Super Mario Sunshine© Nintendo

Update: And Nintendo of America has tweeted out the information featuring the new menu screens in English:

It seems that the update will be dropping in the West on 16th November — it's all about time zones, see?

As much as we enjoyed Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the absence of the option to invert the camera controls was something of a pain, especially when you consider that Super Mario Sunshine – one of the three games included in the package – featured inverted controls in its original release on the GameCube.

However, Nintendo has listened to its customers and has announced via its Japanese Twitter account that a forthcoming update will introduce the ability to invert the camera controls. Yay!

The update will allow you to reverse the camera controls not just in Super Mario Sunshine, but all three games included. Super Mario 3D All-Stars version 1.1.0 will go live on 17th November, so you'll have to wait until then before you can mess around with your camera options.