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Female, United Kingdom

I'm an American, living in England. My 3DS is always by my side. Currently playing Animal Crossing and a few various puzzle games.

Sun 13th Jul 2008

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Victoria commented on Video: This Disney Magical World Trailer Shows...:

I don't know why I still watch videos and get interested in a game before checking if it's available in the EU. No date here means it'll probably be a very long time before we see it. And by then everyone in NA will have moved on to something else.



Victoria commented on Petit Computer:

It's taken over a year for this to come out in the EU after it came out in NA. Shesh!! I don't even remember which friends of mine were using it, it's been that long since anyone has talked about it.



Victoria commented on Watch Family Gamer TV Play Animal Crossing, Wi...:

That console is growing on me. The game is great .. wouldn't mind showing off a limited edition 3DS to go with it. And I'm sure I could find a good home for my cartridge New Leaf (I have a friends who is interested, but doesn't want to buy it just yet.)



Victoria commented on Review: Crazy Construction (3DS eShop):

This looks like it might be fun. Just wish I would have seen that it's not scheduled for an EU release before I read the review. (I always get my hopes up for games like this, and then they never make it to my region.)



Victoria commented on LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey Begins ...:

I love the Lego games, but dang! I'm so behind on them. Lego Batman 2 last Summer, Lego Lord of the Rings at Christmas, and I'm currently working on Lego City Undercover. All these games are HUGE. There's just not enough hours in the day.



Victoria commented on UK Retailer HMV Set To Go Into Administration:

I've been living in England for nearly 11 years, and I have only ever bought 1 CD there and that is because I was near one on the day the CD was released. The shops just are over priced and unpleasant to shop in. Whenever I go in one, I wonder around for a bit, take a look at the video games, and walk back out empty handed. (And I used to spend HOURS shopping for music and video games.) HMV just never stores never made me want to stay and look around for a great bargin or rare find.
I am very saddened for all the job loss, especially since there has been so much of it in my area lately. But I won't miss the shop itself.



Victoria commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

Wow! Impressive!! I didn't read the whole review because I'm waiting to discover it for myself. But I'm happy that you guys gave it a 9/10 stars. I'm really looking forward to it now.



Victoria commented on Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Confirmed for ...:

I'm getting kind of bummed out by all the spoilers of the game yet we still have no release date. I've had to stop watching the videos or looking at screen shots or else there will be nothing new to discover in the game at all.



Victoria commented on Two Tribes Has 'Something Big' Coming to Nintendo:

I just love seeing that Toki Tori bird. To me he is the cutest gaming character. Long after I finished playing Toki Tori I still have him on my Wii's main screen just because he's so cute! He always makes me smile.



Victoria commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

I would have loved this back in the mid-80s when I got into computing and programming. I used to spend days trying to do the simplist of drawings, and writing apps to do tasks for me. There was no-one to share my work with because I didn't know anyone else who had a computer. But I don't know if I'd have the time to do it now. I would really love to see what you guys could do though. And since software can be shared with QR codes, if this comes to the UK I might just get it to see what my friends have done with it.



Victoria commented on Europe's Club Nintendo Gets Real-Life Mario Ka...:

They haven't had anything good in EU's Club Nintendo in a very long time. Those people complaining that we're getting something here that you're not getting in your region should stop and take a look at the junk available in EU.
My friends in NA are always going on about the great things they picked up with their points. Yet my Nintnedo points are piling up because there's nothing worth getting with them. For a long time the only thing I ever picked up were Wii Point cards.
In NA you guys talk about different levels of rewards, but they don't even do that here. So it's nice that we're finally offered something decent.



Victoria commented on 3DS XL UK Prices Will be Decided by Retailers:

That'll put them in competition. Before the 3DS came out the prices kept dropping from store to store. I changed my mind 3 times about where I was going to buy mine. So that'll be good news for us. We can just keep watching to see how it goes.



Victoria commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

In that case I'd rather buy the retail version as I'm keeping the shop open and keeping someone employed. And when I finish a game and find I will never play it again, I can sell it on (or even GIVE it away) so someone else can enjoy it.