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  • Hardware Review N64 Hori Mini Pad

    Better get this controller in a Hori

    The original Nintendo 64 controller proved to be quite divisive as far as gamepads are concerned. With its peculiar three-pronged design – which was partly borne out of Nintendo’s fear that 3D gaming might not take off – camera buttons and novel Z-trigger, the controller was the perfect tool for fully...


  • News Hori Releasing Wii U Arcade Stick In The UK This December

    Not the prettiest, but will do the job

    Last week it was revealed that Hori is releasing a Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition fight stick in Japan, alongside the Wii U's launch on 8th December. We were hoping that this would be available in the West, and today Nintendo Gamer confirmed that one will indeed be making its way to the UK; but sadly...


  • News Hori Set To Release Wii U Arcade Stick At Launch

    Fight 'em up arcade style

    For all you fighting fanatics out there, Hori is going to release a Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition fight stick this December, alongside the Wii U launch in Japan. To use the stick it'll need to be plugged into a Wii Remote, simply like you would use a Classic Controller; it'll set you back ¥7980 (approximately...


  • News Official Metal Gear Solid 3DS Accessories Grip Europe

    Up your 3DS camo index

    With Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D out in six weeks, your thoughts might be turning to how you can camouflage your console to get in the espionage spirit, and Hori has it covered. The official Metal Gear Solid 3D accessory set is out in Europe on 24th February, a few weeks before the game, and includes a military-style...


  • News Hori's Mario Kart 7 3DS Wheel Is UK-Bound

    Plastic fantastic?

    Mario Kart 7 launches in Europe this Friday, hoping to emulate the storming sales success of Mario Kart Wii, with a peripheral to match. Hori's Mario Kart 7 steering wheel will be available across the country in December. Essentially it works along the same lines as the Wii Wheel: clip your 3DS console into place, activate the...


  • News Hands-On: Hori 3DS Compact Pouch

    Always carry protection around with you

    When it comes to video game carrying cases, few companies consistently roll out products as high in quality as Hori. Not only are their DS and PSP cases favourites among gamers looking for something sturdy and protective to carry their favourite portable game system around in, but their cases are also...


  • News Colour Me Bad With These New DSi Hori Protect Cases

    Want one of those fancy new colours that Japan has, but don't want to import?

    In Japan, in addition to the current White and Black models, the DSi was recently released in three brand new colors: Pink, Lime Green, and Metallic Blue. If you want one of these new colors, you could always import, but this complicates things - language barrier, different Shop Channel, and the region lock on upcoming..


  • News Wii Fit Gets Its Own Wii Mat

    The Wii is looking more and more like a successor to Reebok's STEP fitness system

    Despite confirmation from many sites (including us) that the Wii Balance Board is perfectly stable on even the most polished wooden floors, Nintendo has nevertheless endorsed the production of what can only be described as the most bizarre videogame accessory we’ve ever seen. And yes, we include the Power Glove in..