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Wed 28th Oct 2009

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dcoughler commented on Nintendo 3DS Image Share Now Available To Use ...:

I post them to my Twitter account so I can access them without mucking about with my SD card, then put them onto Facebook for our local StreetPass group. You can post them right to Facebook, but you can't control what album they are put in, and you have to go in and approve the image.



dcoughler commented on Feature: How 3DS Brings a New Dimension to the...:

One simple task I miss on the 3DS from the DSi is the ability to post photos from the device directly to Facebook. While posting 3D photos (and now videos) would not work, if they can be flattened when you turn the 3D function off, then they can be flattened prior to sending to Facebook.



dcoughler commented on NES Ambassador Games for North America Availab...:

Yes, the posted Step 3 is wrong. Go to Downloads instead.

Got all mine plus the Ambassador download (I'm in Ontario, Canada(GMT-5)). I played a bit of Zelda, and agree with pizzacore, the controls are a little "off". The analog stick is smoother than the DPad, but I found it easy to "over-steer". I'll play more this weekend and maybe it will be better.

The games are 33 - 35 blocks each and go directly to your SD card. The Ambassador certificate is 147 blocks. If your download fails, just close the eShop and try again.



dcoughler commented on Review: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlord...:

It is an evil, EVIL game, that is costing me much sleep! Way too addictive! I wonder if 1st Playable will hire me as a software tester once I get fired from my current testing job for falling asleep at my desk after too many late nights playing "just one more battle"....



dcoughler commented on Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS):

I purchased it after reading the review, and I have zero regrets, other than I didn't buy it sooner! Unfortunately, I've got a lot of DS games on my plate right now (Zelda:PHG and Zelda:ST, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64 DS), plus Pokemon SS/HG comes out on Sunday! Between work and a 4-month old, game time is scarce!



dcoughler commented on Legends of Exidia:

Yep - it is "Might and Magic II" for the DSi.
"Legends of Exidia":
The peace of Exidia is being threatened. An army of demos, the Morgost, has risen again and they have invaded Olinor, the kingdom of the princess Sofia, guardian of the power of Spell.

The Morgost have already captured the Orb of Spell and Sofia suspects they are looking for the Orb of Sword. Their intention is the darkest one possible: the resurrection of the almighty Daraka.

The final hope for the world is to prevent the Morgost army from reaching the Orb of Sword, hidden in Minasdril. Read More »

Louis, listening only to his heart, decides to leave his villiage to help Sofia drive back this threat. But the path to victory will be long, and his mission will lead him across all of the lands of Exidia, infested by innumerable forms of evil.

From quest to quest and with every passing encounter, he'll get closer to discovering the source of this demonic plague.

"Might and Magic II":
You play the fearless warrior Louis. The peace of your world is threatened once again. An army of demons has already invaded the kingdom of the beautiful princess Sophia. Listening only to your courage, you decide to leave your village to drive back this threat. But the path to victory will be long, and your mission will lead you into all of the regions of Erathia, infested by various forms of evil - orcs, ghosts, dragons, and more. From quest to quest and with every passing encounter, you’ll get closer to discovering the source of the plague. And who knows? Maybe you’ll conquer it for good.



dcoughler commented on Legends of Exidia:

This looks like Gameloft revamping their "Might and Magic II" title that they released for cellphones. The 6th and 7th screenshots look like they were taken right out of the game. Not that it is a bad thing - I'd rather play "Legends of Exidia" on my DSi than "Might and Magic II" on my Nokia N95. The controls should be a lot easier (I tend to accidentally leave the game when playing on my N95).