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United Kingdom

Wed 15th Apr 2009

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Machu commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

The whole thing stinks in my opinion. The original price tag, thin launch line-up, regional pricing differences, marketing, and the dramatic price cut which is a kick in the balls to those who were loyal.

Me a massive Nintendoid but they pissed me off with the 3DS.

Rushing the 3DS launch, rushing the Wii U announcement. This isn't the Nintendo I know and they need to stop, and chill.



Machu commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

This is lots of fun, lots more than that 6 suggests. Add to that the Motion+ which will get used throughout the next generation and I think it's a really good deal. Skimming alone makes this an 8 for me. /addicted



Machu commented on Steel Diver Sinks Without Trace at UK Retail:

As ever with Nintendo, if people don't know it exists, then they aren't about to buy it.

As for me, I do want this (so I can dust off the 3DS), but I'm not willing to pay full price for a short game when there are great PSP titles to buy at half the price. Tis wrong I tells ya. :/