Nintendo's first major release of 2021 is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. This Wii U port - with a little bit extra tacked on - will be arriving next month on 12th February.

To build up some excitement ahead of the game's launch, Nintendo has sent its teaser webpage live - with the "full site" coming soon. While there's not much to look at right now, further down the page is a brief line about the expansion Bowser's Fury, informing fans to keep an eye out for more information soon:

"Stay tuned for more details about this action-packed addition to the game!"

With the game arriving early next month, this leaves very little time to detail what this new addition is all about - so hopefully Nintendo releases a trailer (at the very least) explaining what exactly this "action-packed" add-on is all about.

The teaser site also confirms the Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo will unlock power-ups. One other new feature is the inclusion of online multiplayer - meaning it should be easier than ever to team up with family and friends.

Will you be returning to Super Mario 3D World on Switch? What are you expecting from Bowser's Fury? Tell us below.