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Image: ghidraninja

Nintendo's new Super Mario Game & Watch isn't officially out until tomorrow, but as we've already reported, some lucky people have gotten theirs early – and one such individual has been tearing the thing apart all day to find out precisely what makes it tick.

Hacker stacksmashing has been posting their findings throughout the course of the day, with the primary aim of discovering if this new handheld can be hacked to run other programs. A Y-type screwdriver was required to actually gain access to the machine's innards, but once inside, it was discovered that this particular Game & Watch is powered by an STM32H7B0VBT6 chipset, which comprises of an ARM Cortex-M7, 128 KBytes Flash and 1024 KBytes of RAM.

A quick test found that the machine does have basic security which prevents the firmware from being dumped, but stacksmashing is continuing to pick the machine part to find a way in.

It's worth noting that the machine is dumping NES ROMs into RAM to play them, so we'd imagine there's an excellent chance that you'll be able to turn the Super Mario Game & Watch into a portable NES in the future.

It's even hinted that, once the process is complete, hackers could fix the language error the unit ships with:

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