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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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TanookiSteven commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

K, note.
1. Nintendo took a paycut.
2. There are 20 free games coming.
3. He made this letter.

I was willing to pay no matter what, I could care less for the pay-cut. I don't care how much I paid, the fact of 20 free games, or the pay-cut. I just care that this man/company took the damn time to write this letter and actually apologize for his mistake! I had a smile on my face when I read this, and this is NOT the end of Nintendo, in fact it's the beginning of a road to make them an even better company and learn, so for all those haters out there (and jack whatever >.>), take notes because this company knows how to work things!



TanookiSteven commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

Ay...Nintendo is starting to fall a bit, but they will recover. They made a mistake and that's ok. They're taking risky moves, but it'll pay off. They just gotta take it one step at a time, and it won't always be a clear road for them, sometimes they'll be beaten by a simple koopa, but they just gotta hang in there. The won't fall no matter what, it's just us fans that need to show them, that we love them no matter what !



TanookiSteven commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

Psh, I paid 250 for my 3DS and I could care less how much it hasn't entertained me. Now Nintendo does a 20 free game thing? TAKE THAT PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THE 3DS WAS A WASTE OF MONEY >=D and for anyone who buys this at 169 hahahahaha I got 20 more games and you got NOTHING XD