Bonk! *game over music plays*
Image: Nintendo, via Gaming Reinvented

Super Mario Sunshine is finally available to play on a modern console thanks to the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and just as it did in the early 2000s, it's absolutely doing everyone's head in.

As those of you who have played the game will know, a number of levels feature moments that feel slightly unfair, with the familiar Game Over tune blasting out of your speakers out of no real fault of your own. One of those levels is Ricco's Harbor's sixth episode, Red Coins on the Water, where you have to – perhaps unsurprisingly – collect the Red Coins which are hovering over the water.

The problem here is that once you've collected your eight red coins by surfing on your chosen Blooper, you must accurately jump onto the correct part of the original platform full of Bloopers to touch your well-deserved Shine Sprite. Get this even slightly wrong, and all that hard work goes to waste.

Thankfully, you can actually safely jump off your Blooper in other areas, allowing you to calmly head over and collect your Shine Sprite without fear of crashing into something. You can see two ways of doing this in the video below from Gaming Reinvented: you can either jump onto the Rocket Nozzle box to make Mario jump off the Blooper, or crash into one of the Piantas in a rubber ring to bounce the Blooper out of existence. The latter is probably the easiest.

And voilà! If this level's been causing you problems, hopefully this will help. Interestingly, you can actually complete the level without riding a Blooper at all, although this is particularly tricky.

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