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Fri 27th Mar 2009

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Hardy83 commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

Mario Galaxy 1 &2
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Zelda Skyward sword

They should all get HD remakes and be sold for $40.
Also they should have optional regular control options, since the motion controls hurt some of the games CoughSkywardCough.



Hardy83 commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

Maybe people are just sick of Nintendo using Mario to sell systems when there's so many other IPs they can make games for.
The market is pretty saturated with Mario games. I mean the Wii U technically has 3 already, with no Zelda, Metroid, Icarus or any other IP you can think of in sight.



Hardy83 commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

Crappy sales, HORRIBLE purchasing system (tied to system not an account), confusing and/or unnecessarily complex UIs for both system, bad servers for multiplayer, games tied to a system, horrible exposure for non-Nintendo systems, horrible pricing for digital versions of retail games, poor communication on digital release dates, did I mention purchases tied to a system?

While things like MiiVerse is great, Nintendo is most definitely NOT doing digital "right", and personally, I think they are worse then MS and Sony.
Obviously all three suck compared to PCs digital offerings.



Hardy83 commented on Disney Magic Castle Stays On Top in Japan, As ...:

I bet you anything Japanese consumers, many who already own a 3DS, are picking the Vita over the Wii U.

Since the Vita price dropped in Japan, it's cheaper than a Wii U, and portable, which, clearly many Japanese like over consoles.
It's funny, but Nintendo must be flipping out. While one of their hands is taking in a ton of cash, the other is barely getting any.



Hardy83 commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

Eh. I may agree but R&D for new hardware takes time and costs money.
Nintendo painted themselves in a corner. They won't be able to whip out a new hardware anytime soon (though I'm sure they have rushed development for a successor a little).
They have no choice but to keep pushing the Wii U.

All I can say is. $250 for the Deluxe edition. Do it.



Hardy83 commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

@TruenoGT PC retail is dead because PC is doing digital so very very right.
Competition, sales galore, most digital markets aren't a pain in the rear to deal with when it comes to downloading and redownloading your games.

Console digital on the other hand are still pretty out of date for the most part, especially Nintendo.



Hardy83 commented on Video: Reggie Shows Off Wii U to Jimmy Fallon,...:

@valcoholic If you aren't aware, it's highly doubtful that Falon and the show makers lets these companies on without them paying money.
It's essentially ad space for the show.
So yes. He, along with the show were literally paid to praise the system.

Jimmy Fallon seems to have sold himself on this game section and it's popular enough that big game companies are paying for the space.



Hardy83 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Curious Decision to ...:

So these games. Are they actually fun? Or are they like the RPG and Puzzle game where you just grind streetpasses? Or hope for the right "t-shirt" colour to continue onward.

Yes. My opinion is that the RPG and puzzle games for Mii Plaza suck. They are not good games, and there's nothing fun about them.



Hardy83 commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

They said this about the DSiWare eshop and I called BS on them then, and I'll call BS on them now.

While it's more accurate then the flat out lie when they said it about the DSi shop (Nintendo being the worst offended for shovelware then), the 3DSWare eshop is still flooded with crap, it's just the gold nuggets float to the top this time around so their easier to see.

I find there's no different in quality between IOS games and eshop best games.

To eshops defense the it isn't flooded with garbage games that micro-transaction you to homelessness, which is incredibly nice.



Hardy83 commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:

Of course Nintendo doesn't have an account based system. That would've made sense about 5-6 years ago.

Nintendo has to do things in a "unique" way, even if it means being a complete inconvenience to the consumer.



Hardy83 commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

With Nintendo's system?
No. I never will touch retail games with Nintendo's digital download service until they fix their awful awful "locked to a system" purchases to the more common "account-based" purchases.



Hardy83 commented on Android-based Ouya Console Will Have NES and S...:

@SanderEvers Emulators are not illegal (at least in North America). Having them won't get you in trouble. It's the ROMs that are illegal, and even if you have the physical copy of the game, it's a legal grey area since consumer rights kind of went out the window with the digital era.



Hardy83 commented on Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably...:

It's fine to criticize Nintendo and its games/hardware, however, if you say it in a way that makes you come off as a massive d***, what do you expect?

I criticize Nintendo all the time, and I know very well that you need to be clear on what you don't like cause if you don't say things like "my opinion" "I think" "personally", or clearly explain your critique then you'll sound like an knob and get a ton of backlash. ESPECIALLY if you're part of the industry.

Of course this isn't the first time this guy sounded like a tool. Clearly he's not good at public speaking, or speaking in general. lol



Hardy83 commented on Gearbox: Future of Aliens: Colonial Marines in...:

"We're doing the best we can." ROFL
Did he just say that? About Aliens CM?

Well i guess it's at least present tense, cause if it was past tense it would certainly be a flat out lie, though a lie wouldn't be shocking coming from that guy.



Hardy83 commented on Wii Mini Generating Little Interest in The UK:

Good. This is nothing but a cash grab by Nintendo. It's an extremely gimped Wii sold WAY overpriced.
If the system was $50-$75 US then maybe, but $100 is insulting when you can get a black Wii with Mario Bros and WAY more features for $150 or less with sales.

I'm glad consumers are THIS stupid, also 34k sold in Canada isn't that great, we have a population of 30+ million.



Hardy83 commented on Latest U.S. Sales Show Decline in Video Game M...:

Regardless of how much it costs to make, I do think the current retail MSRP is too high for most people. It needs a price drop.

Software is fine, but with a lot of people knowing a new xbox and playstation on the horizen, a lot of people are probably holding on to their money.

In the long run, whatever they do, they'll make money. They always do. lol



Hardy83 commented on Ubisoft Studio Boss: People "Need to Experienc...:

@rjejr I was gonna say the exact same thing.
They admit they have a problem conveying the system, yet their kiosks sucks SOOOOOOO much.

Having actually played the Wii U, it's a pretty fun system, but those kiosks definitely suck something hard in comparison.



Hardy83 commented on U.S. Download Sales Increase, But Physical Gam...:

Until Nintendo switches to an account base system instead of their stupid system bases purchases, I'll never buy Nintendo's digital wares.

As for other systems, PC I'm pretty much all digital, PS3 I mix it up. I prefer retail though.



Hardy83 commented on Crystal Dynamics Explains Why Tomb Raider Isn'...:

I don't know why they just don't say
"It's not in the budget. Game budgets are planned at the initial stages of development, and we didn't have knowledge of the Wii U hardware at the time, thus couldn't budget for a port for it."

Why do they have to keep making up excuses. lol



Hardy83 commented on Gunman Clive Developer: 3DS eShop Is "Healthie...:

Pretty obviously why. The IOS market is absolutely flooded with games. Eshop on the other hand is a barren dessert in comparison.
It would take a high profile IP, or a lot of marketing push to get noticed in IOS now.
Eshop on the other hand relases software at a snails pace, with usually less than a handful of games a week.
ALSO while there are thousands of free or .99 apps on IOS, cheap 3DSWare games are few, especially actual 3D games.

So it's not surprising actually.
What IS surprising is how Android is selling more, since everyone assumes people pirate more on that, as well as it's market being almost as bad as IOS's in terms of how many apps have flooded it.



Hardy83 commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

Clearly the price is too high for many people.
I imagine in this type of economy, only Apple can (for some stupid reason) get away with charging so much.

I bet even the new Sony and MS systems will sell slowly unless the price is reasonable, or do that 2 year contract thing MS tried.



Hardy83 commented on Wii U Basic Can Only Store 3GB Of Downloaded S...:

So basically you NEED an external HDD just to use the system.
Not for downloads, but for game patches, DLC etc.

The 32, or 20GB model should survive for a few months, but the 4GB model won't at all.

Those are both pathetic options, it's like the Vita models, you just don't have enough space so you had to realistically add 50-80 bucks to the price for external storage.

Also, I HAAAAATE when companies advertise storage space that isn't even remotely close to what consumers can actually use. There should be laws against this. They should have to post USABLE data, it's simply misleading to consumers.
It's like the "UP TO" speeds ISPs like to use in ads, which I hate even more.



Hardy83 commented on Wii U Digital Promotion Giving You More Bang F...:

@mumof2kids82 Never said it doesn't work. I'm just saying it's convoluted and designed that way to be unappealing to people while still being able to up sell the system because of it.

It's just that there's better ways to do it, and to me, and I'm sure many people, see this as a typical business practice by Nintendo.
I'm personally not impressed with this system, but I'm sure many will be.
I just don't want people think they are getting something for free or Nintendo is doing US a favour, cause they aren't.

And as a consumer, I don't care if they are selling the system at a loss. That's not my problem, I'm not gonna feel sorry for them. It's still my money.

Again, not just bashing Nintendo. I've never been a fan of these kind of business practices to begin with. Either direct discounts or instant rebates, none of this hoops garbage. It's sleazy.
How many people would've preferred just a direct 10% discount. I would have at least.



Hardy83 commented on Wii U Digital Promotion Giving You More Bang F...:

People need to stop thinking this is free money.
You're dropping almost $300 for the system and paying a premium for this "discount". It's be no means free.

And while the method isn't hard, it is convoluted and it could've been better, it's all done through Nintendo, they could've just done it all on the Wii itself, instead of making people go through loops.

I personally find it just pathetic and no different than mail-in rebates. You have to jump through hoops and wait, while they still get to slap the discount on their ads.
I expect better treatment with a company I'm giving my money too. Some maybe be fine with that, and that's cool, but I'm not.

Other companies are just as bad as this stuff CoughAppleCough, but this doesn't make this any less sad.



Hardy83 commented on Feature: Pokémon's Controversial History:

The controversies for Pokemon show just how stupid western culture can be.

I'm not saying Japan is better, their culture is all sorts of messed up but differently. Just that many people seem to think western culture is the morally better culture when we're just as screwed up as everyone else.



Hardy83 commented on Wii U In-Game Voice Chat Won't Use GamePad Mic...:

My guess is, since Nintendo likes saving money, the mic for the gamepad is cheap as hell and would probably sound like one of those old fashioned drive through speakers at restaurants.

Is it stupid? I think so. I mean they are probably paying pennies for the mic they have no, and spending a dollar wouldn't break them to make their device more consumer friendly.

But this is NIntendo and they've NEVER put money into the additional features of their hardware. The cameras for their handhelds all suck, and also why the gamepad screen is resistive, not capacitive.

However, not having a chat feature built right into the system for all games to use is completely moronic. We've all seen how supported "not-built in" features were on the Wii. i.e. Not at all.

Just another step back in the dozen steps back they taken with their one or two steps forward.



Hardy83 commented on Under-Age Workers Allegedly Worked on Wii U Ma...:

@MrDanger88 Is that a joke? You do realize that these children were being threatened by both the work place, schools and parents to do this "internship" or be kicked out of school.

It wasn't a job like working a Mcdonalds, it was forced child larbour so they can get an education.

While that might not be a bad idea in say the Canada or EU where child and labour laws are pretty good, China...ehhh not so much.
It's just trying to justify child labour, that's it that's all.



Hardy83 commented on Archos Uses Star Fox And Mario To Demo Its Con...:

They are probably showing emulators because if you read comments when it was first announced, people were talking about how amazing this would be for emulators.
They did the same with the Xperia play, but this one has more promise, with the price if anything.

I think it's fine and considering the price, for an Android 4.0 tablet, it's very tempting.



Hardy83 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

@HarmoKnight It's not the issue of redownloading that I have, it's how your games are organized. Having to go through a bunch of pages with loading times each time is just unnecessary in my eyes. There's much better ways of having your purchases organized to me.

Obviously some people may be fine with it, and I understand that, but I personally think it's horribly set up.
Downloading itself works fine, though I would like multi-downloads instead of one at a time aside from the "download later" option.



Hardy83 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

Until Nintendo fixes (ACTUALLY fixes, not say they will fix) it's horrendous UI (yes, even the 3DS has a horrible UI, just try and find a game to re-download if you have 20+ games) and until they switch from the "since the beginning it's been moronic" system based purchases to an account one (it could be 1 account per system for all I care) I will never claim Nintendo is taking a "step" forward at anything online.

Putting games up there means nothing when everything around it is crap.

I disagree with their pricing strategy as well but that's a different issue.

So I agree with the articles issues, but I will not give Nintendo any credit for anything else. The car may have nice paint, but it still needs wheels and an engine.