Super Mario Hori ControllerAmazon

Japanese peripheral maker Hori is releasing another Super Mario D-Pad Joy-Con for $24.99 on 23rd November.

This controller is restricted to handheld use and cuts a number of features such as Bluetooth, Gyrosensor, HD rumble, the battery and the SL/SR buttons. Obviously, it's not compatible with the Switch Lite. Here's the official description:

Give your Nintendo Switch that classic feel with the d-pad Controller (L) by Hori. Made for the gamer on the go, The d-pad Controller (L) is great for d-pad intensive titles, where Lightning accuracy counts such as NES and SNES classics on Nintendo Switch Online and your favorite Nintendo Switch platforming, puzzles, and fighting games. For portable mode only. Officially Licensed by Nintendo

This item is available to pre-order from Amazon right now:

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Super Mario Hori ControllerAmazon

Hori previously released a different Super Mario D-Pad design, and has also released Legend of Zelda and Pikachu themed ones. You can read more about this controller in our hardware review.

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