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  • News This Gorgeous Bayonetta 2 Art Book Hits Western Stores Later This Year

    Pre-order available now

    A few years ago, coinciding with the game's initial launch on Wii U, an art book for Bayonetta 2 was released in Japan. An English translation of the book has since been in the works and western buyers should be able to get their hands on a copy very soon. The book, titled 'The Eyes of Bayonetta 2', features all the...

  • Feature Meet The Man Who's Turning Video Games Into 3D Works Of Art

    "I had to follow my heart and find what makes me happy"

    Of the many ways in which video game fans can pay tribute to their favourite titles, Steven Charles Gauntley's 3D "shadow box" pictures are one of the most visually appealing we've yet seen. Gauntley creates these unique, limited edition pictures via his company 8-Bit Boutique, and also...

  • Random Making Giant Pokémon Art From Rubik's Cubes

    Gotta solve 'em all

    We see a lot of artists take on the world of Pokémon here at Nintendo Life - just a quick ponder online will bring up dozens of super-talented people getting their masterpieces down on paper - but we don't usually see anyone using Rubik's Cubes. These images, uploaded by Twitter user epee415, show the awesome art pieces...





  • Art These Fantasy Nintendo Hardware Breakdowns Are Just Magical

    NES, SNES, Game Boy, DS and more get opened up (kind of)

    Consoles like the NES, SNES and Game Boy may just be fashioned from circuit boards, chips and plastic, but they're a portal to a seemingly limitless world of possibilities and will, for many players, have provided a wondrous backdrop for entire childhoods. London-based artist Jing Zhang was...

  • News Legendary Cover Artist Bob Wakelin Passes Away

    Leaving behind a legacy of amazing covers

    It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Bob Wakelin, one of the most prolific video game cover artists of his generation. The name might not be familiar - especially if you're reading this in North America - but Wakelin's creations will be instantly recognisable. A one-time Marvel UK...


  • News The Art of Shantae Launches Sometime in 2018


    Shantae is a series that owes a lot of its success to the Nintendo audience; it’s always felt like something of a second party game to a certain degree. And with the latest success of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on the Wii U and Switch, that series has no doubt been gradually accruing a much larger fanbase. As something of a gift to...




  • Art Xenoblade Chronicles Demake - Going Back to the 16-bit Era

    It's still Reyn time

    Earlier this week we shared some rather handsome Banjo-Kazooie reimagined as a Mario RPG artwork, as the first of what we plan to be daily posts celebrating amazing fan art. Now we have more pixel art, this time in honour of an iconic Wii / New 3DS title. AbyssWolf on DeviantArt - real name Daniel Oliver - was recommended to us...

  • Art Banjo-Kazooie Reimagined in the Mario RPG Style

    It's a bear necessity

    As a daily treat this year we're going to take a little time to step away from wondering about how leaky Nintendo has become, and simply focus on some lovely fan-made art. We've occasionally shared some stand-out examples in the past, but now we want to make it a daily occurrence; the only objective is to highlight some cool...


  • News You'll Want This Sonic The Hedgehog Art Book On Your Coffee Table

    Shipping April 2017

    Sonic turned 25 this year, and Sega marked the occasion by confirming that the popular character would be getting two new outings next year, one of which is the gorgeous-looking Sonic Mania. Art house Cook & Becker also has something special for fans of the Blue Blur coming next year - a coffee table book which shows off a...



  • Random The Nintendo Switch Sure Makes A Cute Looking Pooch Plushie


    When Nintendo lifted the lid on its new Switch console last week it triggered a lot of questions. Does it have a touchscreen? How long will the battery last? What are those tiny, tiny pads going to be like when you've been gaming for six hours straight? And why does the assembled Joy-Con controller look like a dog? That final question is one...

  • Weirdness Russian Illustrators Create The Pokémon Of Your Nightmares

    "Squirtle is the demon of ocean depths and failed trips to sea"

    While there are some seriously creepy Pokémon lurking in the ever-expanding Pokédex, most are relatively cute and cuddly, such as Pikachu, Vulpix and Snorlax. Possibly wishing to redress the balance a little, Russian Illustrators Boris and Daria Sokolovsky - otherwise known as...



  • News The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Is Coming to the West

    'Akira Himekawa' confirms Viz Media will take up publication

    A while ago it was confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would have its own manga. At the time it was only pinned down for a Japanese release, but Akira Himekawa - the combined name for the two artists behind many of these franchise manga - has since outed it as being...

  • Art Meet The Famicube, The NES Successor That Only Exists In A Parallel Universe

    NES 1.5

    Given that Sony and Microsoft are chewing up the column inches with rumours of "updated" versions of their current consoles, it seems fitting that we should take a look at an amazing project by Swedish artist and programmer Arne Niklas Jansson for what he dubs "the NES 1.5" - a console which would have bridged the gap between the NES and...

  • News Someone Has Made A Rowlet Pokémon Plush Already

    Fans work fast

    The starter Pokémon featured in the forthcoming Sun & Moon were only revealed yesterday, but we've already seen fan art appear for Rowlet, Litten and Poppilo. This is impressive in itself, but one fan has gone to the next level by crafting an incredibly professional-looking pl



  • News Unleash Your Creative Side with Disney Art Academy

    Launching on 3DS in May 2016

    Grab your styluses! Disney Art Academy launches on May 13th for 3DS in North America, though Europeans will have to wait until 15th July. Using a variety of tools and enhancements, you can learn to draw characters such as Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Winnie the Pooh, and characters from Pixar's...

  • Random Fan Intends to Recreate All 721 Pokémon as Stained Glass Artwork

    Quite the undertaking

    Be it by artwork, music, or something else, many artists have found creative ways to express their love for their favorite games. Seeing as how it's the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, it's no surprise that there's been something of a surge in Pokémon related content that's appearing around the web. While this will no doubt...



  • Ninterview The History of Gaming, In Oil Paint

    We have a chat with Randy Gallegos about his gaming art

    If you've ever seen our Instagram account you'll know we love a bit of gaming art here at Nintendo Life. The majority of the art we come across is digital, however we recently came across the work of an American artist who does things a little differently. Artist Randy Gallegos has been...


  • Art Here's Another Western Take On The Legend Of Zelda's Link

    The Hero of Time is looking a bit more rugged (again)

    Last week, we featured some concept renders of Link from The Legend of Zelda created by 343 Industries character designer Kyle Hefley. Sporting a more mature and realistic look, it was an interesting mix between east and west. We've unearthed another piece of Link art and it shares some...



  • News Celebrate Super Mario World's 25th With These Stylish Prints

    Available in poster or postcard form

    Super Mario World launched alongside the Super Famicom on November 21st 1990, which makes this year the game's 25th birthday. Arguably one of the greatest video games ever made, this iconic platformer certainly deserves a bit of birthday celebration, and with that in mind Arkotype's Dan Clarke has created some...


  • Video Mario & Luigi Become Gods in This Lovely Japanese Painting

    Based on the Rimpa School of Art

    Nintendo has embarked upon various promotional activities for the 30th Anniversary of the Super Mario franchise, and this example from Japan is certainly one of the most appealing yet. It's a collaboration with the artist Taro Yamamoto, who is a skilled painter in the Rimpa style, a traditional approach that has...






  • Video Pixelated Recreation of The Simpsons Evokes Nostalgia

    Then it just gets freaky

    The Simpsons has been running long enough that its opening is firmly cemented in pop culture history, but Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon have decided to delve even deeper into the nostalgia centers of our brains by rendering it in pixel form. The video calls out a few classic game icons and tropes, certainly, but something...



  • News Artist Reimagines Nintendo Characters Through the Lens of Pulp Novels

    Dames, detectives, and plumbers with nothing to lose!

    The world of dime store novels retains such a fascinating nostalgic allure. Few really seem interested in the actual stories anymore, many of which were as cheaply written as their costs and just as trashy, but the best covers portray enough intrigue, danger, and taboo connotations to weave an...



  • News Pixel Paint Lands On North America’s Wii U eShop This Week In All Its Retro Glory

    Relive the pixelated past

    If you’ve ever wanted a tool outside of a regular computer program to assist you with the recreation of retro pixel art, then Pixel Paint – brought to you by developer and publisher Two Kernel Connection – might just be the game for you. Due out on the North American Wii U eShop on 30th October for the price of...

  • 3

    3DS eShop

    Review Painting Workshop

    Digital canvas

    The 3DS has continued to thrive as a result of its varied and expansive software catalogue, providing a one-stop-shop for RPG, platforming, and even action fans to find some really solid titles. It's not only that though, as the eShop has opened the door for smaller developers to release more subdued or technical affairs, be it music...









  • News Prolific Video Game Box Art Illustrator Greg Martin Passes Away

    Created covers for Sonic, Duck Tales 2, Adventure Island and many more

    The name Greg Martin may not mean anything to most gamers, but if you've been playing since the days of the NES then you will definitely have seen — and no doubt appreciated — his work. Martin created the amazing western covers for plenty of Sega and Nintendo games, such as...


  • News Check Out This Stained Glass Art With A Nintendo Twist

    Heart (container) of glass

    Let's be honest - when looking for festive gifts this year, an elaborate piece of stained glass artwork to hang in your cathedral / average-sized home might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, the gallery of Rick Daniels' work showcased on his Etsy site may be just enough to tempt you. A self-taught...

  • Weirdness Pokémon Cards Tell A Story of Family

    I've something in my eye...

    The Pokémon series practically glows with nostalgia and childhood memories for many of us, and Nintendo seems determined to find new ways to break through the cold, callous, adult exteriors of some to appeal to that sentiment again. With this surprisingly emotive trio of cards it may have done just that, so...

  • Weirdness Wii Love This Nintendo Polar Bear

    Fashioned entirely from Wii controllers

    Christmas is fast approaching, soon you'll see that Coca-Cola advert on TV, but what better way to get into the festive spirit than a Nintendo polar bear made from 142 pieces of Nintendo gaming history? John Lewis, famed for its lavish Christmas advertisements and decorations, has a new display at its...

  • Weirdness This Real-life Majora's Mask Is Incredible

    Majorly cool

    If you've ever played the sequel-of-sorts to the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, then you'll understand why owning your very own Majora's Mask might not be a very good idea. Much like The One Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien's classic The Lord of the Rings novels, or, more fittingly, the Fused Shadows from The Legend of...


  • News If Nintendo Did Make A Smartphone, We'd Want It To Look Like This

    Feast your eyes on these Famicom and Super Famicom phone mock-ups

    There have been calls for Nintendo to enter the mobile phone market for years, with some even going as far as to create 3D renders of what they believe a "Nintenphone" should look like. While the Kyoto company has so far resisted the urge to leap into the handset arena, if it does...

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