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Mon 2nd Nov 2009

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Natie31 commented on Excavate the Pyramids Facebook Page for QR Lev...:

I'm stuck in a level, but how can the team help me when im not on facebook. I should't have to make a facebook account just so they can help me. Not everybody like facebook, i know i dont. So is there any other way they can help someone?



Natie31 commented on Review: Cave Story 3D (3DS):

Was gettin this cause its the only game out to play in the beginning of the month till SML comes out later! Preorder my copy and can't wait to play it. Great Review!



Natie31 commented on North American NES Ambassador Games Announced:

Face it Nintendo not goin to give out the good games for free. When they do come out we will have to pay for them in the eshop. Nintendo know what they wanting to be free games or not. Wish but we can't change them, my guess is take them or leave it!