Super Mario Maker

Nintendo has announced a discontinuation of online services for the original Super Mario Maker on Wii U, meaning players will no longer be able to upload their own courses.

The discontinuation comes into effect on 31st March 2021; from that date, it will "no longer be possible to upload courses" and on that same day, the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website will also close. Nintendo says that "it will still be possible to play courses uploaded before the service discontinuation."

That's not all, though, as the termination of these services also means that the game will be removed from sale on the Nintendo eShop. From 13th January 2021, you'll no longer be able to purchase a digital copy of the game from the Wii U's online store – you will, however, be able to redownload the title if you already own it.

In case you're worried, Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch will not be impacted.

Services that will end (Super Mario Maker - Wii U)

  • The ability to upload courses in Super Mario Maker for Wii U
  • The Super Mario Maker Bookmark website
    Due to this, the following features within the software’s Course World will also become unavailable:
    • Updating the ranking of liked courses
    • Looking up your bookmarked courses

Are you sad to see Super Mario Maker go? This digital age is a scary one, especially when major Mario releases are getting ripped down from stores.