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Fri 31st Jul 2009

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nix commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

Wow, I have played it through once and can honestly say I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.
Solid fast paced mind blowing action, this is how a demo should be done.
Triple A Wii U next gen show stopper.



nix commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

@N4LIFE no problem! Glad to spread the Nintendo Goodness!

Can anyone confirm if all my codes for UK/EU have gone.
From my earlier post


nix said:

Good Luck to All





nix commented on Review: Gradius (Wii U eShop / NES):

If might add to this that it is also on Nintendo's Playchoice 10.
This machine has a second screen which lets you select the 10 on-board games and gives various tips including the Konami Code.
Gradius is my favourite game.



nix commented on Site News: Nintendo Life's eShop Appearance:

Great surprise to see you on the e-shop last night, good selection. It feels that the shop is now starting to shape up and has a positive vibe about it, independent recommendations, good category’s and upcoming and current video content across the Nintendo platforms.
While you got Nintendo's ear, please can we have Cave Story and Inchworm Animation for the EU.



nix commented on Nintendo Europe Dropped London Life to "Avoid ...:

@4 This would be a good idea, but if you got a normal DS/lite you have no way of saving to your handheld. Maybe send out a seperate cartridge, it has been done for demos in the past.

A true gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved



nix commented on Feature: The Making of Star Fox:

starglider, ah those atari st amiga 16bit memorys flood back, wireframe 3d digitized speech cutting edge technology. Loved it Jez you rocked, who would of thought you now run a poker web site.



nix commented on Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces:

as above good game, nice anime cut scenes, plane handles well using the nunchuck. you need to support this!



nix commented on First Impressions: Sora o Kakeru Shōjyo Shooting:

Sean thanks for that another shmup review never to cross japans borders how many is it now. I wish you would'nt keep bringing all these games to my attention and not be able to get them, yeah you can look but not touch, i know! keep them coming mate



nix commented on Cing Goes Bankrupt:

sad news, i enjoyed their games.
Was looking forward to the sequal of hotel dusk N.



nix commented on DSi XL to Hit Europe on March 5th:

What do i go for red or brown, or wait another 6 months for black and white colour editions or wait another 6 months and the ds discombobulaterboobalater 2 version will be annouced with whistles and bells and mind control and... Damn you Nintendo!! and don't forget
"You got to catch em all!!"



nix commented on BBC To Launch New Dedicated iPlayer Wii Channel:

just finished watching, Horizon on black holes, 1 hour long, only twice it buffered for a second. Picture quality has vastly improved, with not too much dithering of colours, eg. horizon lots of bw and grey scale. Great to see the i-player turn into a dedicated wii channel, all we need now is channel 4, 5, and itv to step up.



nix commented on NASCAR Gets A Mario Makeover:

Anybody know if it's the same car for the 500 chase for the cup, because that seems to be the only one shown on channel 5 uk on monday/tuesday morning.



nix commented on Nintendo Download: 04 November 2009 (Japan):

great more fighting games for the neogeo, but for me would be nice to see some shmups for the neageo, blazing star, last resort, pulstar? don't know if neogeo cd versions are possible on virtual console, any takers? any more good shmups for neogeo we could suggest.