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Sun 19th Jun 2011

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C-195 commented on Review: Babel Rising (WiiWare):

Yet another poorly executed Wii ware game. Blasphemous and attention seeking.

I'm still waiting for a game that does angels justice.



C-195 commented on You Can Transfer Wii VC Games to Wii U:

@oldgamesonly: In a good way or a bad way? The best aim for the service would to allow newcomers to experience the classics while refining the content just enough so it doesn't feel stale to the vets. By refined I mean rendering the game in HD resolutions, remastering the sound and improving the controls if need be; not a full HD remake, that would just ruin it.



C-195 commented on E3 2012: Mass Effect 3 Lands On Wii U:

Boarding the Normandy? No. Blasting it out of the sky? Yes!

Sorry, Mass Effect is one of the many RPGs I can stand and magic isn't even involved for once.



C-195 commented on You Can Transfer Wii VC Games to Wii U:

Horray for Aussies!

Now that's out of the way, I am so glad that all my money hasn't gone to waste buying those few VC titles. Hopefully the Wii U will have an improved VC service i.e. More games, correct displays, remastered sound and controls, etc.



C-195 commented on E3 2012: Wii U Tech Specs Revealed:

These tech specs aren't precise enough for me.
How powerful each component is down to the very last detail is the only thing that would satisfy me and I'm not surprised the battery life for the controller is so poor, lithium ion cells are outdated technology, they will lose charge even when there is no current draw. Maybe I can rig my controller to use a Lithium Polymer battery, providing I can do it safely and without voiding the warranty.



C-195 commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I think It was mostly due to a lack of interest and other games coming out around the same time. Most people who own a wii aren't even slightly interested in SS and the ones who would be were probably turned off by something like the graphics.
COD 1.753, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim were released around the same time, so that probably put a dent in the numbers as well.



C-195 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Motion Revolution:

I think for the most part, Nintendo has done well with the wii, apart from the lack of 'Hardcore' games, I just hope they can combine traditional, motion, IR, and touch controls with superior graphic to create something fantastic.



C-195 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct - Nintendo Joins the...:

I think Nintendo has got the right idea to strike while the iron's hot and lay as much pressure on the Vita as possible, they just need to focus more on the western market with their videos and announcements.