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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Homer_Simpson commented on Nintendo Download: 14th February 2013 (Europe):

What's the purpose of re-reviewing Castlevania for the 3DS eShop? That's very thorough of NL but shouldn't the original review still apply?

ps. I think you should add the ability to select multiple options in the poll. Obviously a free title will skew results massively.



Homer_Simpson commented on How Many Levels of Breakout Is Enough?:

This actually looks...ok. Much better than I was expecting with that name. And it looks like the levels are actually unique, rather than randomised like those in AlphaBounce. Still not enough to persuade me to get it, but it at least looks like a fair amount of effort was put into this.



Homer_Simpson commented on Site News: Nintendo Life's eShop Appearance:

Great work guys! Fantastic to see nlife getting the recognition it deserves, I've been following you guys since before the vc-reviews days (You were called vc-archives, right?). I'll buy Gargoyle's Quest now because of this. Keep up the great work!



Homer_Simpson commented on NES Ambassador Games Available in Europe Now:

I've been able to download them in Australia. For some reason they appeared on the 2nd page of the 'Titles You've Downloaded' tab. Nintendo really needs a better way of distributing these so everyone they're available to knows about them.



Homer_Simpson commented on Guides: 3DS eShop Update FAQ:

You will need to find the product within the eShop, follow the process as if to purchase and you will notice that the download button now says ‘Re-Download’

Or in the settings section of the eShop, there is a button which takes you to all the games you have bought.



Homer_Simpson commented on More Details on Pokedex 3D Come into Focus:

How are we meant to get these 'AR markers?' Does Nintendo expect us to buy then? I hope not, but not really sure that would work anyway cause there isn't anything stopping anyone from just posting an image of the code on the Internet.



Homer_Simpson commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May 2011 (North America):

Is the DS version of Chrono Trigger notably better/ worse than the original? My local games store is selling it for cheap, only about twice the price it'll cost me to download, and I've always preferred having physical copies of games. Which should I go for?



Homer_Simpson commented on Podcast: Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!:

Yeah, and it was the most interesting part of the podcast. It was more of an interview than a discussion though, what I'm suggesting is to get several NL staff and users to participate in a structured discussion of recent Nintendo news. I've had experience running podcasts before, if you get the right mix of people it can make for a really entertaining listen.
This is just a suggestion though of course, you guys are doing a fantastic job as is but I can't help but think a disussion section could really add to the podcast..



Homer_Simpson commented on Podcast: Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!:

Any chance you guys could cut the music when you're talking? I find it to be very distracting. Also, you're doing a great job but I think a non-scripted discussion section could make the podcast more interesting. Get a couple of NL staff and a couple of members and then just run through a list of discussion points, I think that'd work great. And all you need to do it is Skype....



Homer_Simpson commented on Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!:

There's a lot of content, so I'd say if you like the game it's definitely worth it. And it's certainly a very enjoyable game when played under the right conditions, which thankfully seem to be easier to find than other DSi camera games.



Homer_Simpson commented on Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!:

It's actually very decent. The handheld play works a lot better than the table top play, and while it's not perfect, under the right conditions it does a very good job. There's also a nice sense of progression, with a very Mario 64 esque way of doing things (a few different objectives for each level, completing enough unlocks another level). Overall, better than I thought.
Also I'm pretty sure the Island level is a very basic
representation of Wuhu island, which I think is awesome.



Homer_Simpson commented on PilotWings Resort:

Hmm...mixed feelings about this. I've been waiting ages for a new PilotWings game, but this is just set on the Wii fit/ Wii Sports Resort island, which you could already fly over in WSR. Ehh..



Homer_Simpson commented on Nintendo Download: 11th June 2010 (Europe):

Argggh, Tales in a Box didn't come out in Australia. I even loaded up 1000 points this morning to get it! Definitely should've checked if it had actually come out here first, lesson learned.
I wonder if there's any chance of it coming to Australia in the future..



Homer_Simpson commented on DSiWare to get Hacked and Slashed by Zenonia:

I actually think the iPhone version is overrated. It's repetitive, slow, badly translated and has a pretty poor inventory system. I haven't played the sequel but I hear it's better...I wonder if that will come to DsiWare?



Homer_Simpson commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

I'm really artistically challenged, so for me, this is good. It's only 5 seconds long but it took me around 8 hours to make it...hopefully you've seen the show '24' before....
Get the Flash Player to see this player.



Homer_Simpson commented on Nintendo Download: Driift Mania, The Three Mus...:

Hmmm....Guitar Rock Tour has a 'premium' badge in the store, but it costs 500 points. Strange, maybe it was supposed to be put up for 800. I downloaded it and unfortuantely I don't think it is even worth 500....there aren't even vocals in the game!



Homer_Simpson commented on Punch-Out!! Gets Date Down Under:

It's about time, damnit. I think this year has been NOAustralia's weakest year for releasing games in a long time...for a while there we were getting nearly all games at the same time as the UK, some even before. It's dissapointing.



Homer_Simpson commented on Review: Grand Slam Tennis (Wii):

I hated this the first couple of times I played it, then I realised you have to centre the remote after every shot. Now I absolutely love it, probably the best tennis game I've ever played. It definitely does have its faults though, so a sequel could be even better.