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Thu 21st Apr 2011

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gabrielwoj commented on UK's Best-Selling Games of 2011 Revealed:

Much people today only enjoys "FPS"... See the list, most of the games are FPS.
People, FPS have a lot here, there are no mystery the game, just shoot in the players and people. Maybe some of the list are puzzles, some



gabrielwoj commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

Not sure, but it stays in the same place and appears a message about it was send.
But I can still vote, is something there have been received?



gabrielwoj commented on How to Avoid Skyward Sword's Game-Ending Glitch:

The situation is equal to Zelda Twilight Princess. Both Cannon and Bridge of Eldin (when destroyed), if you save, you will be stucked:
Cannon: No idea why, the guy just dissapears.
Eldin: The respawn point after load the save is before the bridge, and if the bridge is destroyed, there is no way to advance



gabrielwoj commented on Feature: What About Pikmin 3?:

We haven't had a new Pikmin game since 2004, but we're under the...
I never had played 2D Metroid game since 2004...
Hey, 2 great games in the same year

I hope they can maybe return the time limit... Dang, what an awesome function. Keep the game challenging!



gabrielwoj commented on Brand New Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer:

I always liked the PC version... Always.
The story was great and the graphics were minimalistic!
But them, WiiWare version is a little broken and buggy, cause of the port.

But the 3DS one looks more well done, they are remaking all the stuff.
But, why not a sequel? It only releases remakes



gabrielwoj commented on Pandora's Tower:

Looks like epic. Looking for English release!
Also, the box art. It's a black label, like the Gamecube



gabrielwoj commented on Review: Kyotokei (WiiWare):

I tested the demo. I don't know why, but the systems are equal to Ikaruga. Even the last 2 images on the Demo end is the final boss of Ikaruga O_o

But it's kinda cool. I already have Ikaruga on GC, and you can play on Vertical configuring the Screen Position



gabrielwoj commented on Feature: The Future of Nintendo Gaming - 2D or...:

That happens with Metroid series. Man, I remember when I was younger, playing that great game, with mapping system and stuff...
So, where is the Metroid 2D? It have been passed already 7 years without some!

I think 2D really is good, 2D games are masterpieces



gabrielwoj commented on Pikmin 3:

I got Pikmin 2 today. Looks epic.
Pretty rare game, and I gotcha!