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Sun 12th Jun 2011

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Cengoku commented on 50 Pinch Barrage!! Offers Many Ways To Die, An...:

Hey hey guys. I own the jap version of the game. Buy this game (not for casuals) if you want hard challenges. Don't look at the graphics. The ambiance, sounds,platform gameplay mechanics are so well done.
I repeat, this game is not for casual gamers at all.
PS: I finished it. Just one save available And you are not able to choose your stage but who cares.. There will be 4 3ds themes for this game.



Cengoku commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

Wii u hardware can be low but the software ratio will be big. Tecmo was excepting to sell 500k of hyrule warriors and it will easily surpass the million in 2-3 months. I am curious about how much $/€ win Nintendo by selling an amiibo which is 13€ on stores.



Cengoku commented on Review: Jump Trials Supreme (3DS eShop):

those G-Style games on 3ds eshop are fantastic. I bought the five of them (alien on the run, crazy construction, extreme run, zombie bowling and chain blaster) and the quality is there !



Cengoku commented on Talking Point: What We Expect From Nintendo at...:

I'm sure DS emulator on wii u will be presented and will be available in less than 1 month.
A new Zelda on Wii U will be presented. A lots of fans are waiting for a new Metroid or Star Fox, except one of those 2 licenses shown.



Cengoku commented on Feature: Lifting the Curtain on Game Ratings a...:

Do as my brother and me did. We're living in Europe and we don't buy anymore consoles and games from here. My brother has the US versions of Wii u and 3ds. I own the jap version of those. I don't care anymore about going to stores here



Cengoku commented on Dedicated Video Game Platforms To Remain Ninte...:

Third parties won million of dollars with their ds and Wii games and now, I can't accept what they are doing now at Wii u. I was hoping to buy Rayman but the way ubisoft did with this game made me not buy it. And look at the crop easports.



Cengoku commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

Iwata Seppuku Mode?

I like Iwata but there are tons of intelligent guys in Japan who can do way better than him (same for Reggie and Europe divisions).

I'm a hardcore Ninty gamer since 85 and some of you might find it stupid but I still dind't buy the wii u. I would like it but something in me says "don't buy it".
I always but the ninty consoles on first weeks until now.

Some points of the wii u that exasperate me:

  • Reggie announced that you can play with 2 mablets.
  • announcements of 8 and 32 gb in a console at a time when there were 500 gb PS3 bundles. Too easy to say, go buy a harddisk. Sorry but i prefer to have a big harddisk integrated on a console. Sorry but we aren't more in 2006.
  • E3: announcement of the miiverse app for phones but now, we just have a simple website besides that.
  • Skype-like announcement on wii u (E3 again) where is it?
  • Again and again, why they can not drop all the VC games at once. We have to wait 1 every two weeks. Same problem as wii and 3ds..
  • Mablet, its poor quality and Keine double touch??
  • the most important for me is downloaded games linked to the console and not an account system !


Cengoku commented on Latest Figures Show The Video Game Market Is C...:

There's no question about it. I sold my european 3ds to buy a japanese 3ds xl! Nintendo doesn't care about us in Europe. So I bought the japanese console. I'm playing Animal Crossing (250 hours gameplay until now). Nintendo should make some efforts about the localisation of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for the end of the year.
Level 5 releases a lot of games in Japan but just Layton 5 (which was released the 3ds release day there in Japan). Level 5 is lazy. The same for Rune Factory 4. There are a lot of examples of why you need to buy a japanese 3ds instead an european one. You need to look at all these eshop and VC released games. The 6 Megaman games are already released since 2 months. They have SMB3. Capcom should first release Extroopers in America and Europe instead in Japan. So, if they continue like this, they'll never have again the success of the DS.



Cengoku commented on Nintendo of Europe's Satoru Shibata Gives a Ch...:

I have to ask something to Nintendo Europe : why a lot of games didn't Release here? Millions öf european People bought ds and wii.. Why Just a little GAME such as picross e took 1.5 year to be Released? İt's why i bought à japanese 3ds !



Cengoku commented on Nintendo Download Sales Increase With 3DS:

I expected more sales. 3_4 years ago, I bought 3 dsiware games and 5 years 3 wiiware but I said m'y self 'what' s with this crappy browsing system and lack Of memory? Yok can't play games that you copy on your sd card'.. But now eshop has changed everything. I love browsing therefore. There's Just one problem left for me: ehat the Hell we can still not play dsiware games directly from the sd card? I knowttherefore was à previous problem with dsiware hack but Just because Of that, I dont buy dsiware games besides I am interested on some and sorry, copy games onto the sd card, I dont like it. Please resolve this on your next firmware update Ninty



Cengoku commented on Nintendo Cuts Profit Projections After Half-Ye...:

Personally (besides mk7), i don't care anymore the mario games. they're all the same. A new game comes, they do just a minor update of the previous mario game.
Where are: Fire Emblem, DQ games, Layton went on first day of the 3ds jap release, Beyond the labyrinth, Inazuma Eleven, Rune factory 4, Etrian Odyssey 4, The Layton vs PW will be released on 2014-2015 here in Europe. Calciobit, Gundam game? One Piece?
Here in the west for Nintendo, we are nothing but garbage which can give a little more money.
The Q2/2013 release of Fire Emblem is a scandale for me.
Why Animal Crossing doesn't have a worldwide release? Always the japanese the first... And Luigi Mansion 2, after 3 years of wait, I don't care anymore of this game. 2012 was a crappy 3ds year.



Cengoku commented on Review: The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (3DS ...:

I went to the faq of the denpaman website and i read this:
There are no voices in the English version.
The Japanese voices have been replaced with sound effects.

I hate to say this but I don't buy this game just because of that. They could do an option about the japanese voices.



Cengoku commented on 5 in 1 Solitaire:

A comment after 2 years lol: My wife and I love this game. We're often playing it (almost 40 hours gameplay for only 2 euros)