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ToneDeath commented on Sin & Punishment Confirmed to be Blasting it U...:

@Taggsta Both are great, though I'd give the original the edge, even if it looks a bit more dated. The story and character designs are a bit more distinctive, the whole thing is reminiscent of 90's anime such as Gundam Wing and Neon Genesis Evangelion (there's a scene with an ocean of blood that feels straight out of the latter show), and you just can't beat the level where you're shooting fighter jets from atop a chunk of debris being piloted telekinetically by a psychic child over aircraft carriers off the coast of Japan.



ToneDeath commented on This Controller Wants to Bring the 'Next Gen' ...:

@9th_Sage I do actually have some adapters, from Mayflash, Raphnet and Bruno Freitas in Brazil (The latter allows me to connect a Mega Drive controller), but it's nice to be able to plug in a brand new pad without having to take it apart and clean it first because one or two buttons don't respond properly anymore. I also suspect there's just a hair more lag with some of the adapters.

As for the placement of those turbo buttons, I'm pretty sure it's inspired by the NES Max controller; they should make the sticks red too!



ToneDeath commented on This Controller Wants to Bring the 'Next Gen' ...:

It looks nice, but wouldn't an adapter of some sort be cheaper and easier?

What I'd really like to see are more Classic Controllers that replicate actual classics, such as the Club Nintendo SNES pad. The only thing more exciting than Mega Drive games finally showing up on the Wii U eShop would be finding a Mega Drive controller (better make it the Megafire version) you can plug into your Wii remote for sale on the Nintendo Store.



ToneDeath commented on Super Smash Bros. Creator Pays Tribute To His ...:

Nintendo should sell a collection of the Iwata Asks interviews in book form, then give the profits to a charity of his families' choosing. They could even do the same thing with a special version of Balloon Trip on the eShop.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (Europe):

Final Fight One is a decent version, albeit single player only here. As good as we'll get unless the arcade version comes along.

The GBA version of Super Street Fighter II is rather more redundant here unfortunately, lacking both the full controls and multiplayer modes of the SNES ports (Shame they won't let us use the Gamepad to simulate a 2nd GBA and copy of the game to at least make 2 player possible).
I do like the character portraits in this one a lot though.



ToneDeath commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

To be honest I'd rather pay a bit more to have an up-scaled port of the 3DS version; that's the version that should be considered definitive (at least until there's an even better remake). The N64 original should of course be kept around, but perhaps as a bundled extra with the Grezzo version. Sounds sacrilegious, but the remake really is a better version of the same game.

As for why Ocarina might be the best 3D Zelda? Majora's Mask had better sidequests, Wind Waker had better swordplay, Twilight Princess had a bigger world and Skyword Sword had better dungeons...but Ocarina of Time was very strong in all those areas; a jack of all trades that mastered them all, and it somehow managed to get the best soundtrack WITHOUT using the classic Zelda theme!



ToneDeath commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Visits Jim Henson Studios:

For years now I've thought the perfect Star Fox movie would look like The Dark Crystal with Star Wars style dogfights (models rather than CGI) and seeing this makes me wonder if Nintendo have been thinking the same thing.



ToneDeath commented on Review: Bloo Kid 2 (3DS eShop):

Looks like an extremely generic 90's platformer, but if there's more music like what's in the trailer I may cave in and get it. Long live bleeps and pixels!



ToneDeath commented on Project Giant Robot Will Be Out Sooner Than Yo...:

If this is just a tech demo being dumped on the eShop rather than developed further, I hope it's either free or very cheap; they're asking way too much for the Mario vs. Donkey Kong game that was basically made to demonstrate the Nintendo Web Framework.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

It says up there we're getting the US version of Street shouldn't that be River City Ransom then?

I hope so, after Capcom and/or Nintendo were kind enough to apply the upgrade discount to Contra III for those who had bought Probotector before.

WILD CARD PREDICTION: Mario Kart 64 will show up in six months time, the same day Mario Kart 8 gets DLC for new battle modes and arenas.



ToneDeath commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

There'll be plenty of half-broken games elsewhere to keep people "entertained" this Christmas. I do hope Star Fox can do well on the Nintendo front though.

Delays are par for the course with the 3D Zelda games, and I was actually worried that the new one might be a bit rushed. Easter 2016 is a possibility then, but I won't be surprised if it comes out in November next year.



ToneDeath commented on Iwata: We Are Challenging Ourselves To Redefin...:

You know I guess that as long as we can look forward to sitting down with a Nintendo controller to play a new Mario or Zelda adventure then it's all good...

...but if I ever have to pay micro-transactions to wake up Mario because he's tired from too much jumping, I'm sure it'll depress me enough to put me off video games altogether (apart from retro stuff of course).



ToneDeath commented on Iwata: We Are Challenging Ourselves To Redefin...:

So now I can see a bunch of Pokemon Shuffle type games on mobiles making more money than anything on the Wii U and 3DS, and down the line Nintendo's mobile division swallowing up and giving up on the dedicated consoles and 'traditional' gaming experiences because it no longer seems worthwhile to them.

Make the most of the Wii U, because we may not get to play many more games like it has in the future.



ToneDeath commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

@Kirk I checked how to include YouTube vids here.

I've also just found a video that already combines some of the mod footage with the remix here, and while I'm at it an alternative Mute City remix that sounds more like an earlier Mega Drive game here.

EDIT: Just realised the recreated track is supposed to be Big Blue. Oh well, you can easily find Genesis style covers of that tune too.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (Europe):

Very good week. I've been waiting for Metroid: Zero Mission so I can replay it as part of a "trilogy" with Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.

Can't turn down Mighty Switch Force 2 for that price, though I haven't decided what format yet; if it's Classic Controller compatible then probably the Wii U version. I'll be looking to pick up 3D Outrun, Super Hang-On and Space Harrier too. Nice to see the Ace Attorney games reduced as well, though I'll have to wait a while longer.

I highly recommend Punch-Out!!, though you might still be able find the disc version brand new for under £10.



ToneDeath commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

I don't think the tiny buttons and circle pad would cut it for F-Zero GX, and the screen resolution is not really ideal for Pikmin. Any Twilight Princess remake/remaster should wait until the next generation if they bother at all.
I haven't played The Last Story yet, but RPGs tend to do well on Nintendo handhelds.

Eternal Darkness might be the best fit though, with an episodic structure better suited to shorter play sessions, slower paced gameplay that those tiny buttons can handle, and tons of new opportunities for insanity effects that take advantage of the 3DS hardware.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (Europe):

I'll keep my eyes peeled for a review of Zombie Incident; it appears to be an arcade platformer with a metroid style map, originally developed to run on old MSX systems. Could be good for £1.99 anyway.

Edit: Based on CoderChild's track record on Nintendo Life I guess it's safe to assume this'll be a 7/10 game



ToneDeath commented on Iwata Asks Returns For The Legend of Zelda: Ma...:

Funny how all the best interviews with Nintendo staff are conducted by Nintendo's president! I guess your boss is the one person you really have to do well in an interview with, though I was worried that Aonuma was talking himself into a P45 towards the end there...



ToneDeath commented on 3D Streets Of Rage 2 Rated By Australian Class...:

Since watching that gameplay trailer for The 90's Arcade Racer I've been keen to play some of the early polygonal racers like Virtua Racing and Sega Rally (Namco's Ridge Racer, too). I expect it would be a bit more complicated to give them the same 3D treatment as their sprite-based games, but it would be cool.
If I'm really honest though I'd rather just have straight ports on the Wii U, but hey.

@OorWullie That's a bingo!



ToneDeath commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

Wild prediction: Nintendo sees that their game is progressing well, offers to publish it and help finish it if they switch the main characters for the Duck Hunt Duo (which may need proper names to be about Gunpei and Zappy for the dog and duck respectively?).

Plus! A second player would be able to help by shooting enemies and destructable objects with a Wii remote, complete with zapper sound effects. Player one can do this alone if they opt to use the Wii remote and nunchuck combo. Also, the Duck Hunt amiibo would unlock something, perhaps a shooting gallery minigame, or a virtual Super Scope for the aforementioned Wii remote pointer functionality.



ToneDeath commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

Terry Gilliam to direct the pilot?
If I'm honest the only films of his I really like are Monty Python and the Holy Grail (which he co-directed) and Brazil. BUT those two films alone demonstrate his ability to depict a convincing medieval setting with limited means, give a sense of huge sale in his worlds and populate them with strange, often grotesque characters just like what we see all over Hyrule (and Termina).
The story would likely appeal to him too, seeing as he's been trying to make a Don Quixote film for a VERY long time.



ToneDeath commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

It was a nice thing to learn of a couple of years ago; would've been nicer to have learned it a couple of decades ago though!

Didn't we all feel clever though when we found the hidden stuff in 1-2? I'm also reminded of my parents yelling "Duck!" at me as a flame moved across the screen in a castle stage. As I was suggesting that they had perhaps gotten Super Mario Bros. confused with the OTHER game on the cartridge, Mario snuffed it and it was then explained to me that 'duck' also means 'crouch.'



ToneDeath commented on Video: 90's Arcade Racer Is Still Alive, And H...:

This developer obviously loves what he's doing, going the extra mile(s) to incorporate these different art styles. It'd be nice if it supported MP3 playback through the SD card slot so we can drive to our own playlists of 90's tunes and classic SEGA tracks...and if this game does well I'd really like to have a sequel or add-on with some rally racing!



ToneDeath commented on Weirdness: The Secret History of Princess Zelda:

@Dazza @RadioShadow Nice to know there ARE other Nintendo fans out there in the East of England
Just like in the GameCube days, it seems that most people like Nintendo games, they just don't want to be caught dead buying them. There's something about the company's image that's at odds with the British, but I don't know what Nintendo can do about it without sacrificing their integrity, ie: churning out brown shooters and broken AAA murder simulators (not that they can't be be fun too).



ToneDeath commented on New Screenshots for Rock 'N Racing Off Road Sp...:

@MussakkuLaden No, ReBoot wasn't a game (though for all I know there may have been one based on it) but a computer-generated animation for kids, back when that sort of thing was cutting-edge.
Those kinds of shows (Beast Wars and the Donkey Kong Country cartoon come to mind too) had a characteristic smooth and shiny look, with stiff, robotic movement for the characters.



ToneDeath commented on Video: Unboxing The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassado...:

Not too keen on the charge cradle myself; it seems far too fiddly getting the 3DS to stand up in just the right position for it to actually charge, and of course as soon as you walk away it's gonna tilt and break the circuit. Nothing wrong with just plugging the AC adapter in directly.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

...aaaaand I've caved in. Was supposed to be taking it easy on my bank balance post-Christmas too; darn you Nintendo!

I have to assume the New 3DS won't be eligible for the free game promotion though, even if we receive it by the 12th.



ToneDeath commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I'm tempted, but...what if they then announce a really nice Majora's Mask limited edition New 3DS XL a few weeks down the line?

I was originally thinking I'd either get the black one and cross my fingers for a Korg faceplate, or just wait for a nice looking XL.



ToneDeath commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

I'm not too keen on the so-called 'Classic' mode, but other than that I'd say 'Wii U' for the sheer amount of content and possibly the best gameplay (faster than Brawl, but slow enough to feel more graceful than Melee).

That said Melee was the one that felt like the biggest leap over its predecessor, with amazing character models and so much more to do than 64. Melee must have been my most-played multiplayer game ever, and even though Brawl had even more crammed in, I guess it just didn't keep me coming back like Melee.

'Wii U' is looking good though, but the problem is these days it's a bit harder to get people in a room to actually play it.

So judging from this and the Mario Kart poll it looks like the Wii U console itself is shaping up to be a fan favourite...just a shame it hasn't caught on with the other 90% of gamers