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Wed 8th Apr 2009

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Radixxs commented on Molyneux: "I Struggle To See Anything Amazing ...:

You had to have known this un-newsworthy article would have been the perfect bait for frivolous arguing. Next we'll be reporting about what someone saw Michael Pachter wearing in the elevator, or what Miyamoto had for breakfast.



Radixxs commented on Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS):

This honestly looks like Super Mario 3D Land for Paper Mario in terms of reusing the series' ideas and having no story or anything actually new. Except for the stickers of course, which look to be more annoying than anything.



Radixxs commented on GAME Mobile App Suggests That Nintendo ID Is O...:

@TysonQ7 I thought that was only GameStops in North America? Assuming so, unless they only care about selling 250,000 or so preorders, I don't think holding out on the basic information of the console's online capabilities 2 weeks before launch is very smart at all.



Radixxs commented on Feature: Spooky Levels For Surprising Frights:

I learned about the origins of the religious melting pot that is Halloween today, and it was far from pointless. Actually quite interesting. What is now a "cheap costume candy-fest" started as 3-4 different traditional festivities in different cultures that were fused together eventually. I could go on, but it seems rather "pointless" here.



Radixxs commented on Review: Samurai G (3DS eShop):

Ahem. If you don't want bias, then I suggest you stop reading reviews. Accusing a reviewer of being generally 'biased' is the most ridiculous argument someone could make, as a review without bias or opinion is simply a list of the game's features. The review isn't titled 'rayword45's Review,' and therefore it doesn't need to reflect your opinion or 'bias.'



Radixxs commented on Factory Fire Will Not Affect Wii U Production:

Thank god no Wii Us were put in danger, I'm not sure I could've gone to sleep tonight knowing that those little dream boxes were harmed. You can replace sweatshop workers, but not Wii U consoles.