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wanderlustwarrior commented on Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii:

I had the madworld soundtrack from around when I got the game, but I specifically held off on listening to Soul until after I'd finished it and heard it during the credits. I'm glad I did, it made it more special to me.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii:

Back for another rare post.

Ain't That Funny was one of my least favorite songs on the MadWorld soundtrack. I say that because that game had a great soundtrack, especially everything by Ox, or You Don't Know Me by Bandy Leggz.

Both No More Heroes games were great. And now that I say it, those of you who have played the first are thinking of "HEAVENLY STAR". "We Are Finally Cowboys" and its [Golden Brown Remix] were great and had awesome titles. Agreed with Superconsole on "Pleather for Breakfast", though "Philistine" kind of gets old. Both Madworld and No More Heroes are filled with great workout music, too.

Sonic Colors of course was great. Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, the boss themes, I could go on, but outstanding music is nothing new in a sonic game.

Muramasa, of course, was fantastic. From action sounds like the theme for Ippon-Datara/Sayo, to relaxing stuff like the Road to Heaven.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom dropped the character themes when it came to the US, but still had some fun stage themes. And then there was the surprisingly apt game theme, "Fly Across the Border". I just wish we got the hilarious lyriced version of the training stage.

Kurtas was right, the Art Style games were great and relaxing.

I could go on, but I mentioned the first that came to mind already.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Tekken Boss Harada Inspired by Super Smash Bros.:

When I read that caption, I thought he wanted people to hate him for introducing tripping into a game. SAKURAIII!!!

Does Namco just hate stories in fighting games now? The minimal, illogical story in Soul Calibur V was one of the reasons I decided not to try it.

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Rumour: Wii U and 3DS to Get E-Reader Capabili...:

Sounds very good to me, especially the VC guides and unified service.

What do we know about the console's ability to multitask? And how far away would a reader (the controller in general, really) work from the console?

Also, if anyone at NLife has used the demo, would it feel comfortable this way?



wanderlustwarrior commented on Super Street Fighter II with Online Coming Wes...:

Really? Huh.

I figured there would probably be another virtual console release before the Wii U launched (not the greatest inspiration of confidence though), but I didn't even know the Wii could have added online for that.

Do the online VC games actually work well?



wanderlustwarrior commented on Iwata Unsure if Nintendo Will Sell Wii U At a ...:

What I think will make it a success:
Releasing it when it's actually ''finished'', not half-assing the online framework or support, not skipping out on a dvd player, actually including a tried and true method as an option (an actual headset as opposed to Wii Speak, as an example), not half-assing player choice (more skin color options for Miis, like maybe an actual gradient? I certainly don't think all us black people have the same skin color), etc. etc...

What I think will placate enough people at launch for sales to be statistically considered a success:
A mario game or two.

That said, at first glance, the reveal did inspire confidence in me that they would actually be releasing a finished product. Then I thought about it. And noticed the reveal itself was rushed. And they still hadn't learned when they launched the 3DS what "ready" means. So all things considered, by my standards, it could go either way...



wanderlustwarrior commented on Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles:

When was the last time Nintendo (or anyone, really) launched a system launched a system without major firmware/software revisions to functionality after the fact?

More specifically, when was the last time Nintendo launched a service and actually ''supported it'' on their own product at launch.

It can't have been a complete surprise to all of their development teams that the console would eventually take DLC, nor would it have been too much of a leap to think that if it took it next year, they might know about it. Christmas stages in Kart, bug fixes (I haven't played any nintendo 3ds games, so I don't know if they need it), etc. It's a really bothersome mentality, that I think I'm noticing as a trend, of "we'll get it eventually".



wanderlustwarrior commented on GunLord Offers Conclusive Proof That You Can't...:

I can understand someone doing this for the art, but I'm a bit surprised that there's a mechanism in place for them to turn a profit on this. I didn't know you could even buy games for those consoles.

If there's somewhere selling Beast Wars toys still, let me know. Ah, the 90s.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Feature: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse:

@Warioswoods, @Thomas: Man, that would've been great to include in the article.

Also, work to improve your flexibility and reaction times. The apocalypse tends to come with fast prompts for you to do one random action or another. And remember, however much you'd like, you will not have time to smoke a bowl.

@Jay: just don't get a face dance.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Regularly Offer...:

There's been a free game for a week?
I check this site and Kotaku regularly, and I didn't hear anything about this until just now. Way to make me care, Nintendo.

More to the point, yes, Nintendo should offer more deals, sales, free stuff, demos, match prices for cross-platform releases, enable more updates, etc. etc. I just doubt they will.

Even more to the point, Dog Diagram is full of win. I expect more of them, Mr. Kaplan.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Feature: A Peek Behind the BIT.TRIP Curtain:

"Ultra = f*ck yes": you gotta love it when a developer can get that into their own concepts.

The term "beatstiary" is AWESOME.

I'm going to recommend that my psych teachers play or at least watch that video at the end. And I can't be the only one who got a vibe of "abusive father" from it, can I?



wanderlustwarrior commented on Survey - 58% of Indie Devs Say Nintendo Diffic...:

@LegendofPasta: The install base of computers is obviously a bit bigger, so it's easier to sell games by volume.

The deals make up for themselves, as well. Recently, they had a SEGA sale, where some stuff was over 90% off after bundles. I for one didn't know Shining Force was on the service, let alone did I plan to spend money on it (again). But they had a bundle of 10 genesis games for $1.76, including Shining Force 1, as well as II and another game I'd try. It didn't cost them anything, but I spent money on the bundle, and looked through their list of games to see what else I can wait for a sale on.

There's also the fact that they're willing to try new things, and/or be user friendly, and not keep their heads up their . Having a wishlist is fantastic, game info built into the service is great, I love getting achievements, etc. It only costs an ounce of creativity, but unlike Nintendo (for example, there's no reason the Nintendo Channel couldn't have been rolled into the Wii Shop years ago), they're willing to spend some time as well implementing it.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Extend 3DS Battery Life with CTA's Deluxe Powe...:

I wasn't going to watch the video until I read comment @6. I'm glad I did, for a couple reasons.

She is quite pretty, and did make the device seem useful.
The device is actually useful. They even included a couple extra features (USB charging and a container for a spare game) to be more user friendly.

Unfortunately, even if I had a 3DS, I still wouldn't get it, because that thing looks huge. More so than a lithium ion battery attachment should be. Extra plastic, I guess.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

Back in the first year of this site, I'd try to see the logic behind some of the things nintendo did. I'd thought/hoped that the slow rate of N64 releases was to ensure the virtual console had longevity until the next console, and to keep it compelling.

But some of the things they do on the online front (minimal online multiplayer support, not updating the design of the Wii Shop, no sales, no normal headset), and now this have made me come to this understanding:
Whoever is running their online strategy is either really really stubborn, or really really stupid.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

Oh, something I just noticed. The game doesn't say it anywhere, but when you're watching a video:

Press A to pause.
Press + to zoom in or zoom out slightly.
Press B to end the video.

I also think that since the first video for each game is unlocked by beating each you might get the cutscenes by beating the game. I'll post it ...somewhere... once I've beaten Flux again.

You have to manually refresh the leaderboards for each level you want to check.

FLUX has new messages in the background for challenges. The first is "Guardian Angle". Yes, Angle.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP SAGA (3DS):

Someone may have asked the following, but I didn't notice:

When I play runner for a while on Wii, I get so focused that when I step away from the game, everything in my field of vision seems to scroll/move to the right for a second to catch up. Does anyone else get that? And then the relevant question, if someone else gets that, does that seem any different when playing in 3D?

I don't really have any plans to get this version, but I'd like to know the answer regardless. I was just playing RUNNER in complete and it happened, and now I'm curious.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

@Corbert: Thank you.

@Toxie: Short answer, yes. Medium answer, probably, but like with the regular games we might not appreciate the value until we've played into them more.

Longest answer:

It is a bit bothersome to have to beat some of the games again, since there were some levels that gave me fits (RUNNER 1-11) the first time and some games I still haven't gotten close to finishing yet (FATE, VOID, CORE). You can change the difficulty up or down from the normal any time you're at the main menu for BEAT at least, so some might be easier. Since we've both still got the WiiWare version, we could always play them if we want to play a level we haven't unlocked in COMPLETE yet. Saves do not transfer over. But, at this point, I think others will agree with me that it's the thrill of playing through it again, which is a bit of a gift.

-The soundtrack CD is one mix for each of the 18(21) levels in the collection.
-The Letters, granted for beating the first segment in a game, are them explaining the meaning behind each level, which is for the most part what we thought it was, but is different in some places. It also explains why they chose the mechanics they did.
-The only videos I've unlocked so far (seems to be for beating bosses), have been trailers. Of course, I haven't had much time to play and have thus only beaten two bosses to get videos. There are twice as many videos as there are games, so it's unlikely to be all trailers.

Just as I'd thought. At least in Beat, play into the third level (get a high score) to view the game's cutscenes.

-Beating the second boss in a game unlocks one piece of art for it, and that piece is concept art. Another piece of concept art is unlocked at every 10 challenges beaten.
-I don't have any of the audio yet, but I'm looking forward to getting them.

One thing that does bother me is that they don't tell you the criteria for obtaining an unlock, and when you do unlock something, they don't tell you what it was until you find it. Also, the "press 2 to see unlocks" message at the main menu fades in and out. It's a bit unwieldy, and you have to guess at how to get some.

The challenges are hard. Of course. For the ones I've played (two in Beat and one in Runner) you have to perfect it (collect everything) to pass it. Beating the earlier challenges unlocks later ones. The ones I've seen are all new to me, but I wouldn't know if the BEAT ones were the same as for the iOS. The music still gives subtle hints at what and when you're supposed to do.

However, the package is indeed worth it if you have both the money and interest in it.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

@Corbs: So. This review is on the box. It's even in the instruction booklet! First time I've noticed that happen. Kudos.
Just curious, when was this written? I'm curious about the time frame for writing reviews and finalizing packaging.

For anyone who hasn't gotten it yet, gamestop seems to have received 0-2 copies per store in my area. (Not that I'd recommend shopping at gamestop, but I had store credit)



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

@Link: No one knew at the beginning. I didn't, and I'm buying it twice. They didn't, because they didn't know how successful it would be.

We're still getting 3 difficulty levels, 120 challenges, online leaderboards and tons of extras specifically for people like us who've liked it from the beginning.

That picture of Flux seems odd. Should there be all that extra space on the left side of the screen, left of the text?



wanderlustwarrior commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

So it's actually in stores now?

I'm actually surprised it didn't get a 10 out of 10. What held it back? It seems to be technically flawless and a complete package. That is, unless "the bonuses could be too hard to get" was the detractor.

We've known about the easy, normal (regular) and hard modes for months now.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

My first, and only, concern on emulation is GBA support. If only there was a way to copy save files from the games I have.

So. Get me GBA support so I can play Gunstar Superheroes, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, Sonic Battle, Sonic Advance 1 & 3, etc. (I already have all but the first two, but my GBA doesn't work anymore), and I will likely get a 3DS.

I have other concerns before the device is appealing to me (a second stick would be nice, but more importantly no region locking, and an online strategy that actually knows what it's doing), but GBA support is the only one on topic.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Kirby Delivers Ice Cold Snacks to US Cities:

I'm actually quite surprised to see something in Houston. Showing that NoA can do something interesting and hopefully successful this year.

That said:
Near the Nintendo World store and near a thematically named city make sense. But when it said San Francisco, my mind just jumped to pink.



wanderlustwarrior commented on BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and SAGA Trailer is Hard to ...:

Bad puns have always been at the CORE of this site.

Special props to posts 12 and 22

Man, I loved the old logo, in all its racism-subverting humor It couldn't be BEAT. You can barely read this one. but I guess they had to make the TRANSITION. Because of that humor, it could have also been seen as a DESCENT into mocking, in addition to a GROWTH of overcoming racism.

At its CORE, it represented a DISCOVERY that when one has EXPLORATION of cultures, it's not just insider/outsider mentality. Thinking about or differences is a dividing thing, something that needs CONTROL.

And as all dividers, it's really a mental VOID to be overcome. Racial thinking is a savage ID, that is if you're a Freudian. Us being adults, most of us should be thinking with our EGO, appreciating the humor for all its political incorrectness. Maybe Gaijin's at that seldom reached SUPEREGO domination, looking at everything and declaring "this is wrong".

But it's their logo, and we already had it as a long RUNNER enough to last the entire first run of the series. It's their IMPETUS to change their identifier, and despite the TENACITY of our views on the matter, they're of course going to TRIUMPH.

Lots of companies change their logos. It's FATE, really. Some like Sega stick with a thoroughly 80s design, and with PATIENCE it becomes iconic. Still, others may face FRUSTRATION with a dated style. And that's even without a word that at times could incite ANGER to some.

But then again, I don't even know if that's how people react to that word nowadays. I guess words' meanings really are in FLUX. That EPIPHANY was really just my own PERCEPTION, others can make their own opinions.

But, I should stop talking about it. At least, until I play it again and reach my CATHARSIS of the time between getting the last of the sextet at launch and getting this at launch, I'm stuck in OUR REALITY. Man, I can be long winded at times. For now, this SAGA of a statement is COMPLETE.



wanderlustwarrior commented on Feature: BIT.TRIP SAGA vs. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE:

Because that wouldn't look good, and it's also intentional. The backgrounds are meant to be distracting, it's part of the difficulty.

Unless you don't plan on buying from Gamestop, why would it not be worth the pre-order for a game you're going to get?

Also, just edit your older posts; no need to triple post.