Super Mario Sunshine
Image: Nintendo, via @Mikochhi

The release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars serves as the perfect opportunity for younger gaming fans to experience classic Mario games for the first time, while also giving us older folk a chance to revisit some of our favourite titles. All three games in the release - Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy – are wonderful, but Sunshine is perhaps the most divisive.

Indeed, speaking to various Nintendo Life team members reveals that the game is by far the least enticing of the three to some, while others consider it to be a nostalgia-filled wonder. Even its biggest fans on the team can admit that it can be a frustrating, buggy mess at times, however, and plenty of players old and new are now discovering that for themselves.

A number of tweets from Sunshine players have found their way into our timeline over the past couple of days – sometimes owing to a pesky bug being on show, and other times thanks to players venting their frustrations at the game's occasionally wonky physics or unfair moments. We'd argue that these quirks make up part of Sunshine's charm, but that doesn't mean we haven't shouted at the screen on occasion.

Take a look through some of our favourites:

Have you been playing through Super Mario Sunshine? Have you encountered any frustrating moments? Let us know whether you love it or hate it in the comments below.