This week has been an incredibly exciting one for gaming fans, with Xbox, PlayStation and (technically) Nintendo all launching new systems in the space of three days.

Now, it may not be a fancy pants, next-gen system like the Xbox Series X and PS5, but Nintendo's brand new Game & Watch: Super Mario Edition is still something to celebrate. The console sees the return of the company's classic line of handheld electronics which first released in the '80s, and is naturally the first console to arrive in the series for a very, very long time.

The new Game & Watch is out today, and while you poor folks in the US have had it rough when it comes to pre-orders, the console is scheduled to remain on sale until 31st March 2021. If you haven't managed to grab one for yourself just yet, keep trying!

We'll hand it over to you to share any thoughts or memories you have with Nintendo's Game & Watch line in the comments, and feel free to check out our video feature on the history of Game & Watch below.