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  • News Nintendo And LEGO Reveal Brand New Super Mario Expansion Sets

    "launching early 2022"

    Following on from last week's surprise announcement of Luigi's Mansion sets, Lego has now revealed some exciting new Super Mario expansion sets. Nintendo shared this news on its social media accounts, which also confirms they'll be arriving early on in 2022. Check them out above and below. As you can see, some familiar faces...

Thursday4th Nov 2021

Wednesday3rd Nov 2021

Tuesday2nd Nov 2021

  • News Nintendo Has Now Shut Down Its Dr. Mario World Mobile Game

    "Thank you for everything!"

    Following on from shock announcement back in July, Nintendo has now officially shut down Dr. Mario World for mobile devices. When you boot the game up, you'll now receive an end-of-service notification. As previously revealed, Nintendo is also working on a webpage titled "Dr Mario World Memories" - allowing players to...

  • Random Chris Pratt Will Also Be The Voice Of Garfield

    "It's-a me...Garfield!"

    Nintendo and Illumination recently announced Chris Pratt would be taking over vocal duties for Mario in the upcoming animated movie due out in cinemas next year. It's a pretty big moment for Nintendo's Italian mascot, who up until now has been voiced by the legendary voice actor Charles Martinet. While Pratt himself has said...

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