, but... that's because I never fell in love with Steam. And I have a laptop, so...

I don't think it'll compete with the 3DS.
Because the PC doesn't really compete with home consoles. It's its own thing. And if this succeeds? It'll be its own thing too.



Skotski commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd January 2013 (North Ame...:

Code of Princess. I already have two copies of it (to play multiplayer with the gf). I just need one of them now, and I desire one for on-and-off play.

Sending my other copy to a friend in another State~

Oh... and I might get Crimson Shroud (I didn't get it last time) and Unchained Blades too. :3
Good week for me, at least.



Skotski commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Responds To Renegade Kid'...:

I just think it's not smart to sell your game on the App market for 0.99 and expect it to sell well on a (handheld) console for quadruple the price without it having a serious upgrade (worth quadrupling your smaller price).

Piracy or not, it's smarter to go with the cheaper option.

As for piracy: I'm just against it. Period.
I'm not even for homebrew communities. The stuff there's genius and awesome, but... well, I don't think its genius is enough to encourage piracy (which it does indirectly encourage).



Skotski commented on Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 To Be More Like Series Orig...:

I don't think he was ever in touch with gamers. I think he was in touch with his own style.

Honestly, I'm fine with the time limit. I hated it in the first one... because it was difficult for me and I hate time limits - but if it's the style of the game, it's the style of the game. As long as it fits perfectly, I'm fine with it. People hated Majora's Mask. People hated Super Mario Sunshine. But both had an amazing fan following of their own due to their distinctly different style.
Yeah, they didn't appeal to the mass market - but they were masterpieces in their own way.

Pikmin 3 won't be my thing at all. But I know it's going to be great for others.



Skotski commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

@Ren Cheesy dialogue is part of its awesomeness.
I don't think that has to do with age - that has to do with taste. Most people, in every generation (sans a few in the 90s, 50s, and maybe a few before then that we never categorized), hate cheesy dialogues and jokes.
I just think it's charming.



Skotski commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

@ThomasBW84 I, for one, am fine with these placements.
I don't agree with them, but I don't agree with all the reviews and opinion portions of this site. And if I did, it'd be an entirely different Nintendo News & Reviews site, one that I probably wouldn't enjoy as much.

So I'll just say "Awesome list. Makes sense. Thanks for sharing." because I don't think enough people here said it.



Skotski commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

@mieu-fire So you mean you like action games... where humans can run a marathon without ever tiring, ammo is in huge supply, and every shot and melee is easily done as if you're a well-trained and experienced veteran from a zombie war. Where it would make no sense that a zombie outbreak would happen because everyone's a goshdarn supersoldier.

... Not bashing on other games, but saying that ZombiU is a terrible game kind of calls into question what a zombie FPS really is. Other zombie FPS games? We could just replace all those enemies with non-specific monsters and it'd still make sense, and it'd still be just as fun. ZombiU? It only makes sense that they're zombies. And it's a darn great game - A great Survival Horror, where its intended limitations add to the gameplay and experience. Not so much an Action Shoot-Em-Up, but it never pretended to be.



Skotski commented on The Last Story Was Almost Left Untold In North...:

@AlphaIchimoru Well, I tend to think OoT was a masterpiece in its time - not as much outside of it (when it came out and what it changed for its time made it unbeatable, but held up as its own now: it's a classic - but the golden standard has been raised since then). But like I said: It's my honest opinion.
The Last Story was great. Just didn't feel like a home run in every factor (even when being optimistic) for me.

I'd say Kid Icarus: Uprising is a masterpiece, and someone is definitely going to disagree with me.



Skotski commented on The Last Story Was Almost Left Untold In North...:

inb4 "Operation Rainfall didn't help at all, don't encourage them"

EDIT: And yes, I'm quite glad it made it Stateside... love the game. Not a masterpiece, in my honest opinion, but a darn good and memorable JRPG.



Skotski commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

Well, I'm glad Kid Icarus: Uprising is still in the top 3.
I personally want it as number one, since I've had ZERO problems with the controls... But I know people did.

Just glad it's in the top 3, as it should be.



Skotski commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About The Wii U eShop:

Because then there'd be an obvious head of the table.
Then people would pick sides, and play favorites, then we'd all shatter into our own little guilds, swearing loyalty to only certain authors and editors. A war soon breaks out, destroying the crops, the cultures, and the spirits. Entire nintendolives are ruined... all because you wanted a hexagon table.



Skotski commented on The 3DS Cartridge Case Returns to Club Nintend...:

Just got it~
I already have another 3DS/DS cartridge case (as well as other cartridge cases for just the DS), so I'm good for now.
If I somehow manage to get more than 18 new 3DS titles in the upcoming year, I'm hoping they put it back in stock by then.



Skotski commented on Code of Princess Is Going Digital On January 3rd:

I already have the physical copy, but I want it in digital as well (it's perfect for on and off playing, so it's a bit of a hassle to remove and put back in the cartridge).
I also have two copies of the game (one was for my gf so we could play VS and Co Op)... so I'll be giving one of them out to a friend.



Skotski commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

As I'll put it: Anyone who has played ZombiU disagrees with the poor ratings.
They don't disagree with the REVIEW - they disagree with how low the ratings were put in comparison to the review.
It's as if they attempted to be a realist, but only came off as being a pessimist.



Skotski commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

Yeah, I was exaggerating. Was just huffed up.
But it's difficult to ignore when sites and magazines gave games on a console 6/10-8/10 scores for years, then suddenly drop it to 4/10-7/10 every single time. games like Wii Twilight Princess a fair score, but giving Skyward a terrible one - when TP was the one with waggle controls, and SS was the one with better motion controls ( "It didn't work all the time" - anyone who had half a mind knew how to make those motion controls work. ). Yeah, SS wasn't perfect either, but it certainly was better than TP on the Wii.

Funny thing about that: Disagreeing that COD is a good game still gives it a 7/10. Mayyyyyyybe a 6/10.
Not a fair comparison, seeing that COD are always top-notch titles. So hmmm... Disagreeing that Bayonetta is a good game is maybe a 6/10 (it really isn't everyone's type of game).

The harshest reviews on ZombiU ARE wrong. Because if you compare it with their other reviews to similar titles or similar not-their-type - there's a huge gap in the ratings.
This is the case of God Hand all over again...
God Hand was at worst a 6/10... but reviews went as low as a 4/10?? Horrible. No excuse for a professional reviewer.

EDIT: No wait, IGN gave God Hand a 3/10...... seriously wtf.



Skotski commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

Whether not your cup of tea, spoiled by current gaming culture, or hatred towards companies: The poor reviews of ZombiU is VERY telling.

ZombiU is a great game, in my opinion. Outside of my opinion, its several flaws and not-so-greats make it at worst a "pretty good" game.
Giving it a poor review is like giving FFX a poor review.

"Whoah whoah whoah. FFX was a MASTERPIECE! Don't you dare compare that!"
Funny thing was, it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. You'll find as many people who hated the story, plot, characters, and even the battle system as there were people who loved the game.
At worst, it was a pretty good game.

ZombiU isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's not a "convincer title". It's not going to change the gaming industry or your life or anything like that. But it is a pretty good game - flaws counted.
Only thing that could drop the score horribly is the sometimes game-breaking bug near the end of the game. ...of course, rarely were other games given death scores for this.



Skotski commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

It doesn't matter if it "isn't your sort of thing".
What matters is if you give a game fair judgment.
The ones who gave it crap judgment, encouraging others who have never played it and only judge games on score alone to think it's crap, didn't give it a fair trial whatsoever. Which isn't as bad for the game as it is for the reviewers. There's a difference between tastes and obvious blinded bias. Yes, everyone's biased, but when you consider yourself a professional reviewer - someone who allows people to see both the good and bad in a game - you're expected to throw aside your biased viewpoint and look at it from every angle.

Looking at every angle: ZombiU IS NOWHERE NEAR A BAD GAME.
It has a lot of flaws - it certainly isn't the best (except to the fans) - but it is no way the worst or as bad as people put it.
It's getting worse scores than several shovelware titles? BS.
"Oh, but those shovelware titles cater to a certain demographic."
The same can be said for ZombiU - and its quality in gameplay far outshines any crap game for crap audiences.

It's terrible bias. And it's terrible to encourage it.
There's a difference between a User Review and a We Pay These People Good Money To Hear Their Review - Review.
And people listen to the latter - which affects sales.
Their bias MIGHT come from not liking the genre - but it really is more likely Wii U sabotage. Even a non-conspiracy-theorist and a Nintendo-hater can see how obvious it is that certain review sites and magazines are out to kill Nintendo (whether by personal vendetta, or being paid by other companies - which we KNOW happens).

EDIT: Mind you, there are some reviewers who aren't that terribly biased in those sites and magazines (giving all games fair judgment)... funny thing was: they weren't asked to review ZombiU. They told the person who obviously hates Nintendo.



Skotski commented on Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn't In...:

@Adam Normally I'd agree, but you mentioned Little Big Planet in comparison to NSMBU for online... LBP was slower, had far less player-impact physics (though they had lots of grabbing), and the physics of the platforming wasn't exactly friendly for quick runs. I've tried making Mario Bros. platforming-style stages in LBP. Played with people online. Either I slowed it down to fit it to the point where it was too slow and stale for everyone, or I sped it up too fast that everyone kept dying and didn't want to play the stage anymore - and when I finally got the right speed? It was "eh". LBP has a different platforming style from Mario Bros., the differences may be minute, but it really does have a huge impact on how fun is had.
You can go fast in LBP, you can have tons of hazards, and lots of pitfalls, but unless it catered specifically to the physics of LBP, it simply wasn't fun at all.
And if one player had a crappy online connection, they were just kicked out of any fun (You could say that's true for all games, but some games actually are still very playable even with bad-signal players. MGO, for instance, could handle bad signals - as long as the person wasn't from a different country).

That said, I'm sure they could make online work for NSMB games in the future - but LBP doesn't prove it can work.

...I don't want Nintendo Land to have online though. It's fine comparing scores online... but playing with trolls or those with terrible connection is not fun at all.
Yes, we can just stick with friends - but I hate how much that encourages playing in an absolute bubble — aka: "NEVER PLAY WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FRIENDS LIST EVER FOR ANY GAME". Some games are awesome with random people, and the instant you encourage people to just stick with friends, the instant the random matchmaker games become filled with only pissed-off players and trolls... which makes them unbearable to walk into.

Thing is about Nintendo Land? Voice chat would be required to make the games almost as fun online as having the person next to you. And voice chat does not do well in random communities. . . . and that also encourages the international players to stick with their own nation rather than interacting with one another.
I think Nintendo Land is perfect for what it is. Future games can have online. That is fine how it is. Yes, it sucks to not be able to play the attractions with friends if you don't have anyone living with you or near you — so then the game's not fully catered to you and another game in the future will. But what it does cater to are those who have become obsessed with long-distance close-distance relationships... the ones who DO live near one another, yet for some reason only play online and call and text. And there's a large number of these people. Far more than you'd guess. A game like Nintendo Land discourages this behavior and forces people to be dragged out into the living room again.



Skotski commented on Wii U Is The "Greenest" HD Console:

@Molotov Goodness are you ever happy? Not saying you have no point, but it almost looks like you're a troll. Almost. Pretty close.
It's as if, unless a nintendo console or handheld is as powerful as a PC and as popular to 3rd parties as the 360 and as cheap as the original Wii, it can never be good.
What exactly are you looking for in this site? News to hate or are you honestly hoping for something that desperately that you wade through all this sub-par news you see here?


Back on topic: That's coo.
Glad I'm not taking too much energy from every place I plug my Wii U into (I take it with me out of the house - it's rather convenient for a home console).



Skotski commented on Feature: Our Staff's Thoughts on Wii U - Part Two:

If there's any complaint I have for the Wii U, it's that they support Wii Remotes.

Wii Remote Pluses are so much better.
How is that a valid complaint? Try playing Metroid Blast all day then playing as the Survivor in King of the Zombies in ZombiU --- the normal Wii Remote's sensor feels so limiting........ :c



Skotski commented on Wii U Launches In Japan To Great Fanfare:

I just always assume that Japan got it last because Nintendo had a feeling the consoles had some problems, so they made everyone else beta test it for them. XD;

^_^ Anyone else seeing the tons of posts non-Japanese players are putting on the Monster Hunter Miiverse Community? Quite a number of them - almost rivals the amount of the people that actually own the game.