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shazeobock commented on Nintendo Download: 24th September (North America):

When do we get StarTropics, NOA?! EU already has 1 and 2 added to Wii U VC...

I loved the game as a kid, but had to use a Game Genie to cheat towards the end. Some of those insta-deaths (wrong direction leap or wrong door) and cheap enemy kills (durn aliens) were brutal. I'm looking forward to tackling this game again with Save States at the ready!

I want to go to CoralCola again!



shazeobock commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Mike Jones from StarTropics! Baseballs, baseball bat, bola, not to mention his trusty Yo-yo. Final Smash could be a culmination of yo-yo upgrades throughout the battle from yo-yo to shooting star to grabbing the smash ball for "SUPER NNNNNOVA!" The worse you're doing, throughout the stage, the quicker these upgrades to the yo-yo happen? Taunts would be 1) bananas in ears, 2) flicking his yo-yo around, 3) point and swing bat and 4) ROB (from the submarine) materializing, giving advice, blinking his "eyes" in the process.



shazeobock commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


I read your post from earlier and, with my own frustrations, is what help spur me to call Nintendo. They need to hear from their fans, from the people "live on location" so to speak, this is why I did it and I'm hoping more do as well!

Everything regarding the Amiibos has been frustrating and it doesn't have to be that way. A recent article that Nintendo released shows that they have numbers, who sells the best, who sells the least, even sales numbers from regions! If I remember correctly, 70% of all Amiibo sales are in the US. I'm not a sales and marketing expert (I only took one marketing class in college), but those kind of numbers would be telling me, that we REALLY need to feed this base more Amiibos.

You're right with the wasted opportunity for both Nintendo and their fans. Being a Nintendo fan is full of it's ups and downs. It seems for every brilliant idea they come up with lately, there's been two that just bring you down. I love Nintendo and have been extremely supportive of them for years, pumping quarters into arcade games to firing up the NES and growing up with the Game Boy. It seemed like Nintendo was extremely connected to the fans at the time, likely just trying to figure out what to make next; they produced, we bought and connected with them more and more (brand impressions): watches, books, party supplies, clothing, bath materials, anything you can imagine! As they got larger, gaming became more than just a niche hobby and as technology progressed, they seem to have become less and less in tune with their actual customers. This isn't to say they haven't done a great job at branding themselves; we all still love their characters and their games! Nintendo just seems to have lost connection and have missed a lot of valuable opportunities.



shazeobock commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

For those upset about how Nintendo is treating the Amiibo "shortage" (ie. pre-ordering), you should call Nintendo's Customer Service number: 1-800-255-3700. Select 5 (promotions or general game/console questions) and then 4 (console or game (ie. Amiibo) availability).

I spent the last 30 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep and explained my dissatisfaction of only getting 2 of the 8 Wave 4 Amiibos (coming from someone who wants to collect them all) and finding out most were sold out before I even knew they were for sale (coming from someone who reads the buzz all the time, everyday about new Nintendo product). The rep stated that even he has been frustrated getting Amiibos. He doesn't go out of his way to get them but would collect more if he saw more in store.

I understand there are logistics to overcome: how much to stock, how much space to sell in store, what other product to take away to make the space and more. We're on Wave 4. Nintendo has had the opportunity (ie. time, sales) to re-evaluate how they distribute these and how the process works. Nintendo could have changed the way pre-orders work: instead of creating x number of units and then selling pre-orders, they could take the pre-orders and adjust units. Retailers could pre-authorize credit cards for sale and people would only need to pick-up. It takes the risk out of overproducing when you have these two procedures in place. Not only that but this information could be kept in case the production run fell short - the items would be backordered, just like how a lot of things used to work years ago. You would still get your product; it'll just take a little longer.

There is another solution and maybe DeNA will be able to help them with this aspect: catch up to the 21st century. If I want to buy a video game console, I can do so from nearly anywhere on any connected device. I could go to Sony or Microsoft's websites and purchase brand new, in-box consoles. Nintendo only offers refurbished items that have come back to them; not even, in-stock, in-the-store-now, brand new items! I tried making myself very clear to the Nintendo service rep that, if Nintendo actually created a website to purchase any/all of their products, regardless of price (MSRP so as not to upset retailers) and product availability (item is sold out, backordered, but will be back by x-date), people will buy things from them! When someone has to go out of their way, REALLY deviate from their normal life to find a new-in-store Nintendo item (stay up to 3am to purchase an Amiibo, drive through a snow storm to get Rosalina, visit a store because chaos reigns on a website that is temporarily shut down), this is unhealthy to that business and the people that participate in its ventures.

Nintendo's been in the game for a long time. I'm a pretty loyal fan, as I think most people on this site are. They need to re-evaluate how they interact with their fans, the people that actually spend money on their product and not just try to appease their stock holders. I WANT to open my wallet more to Nintendo, but they just don't seem to want my money.



shazeobock commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

I, for one, was disappointed with Nintendo's lack of releasing the regular New 3DS. I like the original's size and it fits so well for portability and in my hands that I naturally had my heart set on purchasing the regular New 3DS. I won't be purchasing a New 3DS XL and the "rat race" of limited edition models don't tantalize me.

Personally, I think Nintendo will slowly phase out the old 3DS XL first, leaving only the 2DS and the New 3DS XL, bringing the stock placement down to two handheld systems. I would guess this will happen between now and next February. In this time, the New 3DS XL will have the benefit of gaining a few extra exclusive games not playable on the original 3DS XL and the coveted holiday season where lots of kids will be wanting the latest handheld from their parents.

As this phase completes, and if Nintendo sees demand/interest for the New 3DS XL system starting to wane or game/system sales seem slow in general for that time of year, they may decide to put the "shot in the arm" - that is introduce the regular New 3DS and its faceplates, bringing the choices back up to three, where confusion between products will be less likely. You'll only be able to choose the 2DS, New 3DS and 3DSXL. It's possible this might not happen until E3 or Christmas of 2016. On top of this, production costs will have gone down on the regular New 3DS because it's been produced in large quantities elsewhere in the world.

This is just a gut feel and an opinion. Nintendo might surprise us with the regular New 3DS if enough people make noise asking for it, but they have always drummed to their own beat. (Remember how long it took for Operation Rainfall.) Nintendo doesn't readily listen to their fan-base, as impassioned and willing to spend money, as it is. The company does what it wants based on it's own market research, goals, committee meetings and stock interests. Nintendo doesn't owe us anything if they feel it's in their best interest, at the moment, not to release a particular system.

Again, as a previous opinion on this site had stated, vote with your wallet. You might not be able to get the system you want right away - a shiny new toy! - but if you ride out the wait time, Nintendo may yet release the system you want.

Waiting - it's always the hardest part...



shazeobock commented on Rumour: Upcoming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

@SteveButler2210 Before yesterday's update there were 74 DLC tracks and 6 DLC characters bringing everything to about $80 plus tax. All of the tracks have been tempting but I've been finding myself picking and choosing most of the non-Final Fantasy tracks so I don't wipe myself out of cash too quickly. I just wish Square-Enix would drop the price of the DLC a couple of years from the last DLCs release, even if it were by ten cents. They'd still be making a profit anyway. At least with this version of Theatrhythm, you can listen to the DLC in the music player; not so with the previous game.



shazeobock commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

Wasn't there some kind of Wi-fi Transfer feature to PC for pics, sound, video, etc. that the New 3DS was supposed to sport? If this is the case, the only real reason you'd need to access the slot is to upgrade the card. A lot of cellphones have this now where you have to slide off the back cover. Inconvenient, sure, but when you have a way of pulling files off and backing them up without the need of removing the card (ie. Wi-fi), I don't think this is a deal-breaker.



shazeobock commented on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Announ...:

@Tsuchinoko Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up! I was pretty disappointed when I first downloaded some DLC in the first Theatrhythm and noticed it didn't come up as a playable option in the Music Player. If you're paying $0.99 per song it should at least give you the option to play it like an MP3 alongside actually playing it in game mode.

The first game was pretty awesome - I stopped playing it regularly to play other games but I still pick it up from time-to-time to complete more achievements. I'm looking forward, even more now, to Curtain Call now that you've confirmed DLC music player playback and DLC previewing! Thanks!



shazeobock commented on Nintendo Bringing Pokémon to the Midwest Gami...:

Totally cool! I'm looking forward to going and to hear that Nintendo is going to be there now? REPRESENT! I've gone the last two years and haven't been disappointed. Great speakers, awesome place to get Spotpasses (seriously, checking every few minutes to clear the queue), not to mention lots of games to play and buy. What's not to love?! Now if only the RetroN5 would have come out like they announced at last years' show. A little 'Mon action on the GBA player would be cool.



shazeobock commented on Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's ...:

Thanks for the unboxing! Personally, I would have ripped the boxes open (ever so carefully) like a box of cereal with a toy inside. Your restrained enthusiasm was quite enjoyable and entertaining! Most McDonald's I've gone to you can purchase the toys separately without the food. Now, if these Happy Meals would just come to the US... We just had Adventure Time and Peabody and Sherman toys recently. I hope Mario's coming soon!



shazeobock commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

I totally agree with this article. I don't know how many occasions I would have bought a soundtrack to a game if one was available here in the states. I've imported a few soundtracks through Amazon and its vendors but it would be nice if Nintendo would just release these stateside, either physically for more or less on Amazon and/or iTunes. I've emailed Club Nintendo to offer more soundtracks several times now (at least it would be an easier way to "buy" them) but I usually get the same response in that my message will "noted."



shazeobock commented on Weirdness: Hackers Use NES Pad To Drive Car:

This is both cool (real life Rad Racer!) and kind of scary at the same time.

From a non-gaming standpoint: With lots of cars being made with internet-compatible capabilities, I imagine Darpa is trying to get ahead of the game where other people could "hijack" controls in vehicles. Imagine where someday your car can drive autonomously without your input (similar to a Google car). Now imagine someone with malicious intent suddenly able to "hack" your vehicle because its online enabled and connected to an satellite with your exact location. So many horrible scenarios seem to unfold in the imagination. Celebrities, politicians and other people of great importance to society will need to have greater security in their car's online capabilities. Car companies and manufacturers will need to think ahead to stem these possibilities. Existing hacking events in recent history have already proven security may be a problem someday in the average car.

By the way, sorry to be a downer to the board on this topic. As quoted above: "We would love for everyone to start having a discussion about this, and for manufacturers to listen and improve the security of cars." I just think it's important to share ideas like this besides the normal "Oooo! Cool! Driving with an NES controller!"



shazeobock commented on Rumour: Nintendo May Cut Wii Price to $150 Nex...:

Actually, a price cut could also mean Nintendo is trying to get both a 3DS AND a Wii into it's customers hands. Nintendo could be working on an update to the Wii to make interfacing between the console and the handheld. The Wii menu and feature set is certainly in need of an update! What better time to introduce new features to the Wii, when also introducing (unlocking) the online components (3DSWare, Internet Browser, etc.) of the 3DS?