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Mon 6th Jun 2011

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golephish commented on Review: Project X Zone (3DS):

I mean I saw him in chapter 20, but never got to play as him yet. dense? ha. I always forget most of you are across the pond! thanks for the reply though!



golephish commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

// good story - I agree - I wish the games were account bound. the only reason im in the eshop at all this week is the $30.00 credit for the 2 games promotion. but the only game I could find was NSMB2 and it was 39. so some VC games for me.



golephish commented on Weirdness: Own The Manual To ClayFighter Sculp...:

that is so silly. there is NO WAY that is going for 1 grand. I did have to look and it looks like the bids are just inflated by the same user 3 times. Anyway I guess is you can make 1000 off manuals, I'm doing it wrong. off topic, but can we get marble madness and clay fighter to 3ds?



golephish commented on Tales of the Abyss:

about halfway through this. love it. with 3d or without - it was hard to find - I had to order from namco, but worth it!



golephish commented on Review: Heroes of Ruin (3DS):

just about to try the demo. I am excited at the promise of rpgs and the 3ds... hopefully it will be as fun! — currently finishing tales from the abyss...



golephish commented on Feature: A Visual Guide to Nintendo's Handheld...:

I got a gameboy for christmas when I was 8. I didn't share it with my sister, as I had to get to level 99 in tetris. my mom was mad and smashed it with a hammer. For my 28th birthday I got myself a 3ds. now I really want a 3dsxl...