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Tue 2nd Aug 2011

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Scissors commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

"Dina is known, and generally disliked for her incredibly biased views towards social justice in favor of women and transgendered LGBT community members."

Can't say anything about her personally cause I don't know her, but if you're against women and the LGBT community you're a scummy human.



Scissors commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

Agreed though personally I'd rather just buy the disc for Wii U game to save the hard drive space. 3DS is a different thing though I would love to have all my games on an SD card. I bought Animal Crossing digitally and it's so much more convenient than frequent card swapping.



Scissors commented on Review: Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Mini (3DS e...:

The full retail game has enough charm to justify owning it. In my opinion if the music was a little better, and the gameplay was a little challenging this would be up there with HarmoKnights, Parappa, Gitaroo Man etc. The game is cheap now so I'd recommend giving it a chance.



Scissors commented on Warren Spector Believes Epic Mickey is 'The Be...:

Honestly the art direction needed more variation everything looked like a dark blue landfill. Except for Mikey Junk mountain which was a brown landfill. The score was lacking too. Actually it's one of the worst 3D platformers I ever played. Death Jr. & Deadly Creatures were better, and neither of those games were too great either.



Scissors commented on Zelda Concert Tour Returns to North America:

I bought tickets first day and was super excited. I marked on my phone calander to remind me to go to the calander. My phone reminder never went off, and I forgot to go. I'm really bummed I missed this.

Lesson Learned: Don't get dependent on technology to remind you of dates.



Scissors commented on Feature: Bargain Bin DS Games:


I've purchased 3 counterfeit games off of eBay. ONLY BUY DS GAMES WHEN THERE'S AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE GAME AND CASE, NOT A STOCK PHOTO. I cannot stress this enough, I've been duped 3 different times. Even if the seller has hundreds of positive ratings and no negatives they might be selling fakes. DO NOT BUY especially if they're selling from Hong Kong.



Scissors commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda (Wii Virtual Conso...:

I'd give it a 9 or 10. I have no retro goggles and I can't really appreciate NES games, but I found this game immensely enjoyable. In my opinion this game has aged better than Metroid, and Super Mario. This alongside Kirby are the 2 NES games that have aged the best.



Scissors commented on Feature: The Odd One Out in Operation Rainfall:

I do agree with judging games by their merits, but I feel that Last Story needs to be taken down a notch. That game doesn't deserve to be compared to Xenoblade. Not a terrible RPG, but very standard, and nothing special. Out of the 3 games Pandora's Tower is the one I like the most, it may not be the best of the 3, but I feel it to be the most unique.



Scissors commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

7 Pfft this is one of the best of the OP Rainfall games. Maybe not as impressive as Xenoblade, but better than that trash that is "The Last Story"

just kiddin, fair review, still think this is much better than Last Story though, Should have given that game a 6 honestly.



Scissors commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

@Nintendo Life Staff

can you at-least let us vote on whether or not we want flags? I don't think it's fair to punish all of us just because some people used them negatively. If you do a CTRL F and search for flags you'll see alot of people miss them. Also the flags helped immensely because since I'm an American I get confused with all the Euro post so when I see a Euro flag talking about a game release I know that necessarily doesn't apply to me cause we have different localization branches. Also when I see an American flag talking about something hitting the eShop I know it's time to start up my 3DS.



Scissors commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

I was against this until I started playing hour long session of Mari Kart 7 online, and was getting some hand cramps. If this gets rid of those hand cramps I'm game. Also $20 is too high, I'll pick this up when it hits $10.



Scissors commented on Review: CRUSH3D (3DS):

I have to agree with Wario & Miracle I do not like this art direction at all. It's a shame too because I thought the art direction for the PSP version wasn't bad.



Scissors commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

This has been a tough game to decide where to purchase . Do I go Wii and do all 4 players in SD, Get the PS3 version and do 2 Players in HD (not buying more controllers because there are not many local co op PS3 games), or do I get the 3DS version and play it by myself in 3D.



Scissors commented on 3DS Gets Spooked with Spirit Camera: The Curse...:

Was not expecting this to make it to America. Honestly though this will probably not be that great, it's looks more like a novelty than anything. I'd much rather have Fatal Frame 4. Will still probably pick it up though cause I'm a Nintendo whore.



Scissors commented on Review: Duracell Wii Charging Stand:

I should have bougten a charging stand years ago, who knows how many batteries I've wasted on my Wii. My Wii is going to continue going strong for a while. 36 games currently, and I plan to buy 20 more. Anyone have another recommendation for charging stands?



Scissors commented on Kid Icarus's 3DS Stand Coming to North America...:

@ People complain that it's not portable
Yes it is, it's foldable

Also are people really complaining about an optional free accessory? It's free and optional, Mario Kart Wii came with a wheel, and I didn't like it. I simply didn't use it, I didn't get angry at it because it was free.



Scissors commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Misses Wii's 2011 Top Five:

That Zumba Fitness and Just Dance sell well is no real surprise. Those games can be enjoyed by anyone with little learning curve. Zelda is a longish RPG game that requires commitment and has a bigger learning curve. This entry was the fastest selling Zelda of all time why is their so much bitterness in the comment section. So what if people like my sister enjoy playing Zumba fitness, she has fun and get's a workout. We'll complain when Nintendo games get mocked, yet we're being hypocrites when we mock casual gamers.

Also enough of this whining about us being the minority. Nintendo' fanbase is significantly larger than Sony & Microsofts's gaming fanbase. The Nintendo fanbase is literally larger than 200 million. There are dozens of Nintendo fan sites I come across everyday, enough of your whining.



Scissors commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Misses Wii's 2011 Top Five:

As gamers we should stop obsessing over sales numbers. It sold great, and their will be future Zelda games. What's the problem? The only time we should worry about sales is if the studio gets shut down. This is Zelda, there's already a 3DS game in development, meanwhile Blue Tongue has disappeared and we'll never see another de Blob game.

As for Skyward Sword it's great game that most Wii owners should not miss, and a definite improvement over Twilight Princess, but it's not a masterpiece perfect 10 like some are claiming it be. I'd say it's about a solid 9.



Scissors commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Use the Circle Pad Pro:

This is almost worst.

Nintendo is all like "yo we get that you want dual analog support, and we're going to give it to you. Except the right stick does the same thing as the left stick." This is like that Nintendo Life make a wish and have it corrupted thread.