Image: Nintendo

Although Nintendo made it very clear "no game content would be featured" in its latest Direct presentation, there was some new stuff revealed on behalf of the "development team" by the creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto.

One of these items was a toy called Tokotoko Mario and it'll be exclusive to Super Nintendo World. Mario's Dad briefly elaborated on this item during the 15-minute livestream and noted how the team enjoyed making items like this alongside its regular video game releases.

There's some exclusive Super Mario merchandise that can only be purchased here. I'd like to show you one of those items - a special toy that the Nintendo development team created.

Here it is. It's called Tokotoko Mario. Mario starts walking around when you push him along, like this. No batteries are required. The development team paid close attention to his movesets as they produced it.

In addition to video games, the development team has been really enjoying making real-life items like this. We hope you like it.

So, case you were wondering, that's what Nintendo's "development team" has been up to as of late - they've been making new Mario toys for Super Nintendo World. In fact, there'll be two types, as shown on Nintendo's Japanese website. View the presentation to see the toy in motion.

In an interview with Famitsu earlier this year, Miyamoto said he wanted Nintendo's characters (including Mario) to go beyond video games, into a variety of different settings and give people more opportunities to make contact with these characters on a much larger scale than usual.

Tokotoko Mario will be available from the 1-UP Factory when Super Nintendo World opens its doors in Japan on 4th February 2021. Is this a toy you would like to add to your own Mario collection? Leave a comment down below.