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New Zealand

Thu 21st Oct 2010

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Sup commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Just read IGN's take on MK8; same score, but the writing quality in this review is so much better. Thanks!



Sup commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

Sorry to hear it won't be getting a release in Australia, where I am. However, you can (fairly) simply create a "foreign" account on your Wii U to access the eshop from other countries and purchase games from there. They are then playable on your Wii U as normal. I will be doing this to make my purchase!



Sup commented on Indie Developer Explains How Nintendo Made Him...:

As has already been pointed out by other posters above, this turnaround really lays bare the reasons for much of the negative thoughts and feelings surrounding the Wii U. Good on him for going some way to repairing the destructive comments he made, I suppose, but such uninformed opinion should never have been made public in the first place.



Sup commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

In "other", I really should have mentioned how good the TV remote controlling function is. PSA, on many models of TV you can use the left control stick to more around a menu selection, eg choosing an input, then A or left click to select.



Sup commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

Very happy with my purchase. Lots of great little features, like being able to send video or pictures to your TV while continuing to surf on the gamepad. And the video chat works very well.



Sup commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

It does seem a bit strange. I mean, would an article regarding the pros and cons of an R4DS and other NDS/DSi flash-carts ever be allowed?



Sup commented on Wii U Games Using Two New Controllers Being Co...:

I have to mention that elsewhere on the 'net, reaction to the possibility that the Wii U may not support more than one Umote is much more extreme than on Nintendolife. I think it would be crazy for Nintendo to release their new system without at least 2 Umotes being able to work simultaneously! Local multiplayer has always been Nintendo's greatest strength, and I for one would not be keen on the U if this wasn't Nintendo's intention. Of course multiplayer is possible via the existing peripherals, as has been shown, but local MP games would be far less appealing if each player did not have their own Umote. I'm sure the reasons that this would not happen are ones of cost and technology, but if they can't do it right, they probably shouldn't do it at all.



Sup commented on Australia Gets 3DS on March 31st for $349:

According to Techday, the 3DS arrives in New Zealand on the same date and at the roughly equivalent price of $449 NZD. You can buy a brand-new Wii bundled with Sports Resort, 1 controller with built-in MotionPlus and 1 Nunchuck for $100 less than that.