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Retr_acro commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@Yorumi But there would still the problem of the 3DS/2DS dealing with characters like Ice Climbers. Even if the 3DS/2DS can download the data necessary to display the character and interpret the data they receive from the other player, wouldn't the 3DS/2DS still have problems from executing the data due to the limited hardware? It would slow the game down and make the match unplayable/unbearable.



Retr_acro commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@Yorumi I was assuming that the DLC is free, I don't know, DLC can be free right? Ninty would still make lots of $$$ from sales of the "NEW 3DS" and Wii U.

There is one thing I forgot and this makes any sort of exclusive DLC characters pretty much impossible, the online portion. They still have to take into account that there are people using non-"NEW 3DS", and that could make the online match finding convoluted and messy. Although I guess they could just make the DLC portion just for the "NEW 3DS" and completely leave the 3DS/2DS out. Then during online matches, there could be an option where if you want to use DLC characters, it will only match you up with other 3DS and Wii U (if that is possible). It will make online matchups very messy, so that probably won't happen.



Retr_acro commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

Well there's DLC (if it's possible). I can see Ice Climbers available as DLC for the "NEW 3DS" and Wii U version. Yes it alienates original 3DS users, but if Ninty is smart ( and evil), they can use it as an "incentive" for fans of Ice Climbers to upgrade their 3DS (or buy a Wii U if they don't have one). Hey look, more money!



Retr_acro commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

@Iggly @SamirMalik I read from neogaf that Dark Pit uses the Staff as a Final Smash only (functioning like the Light Arrows). All his other moves are identical looking to Pit, with some minor changes of mechanics. I was hoping that Dark Pit at least had more unique attacks and specials, but whatever.



Retr_acro commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

Would having mini games that have Nintendo Characters really push smartphone owners to buy a gaming device? I have a hard time picturing sensible people to do that. Don't most people who play games on their smartphones play games on short bursts or when bored? Not many games on a console really have that, and lots of games on the Nintendo consoles take larger chunks of play time than smartphone games, right? But okay, maybe there are games that do take a lot of time to play in a smartphone. At least those type of games is probably, and most likely, cheaper than the average game (even e-shop games) on the 3DS.



Retr_acro commented on New Smash Bros. to be "Something Right in Betw...:

I posted a very similar comment on an older topic, but anyway:

I still think Sakurai should make gamemodes relating to game mechanics like Regular Mode (casual) and Advance Mode (competitive). Regular Mode has more restrictions in game mechanics while Advance Mode lifts restrictions on game mechanics. So for example, wavedashing (if this returns at all) would be impossible to do in Regular Mode but possible in Advance mode.

Game modes can prevent an experienced, competitive player from ruining casual opponents good time on casual mode (such as during parties), as well as pushing casuals to step up their game should they dare play on the competitive mode with hardcore players. Also doing this equals both a happy casual AND a happy competitive group; casuals don't have to play the fast paced, competitive mode, and competitive people will probably never bother with the casual mode.



Retr_acro commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

What would be nicer could be an options to change game mechanics such as Competitive Mode and Regular(casual) Mode.

Toggling to whichever can either keep limit game mechanics (casual) or disable game mechanic limits (competitive). That way if you want to play with friends just for laughs, you can force the game to be as casual as possible, and then you can toggle back to Competitive mode when you want to play seriously.

Doing this, Mr. Sakurai, will please so much more groups of people. You can keep that casual, fun, chaotic gameplay while making it possible to have decent competitive tourneys whenever you want.



Retr_acro commented on Tech Site T3 Predicts What The Nintendo Smartp...:

Problem with smartphones is that there's always a new one in about 2-ish years. People will feel forced to buy a new version, and game developers have to constantly update their games. At least with propriety gaming, the timeframe for a new, more powerful system will be longer.



Retr_acro commented on Four New Pokémon Make CoroCoro Appearance for...:

I hope that those aren't the only choices for character customization and just showcasing 3 of the possible customizations.
As for the new pokemon. They look rather... OK? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm getting older and nostalgia is getting stronger for me?



Retr_acro commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of Europe Didn't Want "Boi...:


bluesun may be correct on this one. If one looks up one of the words in japanese text in google images (ex: that one word starting with BAINBAIN [if you don't know how to type it in japanese katakana use an online japanese dictionary and type it in CAPS], btw NSFW), you get. . . yeah, what the NOA translation is going for (Also that Tharja Figma thing). Also, on the gonintendo site, there's a user by the name of Tekka who has a translation of that part.

As for me, I like that the NOA translation kept close to the original. It's just odd that Tharja would get so mad about other people looking at her hair.



Retr_acro commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatia...:

Also on the Mario games. How many Mario Games had been made? An immense amount, right? Basically, you can only go so far with innovation until you come to the point where the game play is massively different from any of the previous ones, it should just be a new type of game. Mario games have side-scrolling, jumping, action, 3D envrionment, sky, water, space, gravity, multiplayer, RPG, etc. What new innovations can you keep making until it's either no longer deemed a "Mario" game, or can no longer be different from any others of its kind? Really, anyone, give me ideas (I actually want to know, I can't think of much)



Retr_acro commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatia...:

You know nowadays with the internet, it's REALLY hard to be surprised from anything (especially if you're a big fan for info). There's always that one person that gives away info before the official news. Unless you force yourself to not look at spoilers, but that's very hard.



Retr_acro commented on Catch the North American Nintendo Direct Live ...:

@Jaco Come on, it's just like the DSi XL. Personally I would be very irritated if they released one with the second analog built in. What a total screw over for those who bought the original 3DS already. This was made so you can have a bigger screen, not a superior version to the original.

Hope the battery is better on this one though.



Retr_acro commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

hmm. . .

Maybe my idea of a "Missing Generation 6" might actually happen. Hopefully new pokemon and evos(there are old pokemon that are dying for new evos)

got the idea name from code geass btw



Retr_acro commented on Pokémon Director Hypes up Sunday Announcement:

I have this feeling that it may just be Keldeo. . . Hopefully not! An all new pokemon main series is a long shot(they haven't finished the anime yet anyway), but here's to pokemon gray to the 3DS. Or it can be a totally different game that's still like the main series but with 3D models, and maybe with sneak peaks on new pokemon. (I would really just love to have an Emonga evo that's vampire-esque(real vampires btw) tux, or an eevee evo(love the little thang). These are so long shots, better not get over hyped =)



Retr_acro commented on Nintendo Has No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7's Ma...:

Unfair? How so? If your playing online, it shouldn't be too hard to make a mandatory patch before you can play when you connect online. If in local multiplayer, you can just beat up the person cheating lol.

Really, that's a pathetic excuse, Nintendo -_-



Retr_acro commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

If Nintendo didn't name this machine Nintendo 3DS, it should not have been a problem. Names are important. Since Ninty has make 2 iterations of the DS, many people WILL think that this one is just another iteration. Even Though many people use the internet, not everyone will be researching on how different it is, rather more on its first impression. It looks very similar to the DS AND it even shares part of its name (unlike the PSP and the PS Vita, at least there's Vita to differentiate it), so most will assume that it's just another DS. When I had my 3DS in public, no one really noticed that it was the 3DS until I showed them.

Now looking at the Wii U, I can easily predict that it might have the same problem, but of course since the Wii didn't had any iterations, the similar naming may be ignored (hopefully).



Retr_acro commented on This is Your Mario Kart 7 Logo and Artwork:

@RadioShadow Well the fact that this game is called Mario Kart 7, it's well established that the producers do not recognize the arcade versions as full pledged Mario Kart titles(or something).

If that makes no sense then sorry, it's kind of hard on how to word this.



Retr_acro commented on Fox Flies Into a New Trailer for Star Fox 64 3D:

No online multiplayer? I thought there was one. That E3 video showed people's faces in the multiplayer mode. I mean, why bother show people's faces in the game if they are all in the same room (and you can just look at their expression in real life)? Have I missed a key info or something?



Retr_acro commented on Mario Kart 64:

Playing this game, while in turn very used to the newer Mario Kart games' control system, is rather disorienting. Trying to move to an item box isn't the same as the newer ones. Overall the game has slippery controls, but still rocks, having awesome tracks which I hope that the next installment of Mario Kart will get.



Retr_acro commented on Mario Kart:

Bikes are pretty fun, but can get cheap when against karts, especially if the bike user is very good. The items are the ones that can change the game (though not really if only a 1 on 1). I kind of don't mind if bikes make it in this game, but it should be limited to some extent, such as a limited consecutive amount of wheeling or a cool time between wheelings.

This is an instant buy for me, I adore the Mario Kart series. Hope Toadette and Koopa Troopa make it, as well as characters that were never in Mario kart. Tricks as well? They do help with races, somewhat.



Retr_acro commented on Animal Crossing:

Can't wait! hopefully there's more content available. Can't expect much though. . .