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Wed 30th Sep 2009

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Shadow_Chad6982 commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

Wii fit is the only form of exercise I get, I even make sure to do it at least every week if not every day. I like to believe it works, considering that I helped a friend move and out of 6 people I was the only one who wasn't saying something about his back (nothing changed in the way I lift, which usually did hurt my back). I told them Wii Fit was to thank.



Shadow_Chad6982 commented on First Impressions: DuckTales Remastered:

It makes me happy that it looks like a lot of love and care has gone into to this game. I never got to play the original duck tales game, but I remember some reruns of the show, and I'm really liking the art style and animation. It just about looks like watching the cartoon.



Shadow_Chad6982 commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Quirky Wii Memories:

Greg and i share the same story. Except i think gamestop got sick of a 13 year old kid calling every day to see if they had a wii in stock. one of my favorite memories was playing smash bros with my friend. It was around christmas my friend and i were playing smash bros. around 1:00am things started to get a litte goofy. we were laughing hysterically at every single thing we did, like wario jumping off his bike, attacks missing, characters facing the camera. we took a buch of pictures of every thing we did. and the next morning we looked at all the pictures we took and couldn't remember why we took it and why it was funny. we blamed the christmas tree and agreed that's what made us so dopy.



Shadow_Chad6982 commented on PETA Targets Pokémon Black & White 2 in Lates...:

Sooo...what is PETA's point with targeting video games? Are they trying to get a "NO CREATURES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS GAME" type thing going on? What's next? Minecraft is bad because you can kill animals to help you through out the game.



Shadow_Chad6982 commented on Check Out Dinosaur Planet, Before it Was Invad...:

why i didn't like star fox adventures was beacuse seeing the star fox name i think of an awesome on rails space shooter not some adventure game where you hardly get to fly, and i didn't like the voice acting. the game play was ok, but the more you play it gets a bit repetitive.