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Sat 27th November, 2010

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Stine commented on Live: Wii U Preview:

I should probably watch the European presentation, but I think I'd rather watch the American one. They (probably) won't be too different, anyway, and surely we'll only get an "up to retailers" price in Europe, while the US price will actually give me an idea of the prices here. Actually, I'll try watching both at the same time, but without sound on one of them.



Stine commented on Mad Dog McCree Takes Aim at eShop on 14th June:

@Mickeymac: Same here, except for the bit about not wanting to play it. It just looks like something I'd enjoy a lot, even if it's completely ridiculous. There's no way I'm getting it for the 3DS, though. If I'm getting it, it'll definitely be for the Wii.



Stine commented on Mighty Switch Force Gets Release Date:

I didn't notice this in all of the Ambassador madness, but that's awesome! I probably won't get it for a while because of the GBA games, but I look forward to reading the review and impressions from forum members.



Stine commented on 3DS Ambassador GBA Games Out Friday in Europe:

I'm so happy I could cry. Seriously, amazing selection of games! And the only ones I've played are Super Circuit and Yoshi's Island! This is the best early Christmas gift I've ever gotten.



Stine commented on New Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer Shows Dark Pit:

"What the hell happened to Lady Palutina's voice?
I wouldn't be complaining but her old voice was sooo good! Why change it? Was that someone else's voice?"

God, I know! D: I loved her old voice so much.



Stine commented on Europe Gets The Last Story on 24th February:

I haven't bought Xenoblade yet (there's a chance I might get it for Christmas or my birthday), so I'll probably get that before The Last Story. But I personally think TLS looks more interesting.



Stine commented on Feature: Pikmin's 10th Anniversary:

I've had a copy of NPC Pikmin for months now, but I still haven't given it a try. It's starting to look tempting, though, so maybe I should at least test it soon.