We wouldn't want to come up against this...
Image: Nintendo, via @inazuma0217tai1

If the thought of a screen full of pesky Lakitus makes you feel a bit queasy, you might want to look away now.

Super Mario Bros. 35 has introduced our favourite plumber's platforming to the super-addictive genre that is battle royale, pitting 35 players against one another as they fling enemies at each other's screens. For most of us, especially early on, matches are relatively tame at first, with the timer usually being the biggest hurdle on our way to success.

That changes dramatically when you find yourself stuck in a match against some of the game's best players, however. The clip below, shared online by Twitter user @inazuma0217tai1, shows the game at what we hope is its most extreme. It reaches Super Mario Maker levels of craziness, with enemies all over the screen and hardly any room to move.

Amazingly, despite the onslaught of enemies being thrown their way, the player manages to come away with a second-place finish. Part of us would be annoyed at not getting the win after putting all that effort in, but then again, we wouldn't have made it that far in the first place.

Have you been playing Super Mario Bros. 35? Have you come up against any situations like this? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to check out our guide of tips and tricks to Mario's new battle royale if you want a helping hand.