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Tue 19th Apr 2011

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RudysaurusRex commented on Rumour: Terraria is Making Its Way to Wii U an...:

@Jayvir Starbound is cooler in concept imo, but Terraria is really way better. It's finished, for one. On top of that there are hundreds of hours of gameplay to be had in one play through, with multiple different routes of progression. Starbound can be finished in less than two hours.



RudysaurusRex commented on Review: Thomas Was Alone (Wii U eShop):

@KJ85 Those are all very nit-picky. The levels are short. Oh well. And if you play it off of a hard-drive, of course it is going to be slower. That's what happens when you use a hard-drive. It is better that it skips a few frames than take 2 minutes to load.