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  • Random Runner Injects Flappy Bird Code into Super Mario World

    An interesting work of sacrilege

    The ability to practically program code into Super Mario World through the use of glitches opens up all sorts of possibilities, some definitely more bizarre than others. Just look toward speedrunner and tinkerer Sethbling, who managed to turn Mario into a Flappy Bird clone. Sethbling injected the code using...

  • News Nintendo Seeks a Trademark for Mario Coin Sound

    Going for gold

    It's one of gaming's most iconic sounds, immediately recognisable to millions around the world. When Mario picks up a coin or bashes one out of a block there's a classic two-note jingle. You know the one. It's used very widely, but not just by Nintendo. It appears in pop culture in videos, podcasts and music, including our own...

  • Soapbox It's too Early to Judge Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Is there a colour for disappointment?

    Paper Mario: Color Splash has been grossly panned by many disappointed fans, and considering how mixed the response was to its predecessor Sticker Star, it's understandable that any hallmarks of that game would illicit this response. Nevertheless, this video maker feels it's far too early to be passing such...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Favourite Mario Spin-Offs

    The mascot's about more than platforming

    This past week brought us Mario Day, or 'Mar10 Day' as Nintendo of America promotes it. Goofy campaign it may be, but it's nevertheless an excuse to celebrate the mascot and his many, many games. Having already extensively covered the series for its 30th Anniversary and having considered our favourites out...

  • Poll Which Is The Best Mario Spin-Off Series or Game?

    There are so many...

    Nintendo of America is keen for today to be 'Mar10 Day', a charming little spin on date conventions which doesn't have the same ring to it elsewhere - it's 10Mar day in the UK, for example, which isn't anywhere near as catchy. With a cute video to celebrate and some social media shenanigans afoot, it is at least an opportunity...

  • Video Today Is Officially Mar10 Day

    Mario goes marching on

    Today is Nintendo's equivalent to Star Wars' May 4th, in that March 10th marks the official day for its mascot, dubbed "Mar10 Day" (get it?!). Nintendo has acknowledged this by producing a video on its YouTube channel, so have a watch and let us know if you were charmed by it like this writer was. How will you spend Mar10...

  • Video Take a Tour of Super Mario Maker's Key Update and All its New Features

    The pun train keeps rolling

    Super Mario Maker version 1.6 has arrived on all our Wii U systems, and what a delightful update it is. We decided it was so lovely that it was worth showcasing everything that's new this time around and what better way to do it than an unscripted video where the host stumbles over his words every nine seconds? Check out...

  • News Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Gets a Summer Release Date for Wii U

    Nintendo shows off Sevens rugby, too

    Mario and Sonic used to be arch enemies, but now they settle their differences in sporting competitions. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is the next in this sports-crossover series, and will be hitting the Wii U on 24th June, following the closer arrival of the 3DS version. Footage showed off two...


  • Video Learning How Mario Teaches Us the Basics

    PBS Game/Show continues its series

    Last week we shared the first episode of a neat mini-series from the PBS Game/Show YouTube channel, which aims to break down and explain the secrets to the great design in Super Mario games. Episode 1 looked at 'hidden language', while episode two looks at the manga-inspired structure in these games. Those that...

  • Video PBS Game/Show Aims to Break Down the Design Genius of Super Mario

    Starting with its 'hidden language'

    Most of us instinctively know when we're playing a game with fantastic design - it feels right and works to our instincts to teach us how to play. Unsurprisingly the Super Mario series is often cited as a key example of game design that's simple to understand but with complexity underneath the surface. It's held...

  • Video Check Out This Amazing Blindfolded Completion of Super Mario Bros.

    Three months of practice, cleared in less than 15 minutes

    We've seen some hugely impressive speedruns and game clearance feats in recent times, whether it's beating games with unconventional controllers, clearing multiple games at once or setting record times. Blindfolded runs are also fantastic to watch, and Japanese YouTuber...




  • 90


    Review Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

    This Mario mashup is a real jam

    Though it came as a bit of a surprise, quietly tucked away into Nintendo's Digital Event during E3 earlier this year, fans of RPG silliness have been anticipating the crossover of a lifetime since the announcement of AlphaDream's latest adventure. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (known simply as Mario & Luigi:...

  • Random Check Out the Most Expensive Super Mario Watch in the World

    It only costs as much as a new car

    As some of you watch connoisseurs may be aware, Romain Jerome is a fine watch manufacturer that develops wristwatches for rich people. After all, nothing says "I make way more money than you," like a handmade watch crafted from crocodile skin, parts of the original Apollo 11 space shuttle, ISS spacesuit fibres, and...

  • Video We Gawk at the Contents of Nintendo UK's Super Mario Box

    Unboxing a box

    A little while ago we pointed out that Nintendo UK's official store is offering a Limited Edition Super Mario Box as part of the mascot's 30th Anniversary celebrations. It's only in the UK and costs £29.99, but is it worth it? Well, probably not if you already own the classic colour Super Mario 30th Anniversary amiibo, but if you...

  • News Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its Most Eye-Catching Yet

    If only we knew how to play

    As we all know, Nintendo started out making playing cards - Hanafuda cards, to be precise - and although the company's focus has changed over the years, it has maintained a link with its past by producing special Hanafuda packs. The latest set is possibly the most visually alluring yet, and uses classic Super Mario...

  • Video Take a Look at This Super Mario Mod for Sonic Generations

    Looks surprisingly polished

    For those of you that aren't part of the PC gaming world, you may not be too familiar with mods. Basically free, fan-created DLC, mods can put an interesting spin and add significant value to the base game that they're made for. It's gotten to the extent that certain mods have become more popular than the game they've...






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