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Male, 18, Canada

My real name is Levi. I've been playing Nintendo games before I could even remember much and been an active user on NL for a while now. In my time here I've made one of the hottest threads, and also even came up with the idea for the Nintendolife Chat! If you wanna contact me, PM me on my BL!

Sat 8th Aug 2009

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Link977 commented on Feature: Games We'd Love to See at E3:

Holy... I am listening to Choke right now as I read the new 1080 game you guys wanted. I have to 100% agree. We need good music in it though Maybe Nintendo could contact Jesse and see if he'd be willing to put Choke in again, because truly, that's the game's theme song if you ask me. Oh lord... you got me thinking if they really will!!!

Ricky Winterboard... omfg. Now my hopes are all up!!



Link977 commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

If VC games weren't allowed, I dont see why the Re-makes were, at least the ones that didn't feature anything new, kinda like OoT, basically VC but they upgraded it, still a good game, but don't think it was fair to include.



Link977 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Motion Revolution:

Games like DCKR were wrecked in a way because of motion controls, for DKCR, I wouldve preferred the classic controller as at least a separate option, I know the motion control is alright, but after a while, it gets slightly annoying.



Link977 commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

I personally own the other 2 copies for my DS and still plan on buying the game, I enjoy it, I could honestly say the only events in the demo I didnt enjoy were BMX and soccer, (Mainly because it was my first time, so I was a bit confused) and I mean, your nit-picky about not moving during tennis? I mean, come one! Wii Sports got a good score and you couldn't move in tennis, and with soccer, its practically like the basketball in WS Resort, you just shoot. And how sonic can't complete the 100m run in 2 seconds or whatever? Its a GAME for crying out loud, and he wasnt able to in the first one either. Story mode on another note, doesnt really need a fufilling story that leaves a warm place in your heart like Skyward Sword for example, its a game about the olympics... what we're you expecting?! Just boggles my mind what got docked down in this review.



Link977 commented on Get Into this Rhythm Heaven Fever Teaser Trailer:

This is an instant buy for me, I remember buying the DS one and just expecting a regular game, but I was wrong, I played that game for hours! Got 100% as well on it!

Now if only the GBA version would come to the 3DS Virtual Console!
c'mon nintendo, release those GBA games already!



Link977 commented on Feature: Staff Memories of Nintendo at Christmas:

This isn't my favourite memory, but when I was younger, my brother was obsessed with Pokemon (though he still is, at 18, not as much though). Anyways, I saw this on a Family Video, but he unwrapped his gift and he shouted "Pokemon! My Favourite Favourite!" I was beside him, also being a fan, I saw they we're stickers and said "they're stickers..." He had such a disappointed look on his face after, my whole family haves fun teasing him with this memory.



Link977 commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

We all obviously know that the House M.D. DSiWare games deserve the Overall award, Didn't you guys cry at the end? Beautiful Games.