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  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Wario Land: Shake It!

    Shake it off, shake it off, woo-ooo-OOO!

    Welcome back to another edition of Box Art Brawl, folks! Naturally, before we see who we've got entering the ring this week, let's see how things went down last time, shall we? Professor Layton and the Unwound Future was our pick of the week and we had three variations battle it out to claim victory...



  • News Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed The Wii's Lifetime Sales In The US

    Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom played a huge part

    Nintendo's Switch has just achieved another sales milestone. Although worldwide hardware sales of the hybrid system surpassed Wii sales some time ago, there's been an update in the US. According to new data from Circana (previously the NPD), US lifetime sales of Switch hardware have "finally" overtaken...

  • Guide Best First-Party Wii Games

    Nintendo's Wii games, as ranked by you

    Nintendo's Wii opened up the door to millions of people who had never tried a video game before, and its software library boasts some of the most varied and approachable gaming experiences of any of Nintendo's consoles, including many stone-cold classics in both the 'casual' and 'hardcore' categories from both...




  • News Dolphin Emulator Steam Release "Indefinitely Postponed"

    Update: Nintendo responds with statement

    Update #3 [Sat 3rd Jun, 2023 01:35 BST]: Valve spokesperson Kaci Aitchison Boyle has now issued a statement (via The Verge), noting how Valve was the one to inform Nintendo: Given Nintendo’s history of taking action against some emulators, we brought this to their attention proactively after the Dolphin...

  • Random Console Modder Creates A Fully Functional "Wii XL"

    Move over, 3DS XL

    There's a huge scene online invested in modding and recreating Nintendo's past systems in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, and the latest video doing the rounds is a "Wii XL" project. Yes, move aside 3DS XL, because there's a new and much bigger system on the block. Modder and YouTuber Jon Bringus (Bringus Studios) thought...

  • Anniversary LostWinds First Launched 15 Years Ago Today

    Let's Toku 'bout it

    Today marks the 15th anniversary of LostWinds in North America, a launch title for WiiWare and (in this writer's opinion) one of the console's finest bite-sized games. The title was developed and published by Frontier Developments out West, though Square Enix took care of publishing duties for LostWinds' Japan release in...

  • News Wii Sports Officially Inducted Into The Video Game Hall Of Fame

    Rare's FPS GoldenEye 007 didn't make the cut

    Update [Fri 5th May, 2023 00:25 BST]: The 2023 inductees for The Strong Museum 'World Video Game Hall of Fame' have now been revealed and Wii Sports has officially been selected. It was picked alongside Barbie Fashion Designer, Computer Space and PlayStation's hit, The Last of Us. Unfortunately, games...










  • Random Modded Wii Mini Turns It Into A Wi-Fi Capable Homebrew Machine

    From Mini to Mighty

    The Wii Mini was an odd little system. Released in Canada in 2012 before making its way to other regions in 2013, it was perhaps the most nerfed console we've ever seen. Nintendo pitched it as a cheaper option for customers who had either yet to buy a Wii or wanted an extra one in another location, but in order to reach the lower...

  • News Nintendo Says To Stop Using Its Wi-Fi USB Connector Due To Security Concerns

    "Please switch to a commercially available network device"

    Nintendo has taken to Twitter in Japan, warning customers to stop using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and the (Japan-only) Wi-Fi Network Adapter due to concerns over the users' safety. The two devices, released in 2005 and 2008 respectively, allowed users to establish a Wi-Fi connection...

  • Random Want To Drive Your Car Using The Wii Wheel? This Fan Can Do Just That

    A Wii convertible

    In the hundreds of hours you spent playing Mario Kart Wii with the Wii Wheel, did you ever once dream of driving your own vehicle in real life with that same peripheral? Well, one fan has made this a reality, and gone one step further, by ‘Wii-ifying’ his car. Go Nintendo has shared the work of TikTok star @ttptng – Tyler...

  • News Rejoice, The Wii Shop Channel And DSi Shop Are Finally Back Up

    After months of being down

    Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you — the Wii Shop Channel and DSi shop are finally accessible again after the two were suffering outages for months. The stores were first reported as offline back in March. Then, in May, GameXplain reached out to Nintendo, who stated that it had "nothing to announce", but thanks to




  • Video Wii Sports - What Makes It Iconic?

    The legacy of a lovely family game

    Wii Sports has a heck of a legacy behind it. Packaged with the Wii console at launch, it's the best-selling single-platform game of all time, as well as the fourth best-selling game ever, behind only Tetris, Gran Theft Auto V, and Minecraft. Wrap your head around that. It's no surprise, really. Being included with...

  • Video This Game Made One Video Producer's Childhood

    The lovely Felix on one of his favourites

    We've all got that video game that we played over and over again while growing up that we just absolutely adore. It might be the first game you ever played. It might be a Christmas or birthday gift. Or it might just be something you spent a lot of time playing with your best friend while sitting on your...


  • Poll Do You Own This Rare Twilight Princess Box?

    It's worth a clawshot

    We're all collectors here at Nintendo Life, always on the lookout for unusual finds, Japanese-exclusive games, awesome region-exclusive box art, and all sorts of weird and wonderful merchandise. However, this weekend, we came across something that we just cannot find any reliable information about, so we need your help! This...

  • News Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel Can't Be Accessed Right Now

    Is it just an error, or something else?

    Update [Wed 23rd Mar, 2022 01:05 GMT]: Nintendo has provided a response. Read more in our latest story: Nintendo Responds To Wii And DSi Shop Channel Outages Original Story [Sun 20th Mar, 2022 01:00 GMT]: If you've tried accessing the Wii Shop Channel over the past few days, you might not have had much...

  • Random Console Modder Makes "Fake Portable GameCube" Mock-Up A Reality

    "It's real now"

    Reflect on previous Nintendo generations, and you might remember mock-ups of portable GameCube handhelds inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP. If you've ever wanted a real version of something like this, well...that's exactly what console modder and YouTuber 'GingerOfOz' has created. The modder has been able to shrink this mock-up...

  • Random No, Your Wii Isn't Going To Self-Destruct

    Your system won't "burst into flames" next year

    Nintendo has made headlines of late thanks to the impending closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShops, an event that has shell-shocked many members of the Nintendo community. It's easy to see, then, why a story about Wii consoles 'self-destructing' might actually be taken seriously by less well-informed...

  • Random Somebody's Bought The Silent Hill Domain Just To Troll Konami

    I see that troll... Silent Hill

    Ah, Silent Hill... We just can't seem to let you go. In what appears to be a direct troll of publisher Konami, the SilentHill.com domain has been bought by an unnamed individual, displaying a single tweet from series veteran Masahiro Ito lamenting the design of the iconic Pyramid Head. The joke comes as a result of...



  • Feature 14 Wii Games That Deserve Switch Ports

    Swiitch ports

    It's now 15 years since Wii launched and the world was introduced to the inclusive delights of Wii Sports, waggle gaming, and Wii elbow. That little three-DVD-case-sized box of tricks delivered some real gems over its long life — many of which were tailor-made for the system's innovative remote-style motion controller and nunchuk and...








  • Video 100 Amazing Wii Games In 20 Minutes

    We're wagging our remotes like happy dogs

    The Nintendo Wii, now that's a console. No need for HD, 4K, HDR or gigaflops - Nintendo just shrunk and boosted a GameCube, added clever motion controls, then sat back and watched the world have fun. It had some amazing games, and not just the usual contenders but also lesser known titles that are still...

  • Random Say Hello To The Wii SPii Portable, A GBA-Sized Console

    The modding community strikes again

    The Wii is a much-loved console, and was actually rather cute and dinky back in the day when compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, current-day modders and hackers often look for new ways to play the system, with last year's WiiBoy Color being a good example. The market for shrinking the console...