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Wed 10th Jun 2009

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TanookiMike commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

Well, I wouldn't say this is entirely wrong. Similar studies have found similar results since the 80s. Heroin could be a real overstatement, but nonetheless, cutting back on gaming would only be healthy for me, considering how I have felt its addictive effects.



TanookiMike commented on Developers: No Nostalgia Allowed in Creating C...:

This is really interesting! I was wondering why the game had such a heavy early-mid 1900s theme rather than the usual fantasy-with-medival-elements theme of the Mario series. It almost seemed odd, as there were multiple easy opportunities to link it back to the other games (i.e. using Piranha Plants in the overgrown tower world or 1-Up Mushrooms in place of the golden dog bones). I'm glad I know why now. They did a nice job of creating their own sub series that doesn't feel too burdened by anything else.



TanookiMike commented on Feature: The Making Of Star Fox Adventures:

Really makes you think before you speak poorly of someone else's hard work.

It's too bad we'll never get to play Dinosaur Planet as it was originally intended. I'm sure it would have been another RareWare hit.